(Clearwisdom.net) After suffering an extremely painful situation in 2002, it seemed that I had reached the limit of my ability to endure hardships. The evil authorities had been constantly arresting practitioners who validated the Fa with me, including a 70-year-old practitioner. I was under a lot of pressure and in hiding; it was an extremely painful situation for me. I would hold the precious book Zhuan Falun and look at Master's photo, crying. I felt that the hardship was so difficult and that there was no way I could endure it. I cried and said to Master, "I don't know if I can stand it, I don't think I can go on."

Suddenly I found the whole room filled with translucent Falun dropping continuously down through the ceiling from above and filling the whole room. I thought that my tears were interfering with my vision, but when I wiped them away, I saw that the Falun were real. I went out and looked up at the sky, and I saw that the sky was as bright as the sun covered by a thin white cloud, but the light was very soft and didn't irritate my eyes at all. I thought it must be the sun, but then I saw that the sun was on the other side, so I knew it must be something else. When I looked very carefully I saw that the white cloud had separated into two and drifted apart. The light became brighter and brighter, but no matter how bright the light got, it wasn't too bright to look at. A little while later, from the middle of the light a yellow colored substance appeared. When the yellow color faded away there was a person sitting inside the white light, but it wasn't very clear. I turned my head to the side and I could see Master standing there. He looked just like the photo in the book Zhuan Falun II, Master holding a hand gesture in middle of His chest, looking very solemn and majestic. He looked at me with compassion and I felt Master's Fashen was filling the whole sky.

About fifteen minutes later, the image gradually faded, and when I looked into the white light there were many farm houses, all white in color and very beautiful. I truly experienced Master's compassion and the power of the Fa, which is so profound. There are no human words to truly describe the scene. My momentary pain and disappointment were all gone, and I couldn't stop crying. It was touching and exciting, and I was left with an abiding sense of appreciation.

I wiped away my tears and sent forth righteous thoughts. I knew what I had to do for sentient beings in order to save them; I was willing to give up all I have, even my life. The practitioners here need me. I suddenly found that there were several heavenly people standing in two rows wearing different styles of clothing. They lined the sides of the road, creating a passageway in the middle. A Buddha with blue hair passed swiftly by, and when he stopped for a second I looked carefully and realized that the Buddha was me, and I understood that this was Master's arrangement to encourage me and help me put down my things in this world so that I could walk well this last path home. To this day, no matter how the evil persecutes me, I believe in Master, I believe in Dafa, my heart is steadfast and rock solid, and nothing can shake my faith.