(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who wanted to say a fair word for Falun Dafa after the persecution began on July 20, 1999. I went to Beijing for appeal in 2001, but was forcibly seized by agents from the Beijing Police Department. Later I was escorted back by the local police. I was illegally sentenced to forced labor for one year and detained at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in the Seventh Team. I witnessed the persecution of Dafa practitioners at the camp. As long as practitioners studied the Fa or practiced the exercises, they would be hit with stools and thermos bottles on their heads and faces. They were detained in solitary confinement to suffer. One practitioner was beaten for reciting the Fa. He was beaten and it caused bleeding on his face. They also poured boiling water on him.

In 2002, I left the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. Shortly after I had returned home, the local police came and harassed my family. They forced me to be fingerprinted. They also threatened that I would be arrested and sentenced to two years if I refused. I opted to lead a homeless life for two years to avoid further persecution.

Later I returned home. Before long the one who was assigned to monitor me reported me. Local police led many people who surrounded my home. They entered the home and turned everything upside down. All Dafa books were confiscated, and a tape recorder and pager were taken. I was held at a detention center for several days. They told me I could be released if I revealed other practitioners' names. I adamantly refused their irrational request. I was again sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp. On the way, a male police officer said insidiously to me, "I want to kill you."

After I had arrived at the labor camp I was sent to the Training Team. That is the den of evildoers whose job it is to make practitioners "reform." They attempted to force us to write the so-called three statements. I refused, and they forced me to squat for a long time. This can lead to paralysis, and it leaves big blisters on the thighs. Later, two male guards, Yao Fuchang and another, again attempted to force me to write the three statements. I clarified the truth to them. Yao Fuchang went crazy and shocked my temples with a newly equipped, high-energized electric baton. I was shocked so severely that I fell down twice. He shouted crazily, "I am an evil spirit! I came to torture you!" He made me squat for one day and one night. As I still refused to write the statements. He handcuffed me behind my back with the smallest handcuffs and hung me from the bedpost. My arms were raised high, and my lower body had to squat. It was extremely painful. I was deprived of sleep at night. Eight people monitored me in turn. My hands turned black. I had big blisters all over the back of my hands. The metal handcuffs tore my skin and eventually exposed bleeding flesh.

A practitioner surnamed Wu also refused to write any statements. The severe beatings at the hands of female guard Qui Yang had made her legs and face swell.

On March 16, 2006, with the excuse that Sun Yanzhi and Ma Guiyun had refused to write the three statements and a summary, the Twelfth Team, led by team leader Guo Qiuli, commenced another round of persecution on Dafa practitioners, which they claimed to the outside was "reorganization."

In the seven years of the persecution, the evildoers had used various ruses under the guise of "reorganization." What they had actually done over and over again was to subject practitioners to physical torture and mental torment. This kind of "reorganization" included the illegal use of torture instruments and they continued to try and justify their actions of torturing practitioners. Normally, this needed permission from the administration section. (Administration section head was Liu Tao, male. He was the main person on duty during the period when excruciation instruments were used on Dafa practitioners for forcible conversion at Wanjia Labor Camp in 2002.)

The Twelfth Team agents forced practitioners to work longer than ten hours per day. After returning to their cells, they were made to say break-off words against Dafa. The practitioners who refused to make the statements were punished by having to stand till midnight. When the guards found out that they didn't yield after standing until midnight, Guo Qiuli led guards Sui Xuemei, Wang Meiying and Li Peihuan, brutally beat them. Dafa practitioner Shi Guizhi shouted, "Falun Dafa is great!" "Falun Dafa is unfairly treated!" Li Peihuan kept slapping her in the face, and Shi Guizhi kept shouting. Guo Qiuli, Sui Xuemei, and Li Peihuan beat practitioner Shi Guizhi rampantly. They dragged her from the second class to the first class to continue the persecution. That night Shi Guizhi's face was swollen, and she was barely recognizable. Her eye sockets were black. Her shoulders to the neck were bruised. This older lady could not raise her arms. She could only move slowly and could not take care of herself after being beat for more than thirty minutes.

Dafa practitioner Song Wenjuan also shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is great." Guards Cong Zhili pulled her out and hung her up outside. She was also handcuffed to a metal chair for sixty days.

The guard also hung practitioner Bai Xia by the handcuffs. This punishment is extremely brutal and can lead to crippling paralysis. One is hung by the arms to the top-rungs of two bunk beds. Then two beds are pushed by two groups of people into the opposite direction (similar to the ancient "splitting" torture). The victim's body was stretched straight and the feet leave the ground because of the pulling force from the opposing beds. The suffering is excruciatingly painful.

Later electric batons were used to shock and beat. Song Wenjuan could not lift her hands after this abuse. During the time Song Wenjuan sat on the metal chair, in mid-March, it was the coldest period of the year in the northeast region. The police took off Song Wenjuan's shoes and her cotton-padded jacket. They made her sit barefoot on the floor, wearing only skimpy clothes. Her feet swelled. Bai Xia could not raise one of her hands after having been hung up. However, she was still forced to do heavy labor for more than 14 hours per day.

Dafa practitioner Yu Xianna was slapped in the face by guards Xie Chunyan and Wei Benzhi. Guard Tong Yingfan used a baton to beat practitioners. They beat practitioners so hard that the string on the baton flew off. Guard Tong is the wicked head in this persecution. He supplied ideas and did many wicked things. Another person who actively joined the persecution is one that gave up cultivation. Her name is Wang Meifang, from Harbin City. She also recited articles that slandered Dafa as well as an article written by the guards at the Changlinzi Labor Camp, and caused much upheaval.

What Sun Xiangjie experienced during this round of persecution is more astonishing.

In the morning around 10:30 a.m. on March 20, 2006, guard Cong Zhili called Sun Xiangjie to the Twelfth Team building. Because she refused to follow the order, Cong Zhili electrically shocked her three times in a short time. Cong also stepped on Sun Xiangjie's fingers and grinded on them. Later she forcibly took off Sun Xiangjie's coat and had her handcuffed to a metal chair, while wearing only thin clothes. On March 21, 2006 at 9:00 a.m., guard leader Zhang Aihui carried out another round of hanging and electrical shocking on Sun Xiangjie. After the fourth round of torture, Sun Xiangjie was in a coma. She could not move. A week later she recovered a little bit, but was barely able to take care of herself.

The Twelfth Team forced her to do heavy labor every day. Guard Zhou Yingfan said in an odd tone, "It is just a hang-up that you went through. What's the big deal? Don't use this as an excuse for not doing the labor."

Officials at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp have set a quota to force the practitioners to work, often excessively. The police have enforced this tactic for several years. Guard Zhou Yingfan played an extremely bad role during this persecution.

List of wicked guards at Wanjia Forced Labor Camp:

Leaders of the labor camp: Lu Zhenshan, Liu Tao, Sun Qing, Li Guangyao, and Li Zongyao

Training Team: Wu Xixun, Zhao Yuqing, Yao Fuchang, Yu Fangli, Wu Baoyun, Guan Jie, Li Changjie, Na Dongpo, and Li Chunxia

Seventh Team: Zhang Bo, Chang Shumei, and Yang Guohong

Twelfth Team: Guo Qiuli, Zhang Aihui, Sha Yujin, Qiu Yang, Liu Baibing, Zhou Yingfan, and Cong Zhili