(Clearwisdom.net) The vicious guards at the Hohhot Women's Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia brutally torture and abuse Dafa practitioners. They force them to do intensive labor for extended periods of time each day, deprive them of sleep and verbally abuse them to force them to give up their practice of "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance."

On one occasion, practitioners in this forced labor camp were deprived of sleep and were subjected to severe corporal punishments for long hours by the guards. They were under close surveillance by the other inmates, many of whom were convicted drug dealers. All these efforts were designed to force the practitioners to write statements declaring that they would no longer practice Dafa. If practitioners refused to write the statements, they would be handcuffed and hung up from the hot-water pipes or window frames and brutally beaten.

Many practitioners were tortured to the extent that they became very sick. Some even developed blood pressures as high as 220 to 225 systolic (normal is below 120 systolic) or had increased heart rates. The guards did not allow those sick practitioners to get medical attention or have proper rest. Instead, they berated the practitioners, claiming that the practitioners were pretending to be sick. The guards even threatened that they would torture practitioners more if they still refused to be "transformed."

The guards took the most steadfast practitioners behind closed doors to torture them with more brutal means. They stuffed filthy socks into the mouths of practitioners to stop them from crying out or groaning, then they handcuffed and shackled practitioners with very heavy fetters. They shocked practitioners with electric batons after pouring water on the floor so as to induce more severe shocks, and they imprisoned practitioners in tiny cells which were less than one foot tall and totally dark.

In order to make more profit, the captain of the forced labor camp made practitioners labor for fifteen hours continuously without breaks for meals. The guards did not allow practitioners to eat much or sleep much at night. They did not treat practitioners as human beings at all. If practitioners could not accomplish their assigned work they were even forced to keep working in the hallway after they returned back to their wards, sometimes until one or two o'clock in the morning.

This forced labor camp has three divisions, each of which has a garage where practitioners are taken for the most violent tortures. The steel doors with their "Garage" signs disguised the horrible things happening within. Most people would never suspect that these buildings were not actually garages, but instead were the most inhuman sorts of torture chambers.

The labor camps guards claimed that if practitioners refused to be "transformed" they would not be allowed to write to their families or be visited by their families.

When Dafa practitioner Li Ronglan refused to be "transformed" she was tortured in the "garage" for more than one month. When she was finally released, she looked like a skeleton. Ms. Li was then transferred to another forced labor camp for more persecution.