(Clearwisdom.net) More than forty Falun Dafa practitioners are currently detained in the Third Section of the Beijing City Women's Prison (The name was later changed to the Tenth Section). The head of the section, Tian Fengqing, has received numerous awards for his efforts in persecuting Falun Gong. He is directly responsible for the death of Practitioner Dong Cui.

1. At this prison, practitioners are not permitted to sleep unless they are "transformed." In order to cover up his crime of depriving practitioners' sleep, and to suppress the protests and the conscience of other practitioners, policeman Tian Fengqing lied to them. He said that he had practiced Falun Gong before, and his third eye was open. He made up stories saying that practitioners who are not "transformed" have animal and spirit possession, and said that they have to stay awake in order to torture the possessing spirits and animals. Tian's words deceived some practitioners who had not studied the

Fa solidly. Zhang Guolan, Zhou Mu and Gong Ruiping were forbidden to sleep for one to two months.

2. The Beijing Women's Prison is a place that destroys people's humanity. The third section of the prison is for the detention of violent criminals who are serving long prison sentences. The criminals consider earning "merit points" and reducing their punishment as their main purpose in life. Usually, they are lucky to be able to earn two points after doing one day of hard labor. But if they help in "transforming" Falun Gong practitioners, they can earn four points each day, and they can enjoy some special treatment such as having a longer time to wash their faces and brush their teeth, freedom to move around and extra food. If a prison guard "transforms" a Falun Gong practitioner, he will receive a large bonus and buy some food for the prisoners that helped him to "transform" the practitioner. So prisoners consider it a good deal to attend the "transformation" classes. And who is usually allowed to attend these classes? They are usually former practitioners who have gone far astray and criminals who have proven to be very vicious toward Falun Gong practitioners. In order to earn this "good deal," the criminals put much effort into persecuting practitioners, even though they know the practitioners are good people who have not committed any crimes. They slander and curse practitioners, slap their faces, stomp on them and gouge practitioners' legs.

The prison has regulations that forbid berating criminals. Criminals who curse other criminals receive severe punishment; except when they curse Falun Gong practitioners. Some criminals who are not so vicious blame practitioners for the fact that they earn fewer points, so besides sleep deprivation and brainwashing, practitioners are often cursed by the criminals wherever they go. A practitioner named Shi Guiqin, who refused to be "transformed," was handcuffed by a prison guard and sent to each cell to receive some "help" from each inmate. At each cell, every criminal would curse her to receive merit points. Criminals who were involved in taking drugs, drug dealing, prostitution and robbery, took full advantage of the policy and they are very much appreciated by the prison guards. Criminals who are less vicious have to hide their conscience and abuse practitioners against their better judgment in order to please the prison guards. Prison guards have little or no conscience left after the heavy bribery of Jiang's regime. Beijing Women's Prison is called an institution for "transforming" and "educating" criminals, but in fact it is a big dye vat that destroys people's humanity.

3. Brutal methods for "transforming" practitioners

a. The practitioner is forced to bend down with the head touching the legs and head and back touching the wall. The practitioner is then pushed towards the wall.

b. Forcing a practitioner to bend over. If he cannot bend down, two people will sit on the practitioner to force him to bend over.

c. Forcing the practitioner to grovel on the floor. Two people pull the practitioners' legs in opposite directions. The practitioner cannot walk properly for several months after suffering this torture.