(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Guo Jungu and Ms. Cui Xiaowu are both about 60 years old. They were reported at 10:00 p.m. on September 1, 2006, as they distributed truth clarification materials. Ms. Guo and Cui were illegally arrested and held at the Li County Detention Center for nearly one month. Then they were taken to the Baoding Labor Camp on September 29, 2006. Ms. Cui Xiaowu was released due to her poor health. We presume that Guo Jungu has been sent to a labor camp. The details require further investigation.

A while ago, Guo Jungu and Cui Xiaowu's families received phone calls saying, "Her term is close to expiration. Do you want to pay some money and get her paroled or have her sent to a labor camp?" The Communist officials demanded 10,000 yuan from each family. The families each had to borrow and pooled 8,000 yuan. Li County official Zhai Xiaoping took the money [16,000 yuan] and said, "OK, if they don't come out today, they will tomorrow." Li County Party Committee secretary Ning Hongmao and Wang Jianying, the 610 Office head, tried to send the two practitioners to a labor camp, even after being paid the bribe.

Guo Jungu and Cui Xiaowu's families are poor. Each family was already extorted 3,000 yuan in 2002 and not given a receipt. The only furniture at Cui Xiaowu's home is a mud brick bed and a very old couch (explanation: in rural China, beds are frequently platforms constructed of brick, fairly high off the floor, that sometimes can be heated from below. They are large enough to hold more than one person). Cui Xiaowu's father-in-law is in his 80s. He cries and waits for her to come home. He says to people, "She's been gone for so long. I don't know what she is doing now." (explanation: historically, Chinese society is based on the family unit; this family unit and family ties are more important than any other association in society).

Cui Xiaowu and Guo Jungu's husbands are simple and hard-working peasants. They know that their wives became healthy and more considerate after they began Falun Gong practice. The women took care of the elders and did chores in the field and around the house. After their arrest, there is no one to take care of the aged parents and not enough manpower to harvest the corn and cotton. The practitioners' daughters were anxious in this latest incident after they received a phone call from government officials. They begged friends and relatives to loan them money without their fathers and sisters-in-law's knowledge. They went to four or five households and were finally able to get 8,000 yuan each. The daughters-in-law later learned about it and said, "They didn't provide a receipt after they took 3,000 yuan from us in 2002, and now they are taking 8,000 yuan from us! How are we ever going to pay back the debt? How do we live from now on? Why do they target Dafa practitioners?" They cried.

Fellow villagers condemned the officials saying, "They are going against their conscience! These two practitioners are really good people!" Someone said, "Both of your families barely scrape by, and yet the corrupt officials are taking money from you. Don't give it to them! If you give them 100 yuan today, tomorrow they will demand 1,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan the day after that. They think we common people are easy targets and don't know anything about the law. We think the arresting officials have violated the law. In fact, the corrupt officials are violating the law. Don't give them a single penny!"

To officials Ning Hongmao, Wang Jianying, Wang Junchang, and Li Shujuan:

"Don't you have parents, wives and children? Don't you sympathize with Guo Jungu and Cui Xiaowu's families? Aren't you saddened by their cries? Don't you feel guilty when you see Cui Xiaowu's father-in-law waiting for his daughter-in-law to come home and take care of him? You are supposed to protect and serve local residents! What have you done instead?

Here is an example: A man was stabbing a woman in the cornfields of Qiaoxi, Nanguan, Li County one day at noon in September 2006. The woman called 110 [equivalent of 911 in the US], but the police didn't arrive until dusk, and the woman had already died from bleeding, and yet you call yourselves the 'people's police?' By contrast, you are incredibly fast when arresting Dafa practitioners."

Someone had reported the two Dafa practitioners at 10:00 p.m. on September 1, 2006. Persecutor Wang Jianying immediately ordered Wang Junchang and Li Shujuan to get to Xiaochen Township. They took practitioners Guo Jungu and Cui Xiaowu to the Li County Detention Center.

You deliberately let the murderer in the field go because you didn't want to get hurt restraining him, yet you jumped at the opportunity to arrest Dafa practitioners, good people who follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, because you know they will not fight back. Isn't it obvious? You just want money! Perhaps 16,000 yuan is not a huge sum to you. Perhaps you might spend it on clothes, furniture, gambling or luxurious meals, but it will take forever for two poor peasant families to pay back this debt. The two families cannot even afford to buy candy or new clothes for their children. They had only recently paid back the 3,000 yuan they had to borrow that you had extorted from them in 2002, and now they are heavily in debt again.

You probably sent the practitioners to labor camp(s), even after you took their money. People in Li County say, "The wicked Communist Party is finished."

Stop committing crimes and treat Dafa practitioners kindly! Make up for what you have done by unconditionally releasing all incarcerated Dafa practitioners and return all extorted money and properties. Only then will you have a future! Please remember: heaven and earth know everyone's thoughts. Retribution is certain!

Ning Hongmao, Li County Party Committee deputy secretary: 86-13903363299 (Cell), 86-312-6237866 (Office)

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Li Shujuan, National Security Division: 86-312-6212623 (Office), 86-13833277090 (Cell)

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Political and Judiciary Committee of Li County: 86-312-6211646