(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of September 28, 2006, Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Goudong of Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province, was illegally arrested from work by police. Officers Zhang Wenguo and Song Yuzhe from Yilan County Public Security Bureau and a few others, including Deputy Chief of Wuguocheng Police Station, took Mr. Zhang without a warrant or proper charges and did not inform his family, either. They started collecting evidence only after they had arrested Mr. Zhang, who is now being detained at the No. 2 Detention Center in Yilan County.

Mr. Zhang's family made a request to see him, but the Detention Center said that the Public Security Bureau did not allow it. The Bureau is planning to send him to the No. 1 Detention Center on fabricated charges.

Mr. Zhang Guodong, 36, is a graduate of the College of Hydraulics in Heilongjiang Province. He is now an assistant engineer with the Hydraulics Bureau of Yilan County. After Mr. Zhang started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998, all his illnesses, including neuron headaches, stomach trouble, kidney stones, enteritis, and high blood pressure, disappeared. He became a better person, too. At home he treats his parents better, takes better care of his child, and loves his wife more. At work he holds himself strictly to Falun Dafa's principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and exercises strict quality control over the projects for which he is responsible. When people tried to bribe him with money at work, he always refused. His outstanding performances won him praise from both his coworkers and supervisors. However, this good person has been persecuted for the past few years. His home was searched, and he was arrested, fined, and even brutally beaten more than once.

During the first month of the 2000 Chinese New Year, Mr. Zhang was taken from home by policemen led by Deputy Police Chief Long Deqing. Instigated by the guards, inmates beat him in the detention center. More than 20 days after he was arrested, Mr. Zhang was released after he paid a 3,700-yuan (approximately US$450) fine. On May 10, 2002, he was taken away again from work by policemen led by Quan Limin, and his home was searched. This time he was not released until he had been held for more than three months and paid a 2,000-yuan (approximately US$ 250) fine. Now Mr. Zhang has been arrested and detained again on unwarranted charges. His supervisors and family have demanded his release, but the Public Security Bureau are refusing, saying that it was the provincial authorities that had ordered the arrest. Mr. Zhang is protesting the persecution with a hunger strike, which is now in its fifth day. He is very weak.

We hope that practitioners in the Yilan County area will not become insensitive to his plight. Let us abandon all human notions and attachments and display our divine sides by dissolving the evil with righteous thoughts, rejecting all aspects of the old forces' arrangements, clarifying the facts, and saving our fellow practitioner. We hope that Mr. Zhang Guodong will be able to get out of the detention center with righteous thoughts and actions. At the same time, we hope that other practitioners who learn of this situation will make calls or send mail to clarify the facts.

Agencies and people directly responsible for the persecution of Mr. Zhang Guodong:

People directly involved: Song Yuzhe, Zhang Wenguo, Zhang Yu
Director of the Public Security Bureau of Yilan County Zeng Fanhui: 57230353 (office)
Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau of Yilan County Xuan Zhenjiang (charged with persecuting Falun Gong): 57235206 (office), 57273108 (home), 133033657006 (cell phone)
Zhang Wenguo: 13945121989 (cell phone)
Song Yuzhe: 57227499 (home), 13936483388 (cell)
Zhang Yu: 57218666 (home), 0451--55064998 (cell)
Area code: 0451
Zip code: 154800
Chief of Yilan County Zhang Wanping: 13904662183 (cell)
Deputy Chief of Yilan County Zhao Changman: 13303669898 (cell)
Deputy Party Chief of Yilan County (Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee) Zhang Wen: 57237868 (office), 57282886 (home), 13303652666 (cell)
Deputy Party Chief of the Public Security Bureau Su Guoliang: 57235207 (office), 57222798 (home), 13303657007 (cell)
Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau Wang Jiaxiang: 57235203 (office), 13845149299 (cell)

Members of the National Security Brigade:

Zhang Yu: 57218666 (home), 0451--55064998 (cell)
Song Yuzhe: 57227499 (home), 13936483388 (cell)
Ling Wentao: 57223113 (home), 13936227777 (cell)
Liu Danyang: 57220880 (home), 13945196369 (cell)
Bi Xiubo: 57237180 (home), 0451--55062888 (cell)

The 610 Office:

Liu Qifa: 57238610 (office), 57239292 (home), 0451--55063608 (cell)
Guan Yongji (Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee): 57223055 (office), 57238788 (home), 13904641811 (cell)
Li Yong (Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee): 13009859717 (cell)


Gui Shunji: 57282916 (home), 13603660866 (cell)
Sun Chao: 57225418 (home), 13904640329 (cell)
Zhang Hongwei: 13603664987 (cell)
Shi Jintian: 57283066 (home), 13845028828 (cell)


Wang Zhifu: 13904661123 (cell)
Liu Jun: 57239666 (home), 13936066888 (cell)
Zhao Chaogui: 57230999 (home), 13796733333 (cell)
Gao Junping: 57225416 (home), 13019700177 (cell)
Nie Xiangdong: 13904641288 (cell)
Zhai Yingkai: 57221845 (home), 55333999 (cell)
Gao Dongmei: 13936637555 (cell)