(Clearwisdom.net) I was notified about the two local practitioners who were arrested as they clarified the truth two days ago, and today, I heard that another was taken into custody after being tricked into going to the workplace. Seeing more and more names on the list of those to send righteous thoughts for to help be rescued, I feel that we are in a passive position. What is the main problem here?

I was thinking about Master's teaching after studying the Fa, and I suddenly enlightened to some principles. It seems that the test of sickness karma is very common, even for genuine cultivators. When the "sickness" comes, it looks exactly like sickness, so why should we not say that is sickness? When we treat it as an actual sickness and go to the hospital, it becomes a real sickness, and the more we have fear, the more severe the "sickness" appears.

Those who are diligent know that genuine cultivators do not have sickness. If our thoughts are righteous, it soon becomes nothing, and the test is passed. Have we ever considered that the persecution by the evil old forces manifests in multiple aspects? Some practitioners have family interference, some are too busy with work to have time to study the Fa or do the exercises, some are facing huge financial difficulties, and some are interfered with by the evil, getting arrested, or getting sickness karma, one after another.

All of these are manifestations of the persecution, and there is only one solution ¡V to negate the old forces' persecution, and to not even acknowledge its existence. Be it the police or the 610 Office, they are just the same as "sickness." When "sickness" appears, we must make sure our thoughts are righteous, and then Master can take it off in the other dimension. When the "symptoms" of police suppression appears, Master can resolve it if our minds are righteous. Don't forget that we genuine disciples all have Master's fashen to protect us. As long as we look at things with righteous thoughts ¡V with a divine view, there will be no test that we cannot pass smoothly.

Let us walk our last leg of the journey well, help each other, remind each other, and be more diligent as we approach consummation.

Fellow practitioners, please correct my mistakes, and also make any additions or edits so as to reduce any losses. Thank you!