(Clearwisdom.net) Another New Year has come. When I read the greetings to Master from so many practitioners and even non-practitioners on Clearwisdom.net, I suddenly had a very clear thought: It's so fortunate for us to have our Master!

New Year's greetings Master! This is a belated greeting from your disciple. But it is from the bottom of my heart. Master, I've only been a practitioner for close to two years. But during these two years, my life has improved tremendously. Master, it was you who helped me find the urge to return home from this dirty world. During these two years, I often shed tears of happiness because I didn't believe in gods before, but now I've learned so much. Sometimes I still feel fear while thinking of what would have happened of me if I hadn't obtained Dafa. Wouldn't I still have lived in the darkness and evil without even realizing it?

Master, you know why I came to the cultivation path? More than ten years ago, I realized that Chinese people live without beliefs, without ethical standards. Later I learned that there is a Master who teaches people to be better people and to live not just for themselves. I also know that in this world, Dafa practitioners are all good people. However, it's just this group of kind people that got brutally persecuted by the evil Chinese Communist Party. Many of the cases reported on Clearwisdom.net made me cry. Lots of people don't believe these accounts. But I could tell that these articles were written from the heart and that they are true stories. Two years ago, I couldn't understand why such a good practice was so brutally persecuted. I felt that I needed to join the kindest group of people, no matter what kind of price I had to pay. This righteous thought, which I never had before, inspired me to want to stand with these kind people. If we all have to suffer, I want to join. I want to endure whatever is necessary for Dafa practitioners. Someday in the future, when facing my children and grandchildren, I can say proudly that in the darkest days in human history, in the most stupid and brutal persecution that the most evil party started, I awakened relatively early, and without any hesitation walked into the group that was hurt the most. With that simple thought, I became a Dafa practitioner and a happy person.

Master, I have realized that between happiness and unhappiness, there is only one thought. I once felt very unhappy. It was you, Master, who helped me let go of the struggle and pursuit of material gains and money. You helped me understand that human beings in this world are only here for a brief period of time, like checking into a hotel. A long time ago, I aspired to be a good government official. But with the extremely low income in Mainland China, it meant for me to live a poor life. It's fine if it were only me. But why do my wife, children, parents have to live the same poor life? I didn't want to live a life like that. So I started doing business on my own hoping to live in a bigger house and make more money. The result was that I always failed in doing business no matter how many times I tried. Sometimes, I was angry looking at the sky. Why is it so unfair? Those corrupt officials live a better life. Why couldn't I make a good living by doing a legal business? If I became corrupt, I could become rich too. A person wants to have a higher value, but the reality forces one to go the other direction. What kind of justice is this?

When I didn't know what to do or where to go, I often looked at the sky with anger. Here, I sincerely apologize for my ignorance. Now I totally understand that the reason why I didn't become rich was just for me to obtain the Fa later. When I was angry with the Gods, those high-level beings must have been laughing at me! I'm so thankful that the Gods made me fail again and again and made me understand the true meanings of life. If I became rich earlier, following the usual rules, wouldn't I be gambling, womanizing, wining and dining? If one went into an intoxicated and dreaming life too early, when would one have the chance to understand the true meaning of life? When would one have the chance to become a Dafa practitioner? How could one awaken from the delusion of the human world?

Master, it was you who made me completely understand the true meaning of human life and understand the purpose of being a human being. Master, it was you who helped me get rid of my attachments of material benefits and it was you who made me truly feel the happiness after I let go of the attachments.

Master, it was you who made me not fear aging, and not fear of the inevitability of death. I often discussed this with people and found that most people feared death. Now, in my mind, I only think of doing the three things and doing them well. The fear of getting old has disappeared. I often tell people that I'm not afraid of getting old at all. Even if I became 80 years old tomorrow, I wouldn't have any fear. This mood often could affect other people. Now I don't feel aging. This is the special happiness of being a Dafa practitioner. If it weren't for our great Master, how could we experience this superior happiness!

Master, when I read in Zhuan Falun, "Matter and mind are one thing," my heart and soul convulsed. So many questions from my life were answered. I always stubbornly thought there weren't any divine powers and there weren't any Gods. But they truly exist and I was able to see them. After I read that chapter, I understood that the things you can't see using your eyes are way more than what you can see physically. I understand that atoms, neutrinos, etc., are things human beings can't see, but they truly exist.

Master, it was you who helped me completely understand that gods and Buddhas exist. Falun Dafa is a true science. It makes me understand that virtue is a substance and makes me understand that heavenly justice truly exists. It also makes me understand the consequences of being bad, and helps me assimilate to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," so that I can return to the splendor of heaven. I went from being an atheist who laughed at anyone who believed in gods or Buddha to a firm believer in gods. I live a healthy and happy life all the time.

Master, I'm so grateful that you saved me and pulled me up from hell. I will always be your firmest believer, no matter how fierce the evil. Because I understand the principles you teach me, I won't change no matter what kind of temptation I face. If there is a chance for me to choose between having billions of dollars, a high-ranking position and owning everything in the human world versus obtaining Dafa, I would choose Dafa without any hesitation. This is what ordinary people wouldn't understand in the ever-corrupting human society.

Master, I won't have attachments to time. In this great historical drama, I want to accomplish something. Now the drama is reaching its peak. I once was an audience who had good judgment. From now on, I want to be a good actor who can leave something worthy for people in the future.

Sentient beings, you wouldn't know how happy and fortunate I am to have a great Master. If you have a chance to talk about the topic of Falun Gong, you can think about it: Why are there so many highly educated people like me who walked into Dafa! Human beings have lots of wrong notions and concepts, e.g. regarding the existence of gods and Buddha. Many smart people even have mistaken this. You will understand this when you experience it. If you have time, I would recommend you read Falun Dafa books. You would realize like I did and you would experience many wonderful miracles that you wouldn't think were possible. If you don't experience this yourself and just take it for granted, you will miss out on too many truths that you might never have the chance to understand!

It's so fortunate to have Master! It's so fortunate to have obtained Dafa!