(Clearwisdom.net) There is an older man, Mr. Tang, in my workplace. For many years he would fall ill frequently with Meniere's syndrome. Usually he is very healthy, loves sports and rarely gets ill. However, whenever the symptoms of "Meniere's" strike, he would have to stay in bed for at least one week. He would vomit everything he drank and ate and could not recover for a long time.

Last week, Meniere's syndrome struck him again. After drinking some water, he vomited. He felt so dizzy that he could not even sit up. After I heard about this, I sent him Teacher's lecture tape and asked him to listen to it continuously. He did so.

Because he believed in our Teacher, and helped with our truth clarification I believed that Teacher would take care of him. In the evening, I went to him and read "On Healing"from the seventh chapter of Zhuan Falun three times. When I was leaving, he said: "I feel much better." After I left, he told his wife that he was hungry.

On the second morning, I called him. His wife said happily, "Oh, thank you! He went out to purchase steamed buns." I could not express my excitement. Since then, Mr. Tang has started to practice Dafa together with his wife.

Another Story: Miracle in Medical Science

Before New Years Day, My daughter-in-law's mother fell and broke the second part of her lumbar vertebra. Doctors said that she should not move for at least three months, otherwise, if bone remnants fell into the marrow, she would be paralyzed for life.

After New Years Day, I got her son and daughter-in-law's permission, sent her Teacher's lecture tape and asked her to listen continuously. She did so.

After five days, I called and asked about her situation. She answered with excitement, "My dear in-law! It is very effective! I only listened to it three times, but I am already able to turn my body."

After another week, the doctors realized that she was indeed able to turn her body freely. The doctors took an X-ray. It showed that the broken lumbar vertebra had grown back. Many doctors in the osteopathic department came to see it, and felt it was incredible. They all said, "This is a medical miracle!"

Her family members told me: "Your Teacher is so compassionate!"

September 26, 2006.