There is an old saying in China: "One misses his family even more during the holidays." However, authorities of Dalian Forced Labor Camp have been depriving detained practitioners of their right to see their families over the past several years. Even worse, they did not even allow practitioners to see their family members who were terminally ill.

The day before the 2004 Autumn Festival, practitioner Mr. Li Wei's father passed away. Mr. Li's family members called the labor camp, requesting that he be given some time off so he could return to Beijing to take care of his father's funeral. The guard who answered the phone said that Mr. Li's mind was not very stable and he could not be let out.

The facts at that time were as follows: Mr. Li had been handcuffed to an iron bed for over a month and had to wear a boxer's helmet on his head. Everyday he had to get up at 5 a.m. and wasn't allowed to go to bed until midnight. During the day he was forced to sit on a small bench for 18 hours. He was given only half of a steamed bun and a bit of soup every meal. He could only go to the restroom once every four days. He was not allowed to wash his face, to brush his teeth, to have a haircut, or to change his clothes. During the night, he had to remain handcuffed.

Even when Mr. Li Wei was released on July 10, 2005, the guards still did not tell him about his father's death. Mr. Li's father was a retired officer in the police department. The elderly man did not get a chance to see his son for the last time. Mr. Li's father was terminally ill and later passed away in 2004. In 2004 from April 9 to May 28 and from August 31 to November 2, a total of 113 days, Mr. Li twice had to endure the above-mentioned treatment. Deputy captain Wang Shiwei personally beat Mr. Li and instigated guard Li Yue to beat Li using the soles of shoes. They once kept him awake for six days in a row. Sometimes they only allowed him an hour or two of sleep, causing Mr. Li to suffer tremendously and to even have hallucinations.

Practitioner Mr. Teng Pingde is from Dandong. His mother could not stand the pressure and became mentally disoriented. Mr. Teng missed his mother very much. During that period, even though he was only skin and bones, the camp did not give him any time off. Instead, they forced him to labor everyday.

Mr. Cui Deliang was sentenced to three years of forced labor. His father was in his 80s and Mr. Cui was his only son. Mr. Cui requested to be released many times to go home to take care of his father, but he was still detained even when his father passed away in 2004. He was only allowed to take a final look at his father's body at the funeral, under the watch of several guards.

Mr. Wang Xingdian from Shandong Province was also deprived of the right to go home to see his terminally ill parent.

Of the many such cases, we have collected only a handful. Dalian Forced Labor Camp authorities fear that their crimes will be exposed, so they have tried every way they can to brainwash practitioners. In order to block the news, the Eighth Brigade changed its name to the "All Enclosure Administration Area" while all other brigades were designated as "Semi-enclosure Areas." Practitioners are detained in Brigade One and Brigade Three, which are located in the top floor (fifth floor) of the administration section of the office building. Practitioners are deprived of decent food, normal living conditions, outdoor activities, family's visitations and telephone conversations with family.