(Clearwisdom.net) At 12:25 a.m. on August 16, 2006, a car accident took place inside the freight terminal of Changsha South Train Station in Changsha, Hunan Province. It was a horrible scene to behold. The victim's body was crushed from head to toe. The bone of her right leg fractured, penetrating the flesh. The bone and the flesh were separated. There were large puddles of blood at the scene. A baby girl of a few months old was thrown onto a pile of sand. Four of her ribs were fractured. There were wounds all over the baby girl's body. The driver fled the scene. According to the investigators, the driver must have driven over the victim's body repeatedly until she died. This is a crime of a heinous nature.

The victim's family raised a banner at Changsha South Station, calling for justice

The victim was the aunt of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Xiong Jinze. At around 8:00 p.m. on August 15, 2006, at least six men from Tianxin District's No.1 State Security Team of Changsha City Public Security Bureau broke into Mr. Xiong Jinze's home located in Apartment 305, Building No.1, Yanye Company near Changsha South Train Station. To avoid further harassment, Mr. Xiong had no choice but to flee his home. He had asked his aunt to look after his wife and baby girl during his absence. At the time of the incident, Mrs. Xiong and her baby daughter were taking a walk. When Mrs. Xiong returned home and learned what had happened, she wanted to protect her baby from harm. She discussed the matter with Mr. Xiong's aunt and decided to leave home temporarily.

However, a most shocking "car accident" happened while the three of them were walking inside Changsha South Station, a daily route familiar to them. While they were walking on a secluded path without street lights, a small sedan approached them slowly from behind. The car passed them by and stopped about 10 feet in front of them. All of sudden, the driver backed up the car, catching them off guard. Mr. Xiong's aunt, with the baby in her arms, was knocked down. Mrs. Xiong sensed there was something wrong with the driver. Out of panic and fear, she called for help and ran towards an area where there were more people.

The seven-month-old baby with four fractured ribs

Questions about the Accident

First of all, all vehicles, except those of its employees, are forbidden from entering Changsha South Train Station. In addition, the gate is closed at 11:00 p.m. daily. No outside vehicle is able to enter the station. How did this sedan enter the station and what was it doing in the station at 12:30 a.m.?

Second, the accident took place inside the yard of the freight terminal of Changsha South Station. It was a narrow road flanked by the railway and heaps of yellow sand. The narrow path can accommodate only one small sedan at a time. At the end of the path, there is a narrow entrance wide enough for only pedestrians (See Photo 2). According to the investigators' analysis, the driver must have been familiar with the area. From the spot where the driver backed up the car, he could not have possibly seen the end of the path. The only reasonable explanation why he backed up the car was that he knew there was no way out at the end of the path. Why did he enter this small, narrow path if he knew there was no way out?

The location of the accident

Third, before the driver backed up the car, he slowly passed by the victims. Hence, it was impossible that he did not know there were people behind him when he backed up the car. One of the pedestrians was even holding a baby in her arms. Usually a driver would have been all the more cautious. However, he backed up his car at high speed when he knew there were people behind him. The driver was undoubtedly sober since he was capable of driving onto such a small path steadily and slowly. In other words, this was a sober driver that knew there were people behind him when he backed up the car suddenly and quickly, catching his victims off guard. What do these facts mean?

Fourth, about an hour before the accident, or at about 11:00 p.m. on August 15, 2006, Mr. Xiong's aunt took some things from Mr. Xiong's home back to her place, about 1,300 feet away. The route from Mr. Xiong's home to his aunt's home is a complicated one as it requires one to pass through a few dormitories and climb a steep grade. However, a witness watched and reported her trip to the police. Who was watching Mr. Xiong's aunt in the middle of the night? The witness even saw the car accident and reported it to the police. This unusual witness could be a suspect or an accomplice.

This is a heinous crime with a lot of questions. We urge the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) to start an investigation and find the criminal behind this heinous crime.

Background Information

Mr. Xiong Jinze, 33, was illegally sentenced to three years in Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp and suffered all sorts of torture for appealing for and clarifying the truth about Falun Gong in Beijing in October 1999. From March 13 to 20, 2002, the camp had Mr. Xiong incarcerated in an isolated room two feet long and one foot wide. The torturers put him in a strait jacket and a heavy helmet. He was subjected to insults, humiliation, and psychological torment constantly.

At 8:00 p.m. on December 20, 2005, Tianxin District's State Security Team of Changsha Public Security Bureau dispatched 10 cars and over 30 policemen to illegally arrest Mr. Xiong and confiscated over 100,000 yuan in cash from him. The police also took about 4,000 yuan worth of home furnishing materials and a small vehicle. Afterwards, the police broke into his home and took 6,000 yuan in cash, as well as a computer and a printer worth about 10,000 yuan. The police also broke into Mr. Xiong's office and took all the cash, computers and printers. Finally, the police took him to Changsha City No. 1 Detention Center. Mr. Xiong went on a hunger strike for 15 days to protest the persecution until the police had his family pick him up. Afterwards, the police from the State Security Team kept looking for opportunities to inflict further persecution. Mr. Xiong is still unable to return to his home to this day.

Changsha South Station Police Station: 86-731-5202088, 86-731-5529141, 86-13755170110 (Cell)
Changsha Railway's Public Security Bureau: 86-731-4123440
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