(Clearwisdom.net) Newly appointed 610 Office director, Liu Xipeng, from Ju'nan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, orchestrated a vicious persecution of local Falun Dafa disciples after he assumed office. He has brought misery, grief and suffering to a multitude of practitioners and their families. He has also committed monstrous crimes. Starting in May 2005, Liu Xipeng and his evil accomplices went on an abduction spree, arresting 30 Dafa disciples and illegally confiscating their property. They also sentenced a dozen practitioners to labor camps for "reeducation".

On the evening of November 26, 2005, officials from the Ju'nan 610 Office, the Ju'nan County local police station, and the local armed police department abducted 19 Dafa disciples who were gathering at an experience sharing conference at Xujia Huangzhuang Village, Shizilu Town. Ms. Yang Guangzhen was abducted and sent to Jinan Forced Labor Camp for three years of "re-education-through-labor." It was reported that six or seven other practitioners that were also illegally sentenced and transferred to a labor camp for "reform" and "transformation."

On October 9 in Dadian Town, Ju'nan County, Ms. He Xiangtian, who is over 50 years old, was illegally arrested from her home. Her home was ransacked and personal family property, including Falun Dafa books and materials, were confiscated. Practitioners Wei Maoshan and Li Hongqin's homes were also searched at the same time. Ms. He Xiangtian was sentenced to two years in a labor camp in Ji'nan City. .

On the evening of August 12, Ji Xingshu, about 60 years old, Ji Xingcai, also about 60, Peng Xiuzhan, about 50, Li Baoshan, 43, and two other practitioners were arrested from their homes. Later, practitioner Cui Jian'ai from Duoju Guangzhuang Village was also arrested. Peng Xiuzhan, Li Baoshan, Cui Jian'ai were all sent to a labor camp. Mrs. Cui Jian'ai's husband, Wang Houling (41 years old), also a Dafa practitioner, was imprisoned and sent to a labor camp for more than two years. After Mrs. Cui Jian'ai was arrested, her 10-year-old daughter became destitute. When Li Baoshan was arrested, he left behind his 82-year-old father and seven-year-old daughter. Li Baoshan's wife, Qian Jinhua, was compelled to leave her home because of the persecution. She remained destitute and homeless, wandering from place to place for more than two years.

On August 11, officials from Ju'nan County 610 Office and the Dadian local police arrested Ms. Wang Xianxue from Duoju Guanzhuang Village. These intruders entered her home by breaking down the door. They ransacked the house and confiscated personal family property, including Falun Gong books and materials. On July 6, the notorious 610 officials arrested Ms. Sun Li from her home. She was arbitrarily sent to a labor camp.

On May 11, in Shizilu Town, Ju'nan County, the homes of Chen Xinxia, Xiao Mingxia, Sun Li, Yan Xia and Zhao Erhua were ransacked. Chen Xinxia and Zhao Mingxia were arrested from their homes. On June 1, Chen Xinxia and Xiao Mingxia were sent to Ji'nan brainwashing centers, but their physical conditions made them unqualified to be placed at the labor camp. Liu Xipeng and his accomplices resorted to bribes as well as encouragement to get the brainwashing center authorities to accept Xiao Mingxia into the labor camp. Chen Xinxia was refused admittance because of Hepatitis B. She was released from the prison camp and allowed to go home.

Partial list of those responsible:

Ju'nan 610 Office: 86-539-7220334
Ju'nan 610 Director Liu Xipeng: 86-13205392801 (Cell)
610 Office officers Chen Xin, Zhuang Xuru, and Ma Zongtao,
Ju'nan Political and Law Committee: 86-539-7212410
Ju'nan Police Station: 86-539-7212215
Ju'nan Police Station, Public Security Bureau: 86-539-2267456

December 20, 2005