(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Song Yanqun, illegally held in the Heizuizi Women's Prison of Changchun City, was tied to and stretched on a death bed by prison guards when the prison tried to "transform" her through evil brutal methods this May. As a consequence, Ms. Song now suffers from cerebral numbness, loss of sensation in the left leg, right arm, both sides of the ribs, and is also experiencing unbearable pain. She also suffers from lung tuberculosis that is progressively worsening, and her body weight has reduced to only about seventy pounds.

Ms. Song Yanqun, 34, lived in Shulan City in Jilin Province and worked as an English teacher in Da'de Japanese School of Harbin City. On November 27, 2003, Ms. Song was illegally arrested by a group of police officers headed by Guo Wei (male) from the Police Department of Shulan City. During the interrogation, the director of the Police Department in Shulan City, Xin He (male), colluded with police officers Li Zhuo (male), Li Yaochen (male), Li Jiazhe (male) and Wang Tingbai (male) to hire a gang of thugs to apply brutal torture methods on Ms. Song Yanqun and her sister Ms. Song Bing, in the Nanshan Detention Center of Shulan City. The torture methods they used included the tiger bench, using long and thin sharp objects to pierce the ears, eyes and other organs, and force-feeding mustard oil, etc. Later, they illegally sentenced Ms. Song Yanqun to twelve years of imprisonment and held her in the Heizuizi Women's Prison of Changchun City.

In the prison, Ms. Song Yanqun's health condition worsened. Upon medical examination, she was diagnosed with severe lung tuberculosis. The prison hospital and the prison have strictly blocked this fact and never allowed her family to know of her true illness. Furthermore, they forbade treatments according to the law, but only allowed the prison hospital to carelessly deal with it. The director of the prison hospital claimed that each prisoner was only allowed an eight yuan medical expense per month.

In May 2005, the Women's Prison of Changchun City started a new round of forced "transformation" towards Falun Dafa practitioners who were illegally detained. Ms. Song Yanqun was taken out from the hospital to the Education Section, where she was surrounded and violently forced to be "transformed." Because Ms. Song Yanqun refused to cooperate, the prison guards tied her onto the "death bed," like "five horses splitting a body" (1), using the ropes to tie tightly onto the four limbs and then stretch all four limbs out with force. No one paid any attention to her needs to use the restroom.

There have been related articles on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website regarding how such brutal torture methods were applied to Falun Dafa practitioners in the Women's Prison of Changchun City causing severe consequences. Most of the female practitioners experienced irregularity of menstruation period, heart diseases, and some had their foot ligaments torn apart, while some had their arms, foot and leg nerves injured or experienced necrosis, and thus weren't able to walk normally. Most of those practitioners tortured with these methods had symptoms afterwards.

Ms. Song Yanqun had already been diagnosed with lung tuberculosis before she was tortured for another two years in the prison. Her true situation had never been released to her family members by the prison. After Ms. Song Yanqun was tied to a "death bed" and tortured by the stretching method, she has since experienced unbearable pain in both of her lungs, every internal organ and both sides of her ribs. Her heart is also failing, and the symptoms of lung tuberculosis are worsening rapidly. Her entire left leg has lost sensation, thus she is no longer able to walk normally, but can only move slowly. Her entire right arm suffers from unbearable pain, with hands violently trembling. Her brain feels numb and she has trouble thinking clearly. Her body weight has reduced to only about seventy pounds.

When Ms. Song Yanqun's elderly parents went to visit her, they asked with aching hearts about their daughter's health condition. The prison guard who was watching immediately yelled at and threatened Ms. Song Yanqun.

International lung tuberculosis has been listed as one of the top infectious diseases that require special preventative measures. The Heizuizi Women's Prison in Jilin Province on the other hand has been keeping a lung tuberculosis patient in the prison and even subjected her to brutal torture methods for as long as two years. We call on international righteous organizations to condemn and stop the Heizuizi Women's Prison of Changchun City from torturing Ms. Song Yanqun.

The Women's Prison in Jilin Province:

Mailing Address:
Heizuizi Women's Prison of Changchun City in Jilin Province
Mail Box 1048, Zip Code: 130000

Warden, Xu Guangsheng (male): 86-432-5375001
Deputy warden, Gao Mingya (male): 86-432-5375002
Deputy warden, Wang Jie (male): 86-432-5375002
Deputy warden, Wu Zeyun (male): 86-432-5375004
Deputy chief of the Corporal Punishment Section, Tang Yajuan (female): 86-432-5375010
Deputy chief of the Prison Political Section, Li Jian (male): 86-432-5375007
CCP secretary of prison officer, Wang Jinghua (male): 86-432-5375038

Reception Office: 86-432-5375036
No. 1 Prison Division: 86-432-5375020
No. 2 Prison Division: 86-432-5375021
No. 3 Prison Division: 86-432-5375022
No. 4 Prison Division: 86-432-5375023
No. 5 Prison Division: 86-432-5375024
No. 6 Prison Division: 86-432-5375031 (previous number was 86-432-5375025, changed to this number after it merged with the No. 12 Prison Division)
No. 7 Prison Division: 86-432-5375028
No. 8 Prison Division: 86-432-5375027
No. 9 Prison Division: 86-432-5375028
No. 10 Prison Division: 86-432-5375029
No. 11 Prison Division: 86-432-5375030

Names of prison personnel:

Xu Xiaojuan (female), Zhao Xijun (male, the prison CCP secretary), Han Yanchun (female), Yu Fengzhen (female), Yu Bin (male), Wang Yanhui (male), Gong Yunxia (female, the director of the prison hospital), Li Yuan (male), Li Fengyan (male), Wang Xiaohui (male), Chen Aiguo (male), Wang Hongyu (female), Wang Chunhua (female), Wang Guangyou (male), Guo Hai (male), Wang Jingyan (male), Zhang Qu (male), Zhang Tianmin (male), Dong Ying (female), Dong Guangjin (male), Xu Xiaozhen (female), Zhou Xiaoli (female).


(1) Five horses splitting a body (http://search.minghui.org/mh/articles/2004/12/25/92139.html)
The four limbs are pulled in four directions until very tight, then the practitioner is beat, making him feel pain as if the body has been splitting into parts. See illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2005/3/9/58287.html.