(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners Ms. Kong Xiangjian and her husband from Fuxin City, Liaoning Province were both followed one day in April 2003, and were arrested by police from the Haizhou District Department and Heping Station. They were both sentenced to prison without any justification, and their four year-old child and old, ill parents were left without proper care.

Ms. Kong Xiangjian was detained in the Shenyang City Women's Prison Block (formerly called the Dabei Prison). Because she refused to give up her faith. Ms. Kong has been tortured by being deprived of sleep, having a needle pierced into her hands, and heavy labor. She eventually suffered a mental collapse as a result. Her mother is very sad and worried about her.

Learning of the organ harvesting atrocities at the Sujiatun and other concentration camps, Ms. Kong's family is even more worried about her. Ms. Kong's child has suffered greatly, is very weak and easily becomes ill.

Below are the government departments that have joined the persecution, and some of their phone numbers. (Fellow practitioners, one call can save a life.)

Haizhou District Procuratorate, chief procurator: 86-418-2827173, 86-418-3897301

Haizhou District Police Department head: 86-418-3386667, 86-418-5532501

Site Security Division head: 86-418-5532530, Political director: 86-418-5532527, Deputy head: 86-418-5532529, or 86-418-5532528

Heping Police Station head Cheng Yi (male): 86-418-2832647, 86-418-2825300, 86-418-5532258

Fuxin City Middle Court: 86-418-6281026.

Fuxin City CCP Political and Judiciary Committee deputy secretary: 86-418-2817622, 86-418-2816956

General office: 86-418-2815614, Stability office: 86-418-2817455