(Clearwisdom.net) From January to March of 2005, practitioners who were illegally detained in the Masanjia Labor Camp refused to wear the prison uniform and refused to cooperate in any labor camp activities.

As a result, the Second Women's Section made a big rearrangement. They grouped all practitioners who firmly believed Falun Gong together and divided them into two divisions. The First Division was called the "strictly monitored team" while the Second Division was a generally monitored team. In addition, they also formed a Third Division, which grouped those who had been "transformed" according to the camp's requirement with newly arriving practitioners.

After this, the First Division became the major focus of persecution. The guards tortured those who did not wear a prison uniform and refused to cooperate by hanging them up, detaining them in a confinement cell, and other equally brutal measures. The practitioners were not allowed to go to the toilet for long periods of time, nor were they allowed to go outdoors. The guards also did not allow practitioners' family members to visit.

The First Division was divided into six groups. Each group had two female guards and one male guard, and they received help from some so-called "transformed" practitioners. For each prison room, two people took shifts and monitored the Falun Gong practitioners' every movement through a small hole in the covered window. There were monitors in the washing room, and in the front and back of each prison room. All pens, paper and watches were confiscated. The TV played high volume noise from morning to night, except noontime. On the morning of May 13, Falun Gong practitioners shouted together "Falun Dafa is good." The guards played the TV noise continuously for three or four days. Under such mental and physical torture, the health of many Falun Gong practitioners suffered. However, the practitioners have refused to renounce their beliefs.

The guards in the Second Women's Section force-fed those Falun Gong practitioners who protested by going on a hunger strike. For example, Ms. Zhu Yun was force-fed for thirteen months and finally, she could not control her bowels after the force feedings. Ms. Wang Manli's eyesight was blurry because of being force fed for six months through inserted tubes. But the guards did not lighten their persecution. Ms. Dong Jingya was force-fed three times per day and infused with five bottles of IV solution, which caused her face to swell up. The guards also tied some Falun Gong practitioners onto beds and force-fed them. They had to lie on the beds and get help from others when they relieved themselves.

December 23, 2005