(Clearwisdom.net) Yesterday morning, I helped a fellow practitioner purchase a CD Burning Tower, a copy making device which that burns multiple CDs simultaneously. It is very easy to use and maintain, and it is very efficient.

After I delivered the device to his home, I taught him how to use it. He operated it once by himself and everything worked normally. Then I said, "I will be around this afternoon. Make the best use of this afternoon to familiarize yourself with the operation. If you have any questions, you can call me right away. Otherwise, if I go home, it will not be convenient for me to come over again." He never called me during the entire afternoon.

Early the next morning, the practitioner called me and said that two of the four CD burners did not work. He asked me to come to his home again.

After receiving his call, initially I was not willing to go. But, later on, I decided I would. Since it is about one hour's driving distance between our homes, I was a bit unhappy. I thought that the other practitioner had not made good use of his time; he not only wasted his time but also wasted another practitioner's time. Everyone's schedule is very tight and such a problem should not happen. After arriving at his home, I checked the device and other related set-ups. I didn't see any problem with them. I tried for a while to fix the problem that the practitioner had mentioned, but I could not. I was very anxious. Then it was the time to send forth righteous thoughts and I said, "OK, let's send forth righteous thoughts first."

When I sat cross-legged and sent forth righteous thoughts to cleanse myself, I suddenly thought: Conflicts between practitioners are not accidental, are they? Did I look in myself first before the conflict? The device ran normally yesterday, but it did not work today. Is that reasonable? Isn't it interference? Doesn't interference test Dafa practitioners' xinxing? Doesn't Master also utilize the conflicts among practitioners caused by the inference to urge practitioners to look at themselves in a conflict, to upgrade themselves, and then eliminate the evil factors behind the interference with righteous thoughts? In this matter, the malfunction of the CD burner was only one kind of interference, which would cause conflicts between practitioners to test their xinxing. In any conflict, everyone should look at his own shortcomings first, and at the same time, eliminate the interfering factors with righteous thoughts. We should not be upset and point fingers at others.

When I had those thoughts, I felt my righteous thoughts rising. Then I added one thought to eliminate all factors interfering with the normal working of the device, while sending forth righteous thoughts. After sending righteous thoughts, I tested the device while sharing my understanding with the other practitioner. In a short time, the instrument worked normally. The fellow practitioner asked me, "What's the problem? Is it too much to have four CD burners work simultaneously?" I said, "There was no problem with the device. It was because we had a problem with our xinxing. We did not look at ourselves first over this conflict, so the evil took advantage. The CD Burning Tower also has its own life in another dimension. It is normal that all CD burners work. It also wants to assimilate to the Fa. It also wants to do something to validate the Fa. When our righteous thoughts catch up, the conflict just disappears. The interfering factors are also eliminated by our righteous thoughts."

Through this event, I thought about how important it is that every practitioner looks at conflicts and interference with righteous thoughts! When we are able to do that, how powerful our righteous thoughts are!

September 19, 2006