(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities at Handan City Labor Camp flaunt the fact that they have achieved a 100% conversion rate of Falun Gong practitioners, but in reality, they have tortured and coerced practitioners to do things against their wills. The guards of the Special Education Section, led by Yao Jianming (the section head) and Wang Zhiming (the political instructor), use brutal torture methods to attempt to brainwash practitioners, causing unparalleled physical and mental pain to the practitioners. Ironically, a place where such heinous crimes are committed on a daily basis was given the "Civilized Law-Enforcement Work Unit" award by the state judicial system.

The following reports expose how the authorities at Handan City Labor Camp have persecuted some of the practitioners:

Brutal persecution mentally destroyed practitioner Zhao Shenxing

In July 2004 when the authorities illegally put practitioner Zhao Shenxing from Wuan City of Handan into the forced labor camp, he refused to cooperate with any requests to denounce his belief. As a result, the labor camp guards hung him up in the air from a bunk bed, shocked him with electric batons and beat him with leather belts and wooden sticks. Zhao Shenxing screamed horribly during this torture. After breaking a few wooden sticks beating Zhao, the guards burned the arms, chest, and back of Zhao with cigarettes, causing severe burns on dozens of areas of Zhao's body. Because of the extensive persecution, Zhao Shenxing collapsed mentally, and was diagnosed in No. 285 Hospital of Handan City as having an intermittent mental disorder.

Bao Jige's hand incapacitated from brutal beatings

On the afternoon of May 9, 2005, labor camp authorities held a meeting to slander Falun Dafa. At the meeting, practitioner Bao Jige from Chengan County of Handan City stood up and refuted the slander by saying, "My whole family practices Falun Gong. We all improved our health as well as our moral character through Falun Dafa. Your forced brainwashing is violating the law." He had hardly finished his words when the guards forcefully dragged him out of the room for a brutal beating. In the afternoon, they hung him up in the air and tied his legs against the metal bunk bed. Then five guards, including Yao Jianming, Wang Zhiming, Xing Yansheng, Li Haimin, and Gao Fei, took turns shocking him on his chest and back with two electric batons. As a result of the torture, practitioner Bao's body was covered in bruises. His arms were swollen and his right hand was still incapacitated at the time of writing this report.

The authorities illegally extended the prison term of practitioner Wang Zhiwu by six months

The labor camp authorities have been persecuting practitioner Wang Zhiwu since March 2005, when he was first imprisoned in the labor camp. They forced him to stand for prolonged periods of time on repeated occasions, and deprived him of sleep on two occasions, once for four full days and another for three days. The camp guards posted material slandering Falun Gong all over the walls of his cell, and stuck offensive notes to his face and clothes while he was restrained and hung up off the ground. Twice they hung him up in the air and shocked him with electric batons until he was spitting up blood. By not letting Wang's family visit him, the camp authorities tried to hide their crimes. In November, his prison term was illegally extended for another six months.

Guards shocked practitioner Cheng Wendong simultaneously with four electric batons

On August 31, 2005, because practitioner Cheng Wendong from Qiu County of Handan City refused to follow the guards' orders to write essays slandering Falun Gong and denouncing his belief, the guards took him to the brigade office and tortured him. With a few thugs holding Cheng down, guard Wang Zhiming used four electric batons to shock him at the same time. After the batteries died, the guard continued to beat him with rubber batons.

Guards slapped practitioner Zhao Zhiguan in the face causing bruises lasting a month

In January 2005, practitioner Zhao Zhiguan from Ci County of Handan City refused to cooperate with the guards in denouncing his belief. As a result, the guards hung him up in the air. Guard Wang Zhiming slapped practitioner Zhao in the face three times as hard as he could. His own fingers were injured from the force of the blows. Then he shocked Zhao's chest and nipples with an electric baton. The guard's slapping left finger-shaped bruises on practitioner Zhao's face, which lasted for several weeks.

Guards slapped practitioner Huang Yunzhang in the face dozens of times and beat and shocked practitioner Hao Huaimin

While imprisoned in the forced labor camp, practitioner Huang Yunzhang condemned the crimes of the guards in violently attempting to force practitioners to give up their practice of Falun Dafa. Huang Yunzhang also expressed his determination in practicing Falun Gong. On October 7, 2005, guard Yao Jianming forced Huang to remain standing over night. The following day, guard Li Haiming took Huang Yunzhang to the brigade office, beat him up, and slapped him on the face almost a hundred times. As a result, practitioner Huang's nose bled, leaving stains on his face and his clothes.

At the end of June 2005, practitioner Hao Huaimin was being interrogated by guard Zhang Wenshan, when guard Wang Zhiming grabbed Hao's collar and slapped him in the face a dozen times. Later Wang called in a few more thugs to help him to hold down practitioner Hao, while he shocked Hao's neck with an electric baton.

Guards publicly shocked practitioner Su Wenbin with an electric baton

In November 2004, practitioner Su Wenbin from Lingcheng County of Xingtai was taken to Handan Labor Camp and imprisoned there for the third time. As soon as Su arrived, guard Xing Yansheng started to shock him on the neck with an electric baton. Then he said to the other practitioners nearby, "Look! I can tell what you're thinking about from your facial expression. This will be your fate too if you have sympathy for him."

Persecution still going on

On September 12, October 11, November 20, and November 26, 2005, twenty-three practitioners imprisoned in the First Labor Camp of Hebei Province, Gaoyang Labor Camp, and Tangshan Labor Camps were all transferred to Handan Labor Camp. As usual, the guards abused them mentally and physically. On October 19, 2005, guards Wang Zhiming and Li Haiming brutally beat practitioner Li Liandong from Yangyuan County with a rubber baton. They knocked him down so hard that he was unable to get up; he lay on the floor until noon and had to be assisted by others to walk downstairs.

On October 24, 2005, after getting drunk, guard Gao Jinli, while wearing leather boots, kicked practitioner Wang Zhong from Kuancheng County and struck him on the face, causing severe injuries. On December 2, guard Xing Yansheng shocked practitioner Fan Lianbing again with an electric baton and slapped him in the face a dozen times.

Those responsible for the persecution at Handan Labor Camp:

Director of the labor camp, Zhang Xiuping

Political Commissar, Cheng Yin

Associate Director, Wei Yongsheng

"Special Education" Brigade: 86-310-4010192

Head of the Brigade: 86-13831006184(Cell), 86-310-8128662(Home)

Political Instructor, Wang Zhiming

Guards, Xing Yansheng, Li Haiming, Gao Fei, Gao Jinli, Liu Chaobo, Zuo Tao and Zhang Wenshan