(Clearwisdom.net) Instigated by the City Political and Legal Commission, police from the 610 Office in the Dandong Area, Liaoning Province launched a new campaign against Dafa practitioners in Dandong City and committed new crimes. Quite a few Dafa practitioners have been illegally arrested, detained and sentenced.

On June 11, 2006, four policemen from Badaogou Police Substation arrested Dafa practitioner Shao Changzhi, who lived in the family compound of the Petroleum Industry in Badaogou Area, Yuanbao District, Dandong City. She has been detained ever since. Phone number of the Baodaogou Police Sub-Station: 86-415-2824780, Director Zhang Xijun: 86-13941587311 (Cell)

On the morning of March 10, 2006, Dafa practitioner Kong Liwei was giving out fliers to people when she was caught by two officers from Huayuan Police Substation. One of them struck Kong's head several times in the police station. She was sent to the Badao Police Substation. Liu Zuoxin, the police officer in charge there, took Kong Liwei by force to her work unit, searched her desk and confiscated several Dafa books. They then raided her home and confiscated Dafa books and some truth-clarifying materials, including copies of the Nine Commentaries.

In Taoyuan Police Substation, under the Zhengxing Public Security Bureau, there are quotas every year for detaining Dafa practitioners. They put any detained practitioner under their jurisdiction on trial. On March 27, the Badao Police Substation passed all the documents to the Taoyuan Police Substation.

Kong Liwei is now illegally detained in the City Custodial Station. Her parents and other family members are suffering extreme pressure. Her parents have to look after her two children who are three and five years old. The children cry every day for their mom.

Responsible organizations: Zhengxing Public Security Bureau 86-415-3148307, Zhengxing National Protection Team 86-415-3148211, Badao Police Sub-Station 86-415-2824780, Taoyuan Police Sub-Station: 86-415-3138836

Dafa practitioner Sheng Yuxia was a staff member of the Zhengan District National Taxation Office in Dandong City. On April 10, 2006, she was reported to the police when she was clarifying the truth to her colleagues in her work unit. The 610 Office in her city detained her. Her home was raided and two laptops and two printers were confiscated.

Phone number of Director of Dandong City National Taxation Bureau: 86-415-3450777, 86-415-3175266, Deputy Director: 86-415 -3451222, 86-415-3450333

Zhang Ruiling, a Dafa practitioner from Zhangdian Township KuandianCounty Dandong City, was arrested at her home on April 15, 2006.

Phone number of the Deputy Director of Kuandian Public Security Bureau: 86-415-5163399, Political and Legal Committee: 86-415-5130665

Zeng Tiantao, a Dafa practitioner from Dandong City, is detained in the No. 9 Area in the First Prison in Shenyang City. He was beaten by head policeman Sun Fuqing for practicing the exercises in prison.

Phone number of policeman Sun Fuqing: 86-13390118087(Cell) 86-24-89296293(Office)

September 8, 2006