(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Li Yequan has been detained at Daqing Labor Camp since September 27, 2005. He has been on a hunger strike to protest the torture. The police handcuffed him to a bed and left a feeding tube in his nostril continuously. By December 12, he had been on hunger strike for eighty-two days. When his family visited him, they observed that he was extremely weak and unable to walk. He could not raise his head and appeared to not even have the energy to raise his eyelids. His family could not hear what he said even listening close-up.

Mr. Li Yequan is thirty-eight years old. He was the former assistant director of the Shooting Bullet Factory plant. After the persecution started he had been repeatedly detained and forced to undergo brainwashing because he practices Falun Gong. On September 23, 2005, Li Yequan was once again arrested after being forced to leave home to avoid persecution. On September 27, he was sentenced to two years in a labor camp. He has been on hunger strike since, and he was brutally force-fed and tortured every day. Police Wang Yingzhou even force-fed him rice wine, spit into his mouth and poured cold water over him. He was handcuffed and chained for twenty-four hours with a feeding tube in his nose.

On December 12, when his family requested to see him at Daqing Labor Camp, they were given the runaround by the police. They had to wait for seven hours before they were allowed seven minutes to meet with him. The following is a brief account of what his family encountered that day:

At 8:30 a.m. on December 12, 2005, his family arrived at the office of director Liu, located in the discipline inspection division of Daqing Labor Camp. Mr. Li's family wished to decry the vicious deeds of police officer Wang Yingzhou, such as force-feeding rice wine, spitting, and pouring cold water on Li Yequan. Director Liu immediately and stridently denied the accusations.

His family said, "Several years ago, the police beat inmates to death at this labor camp. We hope you can investigate this matter thoroughly. It is being responsible to Wang Yingzhou to stop his criminal conduct in time, and to prevent further deaths." Director Liu drove them out of his office in a rage.

Mr. Li's family then went to the discipline inspection office and told an assistant director named Shen the situation while someone else made a record of it.

His family later went to the office of Wang Yongxiang, the assistant director of the labor camp. They requested to see Li Yequan. Wang said rudely, "I will not allow you to see him. Come back in two years if you want to see him!" His family was left there with no one to help them. At noon, Wang Yongxiang opened the door and said, "You get out of here!" His family refused to leave unless they could see Li Yequan.

In the afternoon, Wang Yongxiang and Wang Yingzhou arrived back to their offices. Mr. Li's family once again requested to see Li Yequan. Wang Yingzhou said, "Ok, I will take you to see him." His family then followed him to the receiving room of the 1st division. Wang Yingzhou then disappeared and was not seen again. Hungry and cold, his family waited there until 1:30 p.m. They asked for someone to contact Lai Zhonghui and Wang Yingzhou. Wang Yingzhou said over the phone that they could not see Li Yequan because Wang Yongxiang had not given permission.

His family finally found Wang Yongxiang in the office building. Wang said, "You cannot see him. That's it. You can complain to whoever you want. I am not scared." His family then asked, "Which law says Falun Gong practitioners' families cannot see them? What are you trying to hide?" Wang Yongxiang said, "I don't allow it. That's it - Absolutely not." Cold, hungry and humiliated, his family said tearfully, "We won't leave until we see him. We will stay here!"

Just like that, his family waited around for seven hours, from 8:30 a.m. until after 3:00 p.m. They were finally allowed to see Li Yequan. However, police officer Wang Yongxiang ordered that the entire meeting not exceed seven minutes. In addition, his family was not allowed to talk with Li Yequan. The family saw Li Yequan being carried in by some other jailed criminals. He was ashen, malnourished and extremely weak. He did not seem to have the strength to raise his head. His family could not hear what he said even from close up. It was a very sad sight to see.

Daqing Labor Camp

Director, Ying Chengli: 86-459-4326808, 86-459-6369698 (Home), 86-13329390528 (Cell)
Political committee member, Song Huidong: 86-459-4326800, 86-459-6378169 (Home), 86-13329390559 (Cell)
Secretary of discipline inspection office, Wang Xijun: 86-459-4326766, 86-459-6378059, (Home), 86-13936719220 (Cell)
Assistant director, Wang Yongxiang: 86-459-4680996, 86-459-4631816 (Home), 86-13136729306 (Cell) (He directly participate in persecution)
Assistant director, Xing Mengchang: 86-459-4602956, 86-459-5184456 (Home), 86-13945949260 (Cell)
Assistant director, Shao Tiemin: 86-459-4326111, 86-459-6188998 (Home), 86-13091660111 (Cell)
Assistant director, Hao Shulin: 86-459-4326909 86-459-4661473 (Home)
Assistant director, Sun Baihua: 86-459-4326911, 86-459-5815009 (Home), 86-13936955209 (Cell)
Management director, Han Qingshan: 86-459-4326508, 86-459-6366790 (Home), 86-13945990055 (Cell)
Assistant director of management, Yang Tao: 86-459-4326919, 86-459-6190964 (Home), 86-13936997200 (Cell) (He directly participate in persecution)
The assistant of 2 division, Zhang Mingzhu: 86-459-6372188 (Home), 86-13804679123 (Cell)
The head of 1 division, Lai Zhonghui: (directly participated in persecution)
Police officer, Wang Yingzhou: 86-459-5328555 (Cell) (directly participated in persecution)
The disciplinary inspection office: 86-459-4326917

On December 15, 2005