My younger brother was only in his early 40s, but was frail with illness all over his body. He suffered hepatitis, kidney stones, prostate inflammation, protruding lumbar vertebra, etc. There was also a lump near his abdomen area. The protruding lumbar vertebra was especially threatening, and it could cripple him anytime. When the symptoms flared, my brother would be unable to even get out of bed. Deterioration in his physical well-being made him lose confidence in life.

This summer, my sister-in-law called and told me she wanted to come to our town to treat her rhinitis. I wanted them to obtain the Fa, so I asked her to bring my brother. She said, "He cannot make it, his back pain is killing him." I talked to my brother directly and firmly said, "You must come as well." My brother promised immediately. He had witnessed the transformation of me and our mother after practicing Falun Gong, and had witnessed the magnificence of Dafa more than once. He also felt a lot of commonality in his personal beliefs with Dafa teachings. I sent forth powerful righteous thoughts to eradicate all the evil factors that interfere with my brother obtaining the Fa, and asked Teacher to reinforce my brother so that he could come. My brother finally arrived on the train.

While we had dinner, I introduced Dafa to my brother. After dinner, I cut up some watermelon for my brother. He said with a wry smile, "Sis, I need to go to the bathroom often even if I do not eat watermelon. If I eat watermelon I will have to live in your bathroom." I told him, "Not to worry, you just eat the watermelon, and eat as much as you like." My brother gulped down three big pieces of watermelon, and said, "Wow it tasted so good, so good!"

After dinner I showed my brother and sister-in-law truth-clarifying videos called, "The Journey amid Sky and Earth" and "The Story of Three Women." My brother watched attentively. Then he slept through the whole night. The next morning he told his wife, "I cannot believe it; I did not go to bathroom even once." I told him, "Teacher is now watching over you." He was really moved. He used all of his efforts to watch Teacher's Lecture in Jinan video tape. I said to him after seeing him lying down watching the video, "When Teacher lectures, all the gods in other dimensions kneel down while listening." My brother immediately rolled off the bed and sat on the chair to watch, all the way until 10 p.m. in the evening. When he got up to go to bed he swayed his body left and right and said, "How come my back pain is gone?" He kept walking back and forth in the room and said joyfully, "I just cannot believe this, it is so wonderful!"

After that my brother was encouraged to watch more of Teacher's lectures. He finished all nine lectures in two days. He stayed with me for three days, and every night he slept through the night until morning.

My brother made up his mind to practice Falun Gong. After he returned home he went to my mother's place (also a Dafa practitioner) to study the Fa and do the exercises. On the second day, he felt there was something blocking his urinary tract, and he could not urinate for the whole day and it was pretty painful. He then tried really hard to urinate, and suddenly a kidney stone was expelled out of the urinary tract, with a lot of bleeding. It was quite painful. My brother instinctively thought of taking some pain killers, but stopped after thinking, "Wait, I am a Dafa practitioner. Teacher is cleansing my body." With this one righteous thought, he felt OK the following day. Another day passed, and another even bigger kidney stone blocked his urinary tract, and regardless how hard my brother tried it kept on blocking. He called me and asked me what to do? I told him not to be afraid, but to go to my mother's place and follow what she tells him. Then I called my mother and agreed that we would send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate all the evil factors, dark minions, rotten ghosts and Communist evil spirits that interfere with my brother cultivating in Dafa. We asked Teacher to strengthen my brother to dissolve all the kidney stones. After we sent forth righteous thoughts for a whole afternoon, my brother called the next morning, "Sis, where did the stones go? I did not feel them being expelled? Even the lump near my abdomen disappeared. I am completely healed. I will return to work today." I told him, "Brother, you are so happy." My brother immediately replied, "I better not start having the attachment of zealotry, and I must continue cultivating more diligently."

My brother became more diligent in his cultivation. He got rid of all of his bad habits of smoking and drinking. He practiced the exercises in the morning and in the evening, and squeezed in as much time as possible to study the Fa - quickly learning how to measure his conduct with the standard of a Dafa practitioner. My brother works as a laborer, and it is quite physically demanding, yet he is now like a healthy person, and he never misses a job. He feels good, both physically and mentally. My brother sighed with emotion, "Only Teacher could save me. I will follow this path for the rest of my life."

November 7 2005