(Clearwisdom.net) Hangzhou City Detention Center has actively persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners. Here are some examples:

Ms. Liu Shijie, 55 years old, and Ms. Huang Yu, 26 years old, are mother and daughter. They are practitioners from Heilongjiang Province.

In July 2005, the mother and daughter were abducted by the National Security Team of Xihu District, Hangzhou City, and were jailed at the Hangzhou City Detention Center. During their detention, the officials kept the two separated at all times. Ms. Liu Shujie refused to wear the prison uniform. Xu Xiaping, who was the deputy section chief and guard for the surveillance section, said no one would be allowed to have hot water despite the cold weather and would have to sit silently if Ms. Liu Shujie didn't wear the prison uniform. Ms. Liu Shujie's right to correspond with her family was also denied.

Currently, Ms. Liu Shujie and Ms. Huang Yu have been sentenced to six years and three years respectively. They have been transferred to the Zhejiang Provincial Female Jail for further persecution.

Ms. Zhou Zhongbi, over 70 years old, and Ms. Chen Lei, 30 years old, are also mother and daughter. They are practitioners from Shanghai.

Mother and daughter were abducted twice in January and June 2006 respectively, and they were detained at the Hangzhou City Detention Center. During their detention the police did not allow the mother and daughter to see each other. Ms. Zhou Zhongbi was punished by a guard named Fu Jia and kept in confinement for calling out "Falun Dafa is great" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance is great." Both her hands and legs were cuffed to the floor, and her four limbs were pulled apart for one long cold night. The elderly lady could hardly endure the wind and cold, and the next day she could not walk and had to be kept in the cell.

There was a drug-addict who was transferred from the cell where Ms. Chen Lei was jailed to the room where Ms. Zhou Zhongbi was jailed and incidentally told her about her daughters' practicing the exercises. When Fu Jia found out, she made the drug-addict squat in the washroom for the whole night and punished her by requiring her to keep surveillance over Ms. Zhou Zhongbi and prevent her from doing the exercises. Fu Jia also punished the whole cell by forbidding them from ordering food, and forcing them to drink the soup provided by the detention center.

Ms. Chen Lei was handcuffed many times for practicing the Falun Gong exercises in the cell, calling out "Falun Dafa is great" and refusing to wear the prison uniform. After Xu Xiaping threatened to take away their right to use hot water and correspond outside the detention center, the prisoners forcefully tied Ms. Chen Lei up, squeezed some dirty socks into her mouth and sewed the prison uniform on to her clothes. They also threatened to send her to the An'kang Mental Hospital.

The Hangzhou City Detention Center forcefully deducted over five thousand yuan for "medical expenditures" from the mother and daughter's salary and pension (one thousand yuan was deducted from Ms. Zhou Zhongbi and four thousand yuan was deducted for Ms. Chen Lei.) When their family went to ask for the money back, the section chief of the financial department (last name Zhang) found all kinds of excuses to delay paying them back. It is said that their computer, printer, movable hardware, and CD burners are still being held by the National Security Team of Shangcheng District even though the staff of the National Security Team verbally agreed to give them back. Most of the six thousand yuan that was confiscated from the practitioners and handed in to the detention center was tagged "medical expenditures."

Now Ms. Zhou Zhongbi has been illegally sentenced to four years, and has been transferred to the Zhejiang Provincial Female Jail for further persecution. Ms. Shen Lei was illegally sentenced to four years and has now been bailed out for real medical treatment in Shanghai.

Ms. Yang Jie, around 40 years old, is a practitioner from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. She was abducted by the Xihu District Public Security Bureau at the end of 2005 and has since been jailed in Hangzhou City. During her detention, she was handcuffed to an iron pole. Despite the severe winter she had only very thin clothes and was handcuffed for fifteen days. If she wanted to eat or drink, she needed help from people in the cell. Her cuffed hands were injured and bleeding. However, they still did not release her. The guards threatened that the detention center had a "death quota" and that it is legal for them to torture practitioners to death. Yang Jie was sentenced to seven years and has been transferred to the Zhejiang Provincial Female Jail to be further persecuted.

Ms. Xu Juan, a Dafa practitioner from Chongqing City, was also illegally detained in April 2006. Compared to the detention centers, jails and labor camps in the north, the violence applied to the practitioners is less, but the deceit is worse. They use an even more secretive way of financial persecution. They don't directly use fines; they seize and confiscate the practitioners' property through the courts. They charge detained practitioners very expensive "medical expenditures" to persecute the practitioners financially. In this way, they justify the persecution and deceive the public.

We hope more people can see through their evil lies.

The address for the Hangzhou City Detention Center: No. 28 Xima Road, Laodongyue, Hangzhou City, Postcode 310023

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