At a little past 6:00 p.m. on September 17, 2006, the Hongdao Street Police Station in the Chengyang District of Qingdao City instructed Joint Defense personnel to break into the home of practitioner Mr. Zhao Yuqun in the Xidayang Village of the Hongdao Residential District, ransack the home, and arrest Mr. Zhao Yuqun.

Both Mr. Zhao Yuqun and his wife had worked hard during the day, and they loudly and clearly exposed what official personnel were trying to do. Their child also ran out into the street to call loudly for help. The villagers, hearing the calls for help, immediately came out and surrounded the officials. They sternly rebuked them for trying to arrest good people. The officials did not know how to reply, but they still were going to put Mr. Zhao into the police car.

The villagers surrounded the Joint Defense personnel and used all their efforts to extricate Mr. Zhao Yuqun, who wisely walked away. The officials then said that they would take Mr. Zhao Yuqun’s wife as a hostage because they saw that they could not arrest Mr. Zhao. The villagers protested in unison, "If you dare to try to take away his wife and child, we will not allow you." The righteousness of the villagers effectively frightened the authorities, who had to quietly retreat when they saw that there was nothing else they could do.

The kind actions of the villagers in supporting Dafa and helping practitioners will accumulate grand virtue for themselves and their family members and bring them a wonderful future.