(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mrs. Chen Jianhua worked at the Ningbo City Telecommunication Bureau in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. The police illegally arrested her on May 20, 2005, when she was distributing truth clarification materials. Mrs. Chen was savagely tortured in detention. On August 20, the police told her family to claim her body. The authorities proposed to pay her family, represented by her husband, 300,000 yuan in exchange for their silence regarding Chen Jianhua's death.

Around August 20, 2005, agents from the Zhejiang Province 610 Office held a 45-day brainwashing class at the Xishange Hotel in the Yinzhou District, Ningbo City. They arrested local Falun Dafa practitioners and sent them to brainwashing sessions, and threatened that the practitioners would be sent to forced labor camps if they refused to "reform." Dafa practitioner Chen Zhongsheng from Leqing City was surrounded by more than twenty police officers headed by Qu Jifu, director of the 610 Office, and deputy secretary of the Ningbo City Political and Judiciary Committee, and also by Chen Jingsheng, head of the Ningbo City National Security Division. They tried to force him to attend the brainwashing class held by the 610 Office. Chen Zhongsheng resisted the persecution with righteous thoughts, but he was compelled to stay away from home to avoid arrest.

Personnel from the Political and Security Section of the Ningbo City Police Department lied to the practitioners' families, telling them, "Your loved ones will be released quickly if you just sign a paper agreeing to send him to a mental hospital. You don't even need to pay for the medical expenses, and he will be able to keep his job." Many practitioners' families were initially deceived. As a result, many practitioners were sent to mental hospitals where they were forced to ingest unknown drugs and were severely traumatized.

Practitioner Chen Gang, an employee of the Ningbo City Armed Division, was tortured to the brink of death in 2001. Practitioner Chi Haiming, a reporter for the Ningbo Evening News, was forced to take drugs and receive forced injections for 68 days. He was later sent to the Shiliping Forced Labor Camp where he was further tortured.

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