(Clearwisdom.net) The following are examples of the righteous thoughts and actions of Falun Gong practitioners while clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.


Every member in practitioner A's family practices Falun Gong, and they firmly believe in the Fa and Teacher. They follow closely the progress of Fa rectification and do the three things well.

The other day, while distributing truth-clarifying materials, she saw the door of a house was ajar, so she slid some materials through the slightly open door. A puppy in the house came running towards the door and looked at practitioner A. Not frightened, she strengthened her righteous thoughts and said to the puppy: "I am here to save you. You must position yourself in the right place and bring the hope of life for your own future." The puppy picked up the materials on the floor with his mouth then ran into the room with them.


The other day, practitioner B went to a residential neighborhood to hand out truth clarification materials. The chain on her bike suddenly fell off while she was riding towards an intersection.

She looked around but didn't see any bicycle repair shops. She thought: "If I could run into someone with a predestined relationship, it would be the perfect opportunity to clarify the truth to him while he is fixing the bike." As soon as she had that thought, a young man in his 30s came towards her. Practitioner B greeted him and asked: "Do you now how to fix a bicycle chain?" He answered: "I'm the right person for you to ask. I always fix my own bike when there is a problem with it."

Practitioner B thought: "This must be a predestined person that the Teacher has led here." The kind-hearted man began to fix the chain. She clarified the truth and talked about the quitting CCP. He mentioned he was a CCP member and asked her to help him renounce his membership from the Party.


Practitioner C has a mentally challenged son in his 20s. Last year he was diagnosed with diabetes. He often disturbed the family's peace, and he interfered with her Fa study and clarifying the truth to sentient beings.

Once, when she was sharing experiences with a fellow practitioner, she realized more clearly the karmic relationship she had with her son and made up her mind to bring her son into Dafa cultivation.

Now, Practitioner C studies the Fa with her son whenever she has time. At first, the son always stirred up trouble by touching things and he couldn't focus on Fa study. After a while, he started to ask questions like, "What is cultivation?" "What is xinxing?" She noticed that his wisdom was being unlocked. Before he studied the Fa, he remained silent when others hit him or called him names such as "dummy." After beginning to study the Fa, not only was he able to reason with people, but he talked very logically. After a while, he was eager to read Zhuan Falun like the other practitioners were doing. He didn't know many words because he had attended a special school for over 10 years. Practitioner C at first did not let him read, because she thought that he was not able to. Encouraged by other practitioners, she decided to let him try.

Fellow practitioners first let him read Zhuan Falun. In the beginning, he couldn't understand two words out of every five and his progress was very slow. It took him over a month to finish reading Zhuan Falun. Practitioner C thought it interfered with her Fa study and thus was reluctant to allow him to continue reading. However, the son not only insisted on reading, he made rapid progress in reading comprehension. Once his mother taught him a new word, he would remember it the next time he saw it. The more he studied the Fa, the more his wisdom was released, and the more wisely he behaved.

Four months later, practitioner C's husband took the son to the hospital for a checkup. It turned out that the diabetes was gone. Not convinced, he asked practitioner C to take their son and have the testing done again. The result was the same, the son's health was good. Practitioner C's husband was really delighted and now feels that Dafa is just amazing. Ever since then, he supports his wife and son's Fa study whenever possible, and he often praises Dafa in his workplace. He also voluntarily quit the three arms of the CCP.


Practitioner D has a relative, aged 15, who has a predestined relationship with Dafa. Whenever practitioner D meets her, the teenager always asks her to tell her stories about Dafa that include supernormal capabilities. But her parents won't allow her to cultivate Dafa. She only reads Fa books after finishing her homework while her parents aren't looking. Whenever she has time, she silently says to herself, "Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good."

She was previously diagnosed with a tumor. In June, her mother took her to the hospital for a follow-up examination. Amazingly, the tumor had disappeared. The doctor who made the original diagnosis could hardly believe it. The girl said to her mother: "It's the Teacher of the Falun Dafa who saved me, otherwise you would have had to spend ten thousand yuan on surgery to remove the tumor, and after that who knows what my health would have been like?" Looking at her innocent child, the woman was convinced of the power of Dafa.


Practitioner E's younger sister called her to see if she would persuade their mother to stop fighting with her. The younger sister lives with their mother and could no longer put up with her mother's quarreling ways.

Practitioner E hurried to her hometown. Her mother jumped up as if she wanted to hit her as soon as the practitioner came through the door. She was dumbfounded.

Anger rose inside her, but just as she was about to argue with her mother, Teacher's words echoed in her ears: "Don't hit back when attacked, or talk back when insulted." This is a basic standard that a true practitioner should live up to, even when the person doing the insulting is the person's own mother, a woman in her 80s. No matter if it is your family, situations at work, or when you are out in society, all circumstances are for cultivation. Practitioner E realized that nothing is coincidental, everything is related to her cultivation, and it was time for her to find the attachments she needed to get rid of.

While she was thinking, she calmed down and realized that one of her shortcomings was never letting others gain the upper hand in an argument. That day her mother was helping her to get rid of the attachment. With this thought, practitioner E calmly accepted her mother's beating and berating her. Then, she peacefully persuaded her mother to stop arguing. She reasoned with her by saying that quarreling not only harms her daughter's physical and mental wellbeing, but also hurts the mother's health as well. When she said this, her mother's angry facial expression changed and she looked very embarrassed.

Through this incident, her sisters all admire the practitioner's forbearance gained through cultivation and have a better understanding of Dafa.


Practitioner F is very diligent and keeps doing the Fa rectification things well, like studying and learning the Fa by heart and clarifying the truth.

One day, she went to the countryside to distribute some truth clarification materials. One house had a very narrow space between the door and the door frame, making it difficult to insert the materials. She remembered that Dafa disciple's righteous thoughts have powers, and so she sent forth a thought: "Enlarge the crack between the door and the frame; I have to save the people with a predestined relationship and let them know the truth so they will be able to tell good from evil. I cannot let the old forces destroy any kind-hearted beings. Help the materials to pass through. Teacher, please strengthen my thoughts." As her righteous thoughts were sent forth and with Teacher's help, the material passed smoothly through the crack and into the courtyard. Once again she felt the power of Dafa.