(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2002, I returned home from the detention center where I had been illegally detained. I thought to myself, "While I was in the detention center, I was unable to keep up with the process of Fa rectification. Teacher, please give me the opportunity to catch up."

With this thought, I was very anxious to start doing truth clarification. To avoid trouble, I thought to myself that I should not let my family know what I was doing. As a result, every person to whom I clarified truth told my family what I had said. Consequently my family members either beat me or insulted me and the security office often harassed me at home. I felt like I had moved from a big prison to a smaller prison. This situation bothered me for quite a while.

It was truly difficult. Although it was difficult, my heart was unmoved in believing in Teacher and Dafa. One day in April this year, I came home late after sharing experiences with fellow practitioners in another town. As a result, my family beat me ruthlessly. After sharing with other practitioners, I realized that I should rectify my environment since this was Fa rectification. I should let go of my attachment to "not letting my family know what I am doing." I then solemnly declared to my family that my mission was to tell others to withdraw from the Communist Party in order to be saved. In other words, I was saving people and no one could change me except Teacher and Dafa. In Zhuan Falun it says: "It doesn't matter what so-called Buddha, what Dao, what Deity, or what demon it is ¡V they can't sway me."

Several days later, four people from the security office suddenly broke into and searched my home. After they found one copy of Pure Insight Weekly, truth-clarifying materials about Sujiatun, and 48 Falun Dafa bookmarks, they seemed very happy to seize the evidence. I kept clarifying the truth to them while sending forth righteous thoughts. They told me to go to the security office, but I refused. They were just about to drag me away when I said, "Don't move." I said in my heart, "What you said does not count. What counts is Teacher's words." Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"My roots are all deeply planted in the universe, and if someone could affect you, he could affect me, and to put it directly, he'd be able to affect the universe."

One of my family members got angry and said, "What's wrong with practicing Falun Gong? Our whole family practices it. In addition, Falun Gong practitioners only do good deeds and never do bad things. Why do you persecute Falun Gong? Nowadays someone can buy his life back with money after committing murder. You want to arrest practitioners and beat them to death, then push them out the window and claim that they commit suicide because they practice Falun Gong. What else have you done in order to extort money? You killed Ji Songshan. Do you know when the head of the public security bureau, Lin Qingfan, will be transferred? Do you think people don't know the truth? Why is Zhao Jingfang from the 610 Office on trial?" He suddenly said so much and this really shocked them.

At this moment, they once again pretended to be nice and tried to deceive me, saying that I just needed to go there and would be back soon. They tricked my family into agreeing. However, I told them, "I will no longer be deceived." Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference:"

"If upon encountering trying circumstances your thinking can be truly righteous, then, when faced with the evil's persecution and when faced with interference, just one sentence of yours fortified with steadfast righteous thoughts can instantly make the evil disintegrate, and it will make those who are being used by the evil turn and flee, it will make the evil's persecution of you dissolve, and it will make the evil's interfering with you disappear without a trace."

With such righteous thoughts, they had to sit down and let me answer their questions. "Where are the materials from?" I said, "Didn't you see everything? They are from The Epoch Times. I know nothing about anything else." "Are you still practicing Falun Gong? How do you practice it?" I immediately realized and said, "Ok, let me show you." I then sat in meditation with my legs double crossed, one hand erected in front of my chest and eliminated all the evil factors that controlled them, disintegrating the dark minions and evil spirits of the Communist Party. With Teacher's protection, they eventually left.

Now my family members have changed their attitude and no longer interfere with me.

Let's once again recall Teacher's article "In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human:"

"What could human beings possibly do to gods? If there were no outside factors, would humans dare to do anything to gods?"

I wrote down my experiences to share with other practitioners who may have similar experiences. Please point out anything that's inappropriate.