(Clearwisdom.net) Note from the author: I wrote this article on August 17, 2006. Because I learned the principle that one thought is able to generate both good and evil outcomes, I was afraid that that my "knowledge" would interfere with fellow practitioners. In fact, I've had a lot of experience in the past few years in which I was shown Master's protection and Dafa's supernormal powers. Though I have been using my technical skills to validate Dafa, supernormal things rose out of chance circumstances quite often. Without these supernormal circumstances, I wouldn't have been so safe over the past few years. I hope this article can help fellow practitioners, especially practitioners with technical skills, break through the influence of modern science. Don't go to extremes. In Probability Theory, there is the concept of "the impossible occurrence of an extremely small event." But we must be serious about things involving other people.


This was the second time this event occurred. I want to talk about my experience of righteous thoughts and safety.

About safety, we should follow the principles and not go to extremes.

After July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) blocked Chinese Clearwisdom (minghui.org). At that time, it was easy and safe to visit the Clearwisdom website by using a proxy--an agent server overseas. There were also free secondary proxies provided by ordinary people. We only needed to enter the address of the proxy address in the browser and then enter the address of Clearwisdom inside the proxy service's web page.

The worked until 2001, when we could see Clearwisdom via Google's Cache service. Later, the encrypted proxy services, such as Triangle boy and Orangtango, became available. I remember the most difficult time to get onto the Internet was in 2002. At that time we had to use a first level proxy plus an encrypting secondary proxy to browse the Internet, or use email to receive a subscription. Around 2003, Freegate and other software for breaking the Internet blockade appeared and brought us the situation of today. I remember some practitioners with technical skills who asked similar questions about software to break the Internet blockade, and Master gave them the answer. I think the appearance of the software to break the Internet blockade occurred naturally with the progress of Fa-rectification.

We all know what has happened since. The CCP intensified the blockade and the software for breaking the blockade continued to upgrade, with Freegate 6.2 and Ultrareach 8.0 available today. During this period Falun Gong practitioners' websites have been attacked maliciously. The most recent incident was the attack to the Fangguangming (FGM) website last year. Later the Dongtaiwang website provided a secure area. Then, the day before yesterday (August 15), the evil planted a malicious code into the FGM website again.

From a technical perspective, I know the safety loss is minimal. But I know many practitioners would end up wasting time because of the interference. I also visited the FGM website on those days. Regarding this incident, if I look inward, what loophole do I have, and what loophole do we have as one body that the evil could use to take advantage of?

My xinxing shortcoming is that I view my own safety seriously. I carefully connect to the wireless Internet, strictly following my Internet connection procedures, and use proxy on top of proxy, as well as encryption on top of encryption. As if I were carefully playing chess with the evil people in front of me, and as if the evil was interrogating me everyday. I became more and more anonymous in my daily life. The result of this situation was that I had fewer and fewer ways to clarify the truth and that I had more and more worries. I had more and more cell phone numbers and several cell phones. The cleverer I became, the more complex was my daily life. I knew I was kind of trapped by "transformation according to one's own mind." My clarifying the truth is no longer as simple as it was a few years ago. I have been relying on technical improvement to clarify the truth. I am frustrated, and am less and less efficient. I have spent quite a lot of money and lots of time, yet with poor efficiency. What kind of poor efficiency? Let me explain it to you. It was as if someone fell into the water and I was considering whether or not to save him. In the past, I would have jumped in to pull him out without thinking much about myself. Now I was spending lots of time and money to first buy a life preserver. Not feeling secure enough, I would then spend time and money again to buy a life jacket. Then if I heard it was more secure to save him with a small boat, I would try to find one, etc. What would I do?

Let's use the example of computer security. I turn on the computer and set the password. My files are encrypted. I do hard drive wiping. All of these are put in place to deal with the situation of police or secret agents who would take away my computer. Then I connect to the Internet. Using wireless Internet I set-up a firewall, anti-virus software, encryption, and virus deletion software. I imitate ordinary people's browsing habits and visit ordinary people's websites (which stuff a lot of garbage into my mind). I use proxy on top of proxy in order to prevent the Internet spies from attacking my computer or analyzing my browsing record. I also study what time, where, and what direction to connect to the Internet, what wireless equipment to use, what IMEI number to use, what account to use, the account name, the MAC address of my Ethernet card, the version of my Windows OS, and the product number of my Windows software, etc. Isn't that ridiculous? I thought all of these applications had their scientific purpose. I had never written articles in this area, nor had I talked about it to fellow practitioners, because I knew the principle of one thought generating both the good and the evil. In fact, I felt that my talking about it could also be causing a form of interference. Also, I am not an expert--it was a big deal that I finally managed to visit the website, yet the website was planted with a malicious code.

From the other dimensions to the CCP's human side, the evil has always used the persecution technique of killing the chicken to startle the monkeys. The CCP is very good at creating a terrorist atmosphere. It appears to be very strong in front of ordinary people and it repeatedly intensifies the terror. This is what it wants to accomplish. I suspect that many fantastic Internet related (criminal) cases were fabricated intentionally. To summarize its purpose: "Stop talking, don't comment on me, look at how strong I am, and if I can arrest him for going online, I can also arrest you."

I feel that many experiences are like notions. The experiences that initially look positive still play a role that can cause interference. Yet these experiences (notions) were formed in the past few years. Some occurred because I have acquired more ordinary people's knowledge. Some were learned from other practitioners' technical sharing. Also, the practitioners who introduced the experiences might not improve their old understanding as they improve in cultivation. There is also the serious issue of treating the Fa as teacher. How can we not face up to the supernormal principles that Master taught us? If the Buddha and Tao are validating the Fa in the human world, would they view things like me?

I hope that practitioners with technical skills please consider why in the past few years since 1999 the Internet, computer communication, and monitoring have developed so rapidly? The old universe's principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition is absolute. The rapid development of both positive and negative technology is also promoted by Dafa practitioner's attachments. There is nothing that appears without a reason. If the whole body has strong righteous thoughts, technical development in the human world might be in a different state.

I want to look at the problem of our whole body from this perspective. Is it that we are too lost in the illusions of ordinary people? We are too materialized, and more and more have come to rely on ordinary people's science. We are lost in science. The safety of cultivators in the Fa- rectification period is absolutely not established in ordinary people's technology. No matter how realistic the superficial reason is, the reason behind it is supernormal. Just like the true origin of "illness" and its cures. Looking outside is taking the demonic path. I believe that the interference on the FGM website was not inevitable. If we can improve as a one body in our understanding of the Fa, we will be able to eliminate this interference, and the old forces and old elements will not dare to act casually.

My problem is that the quality of my Fa study and doing the exercise has suffered in the past couple of years, and I have missed at least a quarter of the opportunities to globally send forth righteous thoughts. Recently I added a thought during my sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the elements of modern science that damages Dafa.

This is my little experience. I have understood it this way for a few years. I think I have retained this level of insight without making a breakthrough. If fellow practitioners read this article, please correct any mistakes.