(Clearwisdom.net) In the past six years, Zhoukou City Police Department and Shabei Police Department employees in Henan Province, headed by Li Yuzheng and Huang Jinqi, have illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Siying six times. They have constantly persecuted and abused Dafa practitioners. The scars on Zhang Siying's body are testament to these atrocities.

After enduring long-term harassment from Chinese Communist Party officials, Zhang Siying's wife could not tolerate it any longer and requested a divorce from her husband. She has since remarried. Practitioner Zhang's son feared the police, and as a result refused to acknowledge his father and stayed away from him. Mr. Zhang's relatives and friends feared extortion from the police and stopped visiting him. Zhang Siying had no choice but to live with his mother, who is in her 80s. His mother developed high blood pressure and heart disease brought on by long-term harassment and intimidation from the police and is often hospitalized. The persecution has made their life extremely difficult. The following are some of the details about the persecution of Zhang Siying.

Zhang Siying is 48 years old. He was laid off from his job at the Chuanhui District Valve Factory in Zhoukou City. He served in the military in his early days. Over time Mr. Zhang developed many illnesses. The Communist Party ignored his condition, refused to pay for his medical treatment, and constantly demanded membership fees from him. Just as he was at the brink of death, Falun Dafa saved him and enabled him to improve his health and his xinxing. Falun Dafa practice miraculously cured Mr. Zhang of more than 20 illnesses, and he became determined to always conduct himself according to Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, the principles of Falun Dafa.

Out of envy, former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin started the persecution of Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Li Yuzheng, Wang Junfu, Han Yong and their accomplices at the Shabei Police Department in Zhoukou City closely followed the orders of Jiang in the persecution of Falun Gong.

On October 25, 1999, Liu Yundong and Chen Jianguo (nicknamed Chen Dadu) from the Shabei Police Department, illegally arrested Zhang Siying and held him at the Zhoukou Detention Center for three months. The police extorted more than 16,000 yuan from Mr. Zhang. On September 25, 2000, Huang Jinqi, Li Deren and Liu Yundong took Zhang Siying to the Politics and Security Division. They tied him up and savagely beat him until he lost control of his bladder and his arms were permanently disabled. Huang Jinqi and Li Deren held him at the Zhoukou Detention Center, where they ordered the inmates to torture him until three of his right ribs were fractured.

In late October 2003, Zhang Siying was released from the detention center after three years of cruel persecution. In December 2003, Wang Tianyi, a 610 Office agent, and Li Peimin, an official from the Commerce Committee, arrested Mr. Zhang and took him to a mental hospital, where they injected him with nerve-damaging drugs that caused him to have mental problems. He could then no longer care of himself.

Certain perpetrators from the Shabei Police Department never stopped persecuting Zhang Siying. Around 6:00 a.m. on November 26, 2005, Wang Junfu, Han Yong, He Chenggong and others from the Shabei Political and Judiciary Committee in Zhoukou City broke into Zhang Siying's residence while he was away on business. They ransacked his home and took his clothes, a cotton sleeping mat and his receipt from being laid off from work. They also arrested his sister-in-law. Around 11 a.m., Li Yuzheng, He Chenggong and other government agents surrounded Mr. Zhang and stole everything from his tricycle. They arrested Zhang Siying and sent him to the Zhoukou Detention Center.

Zhang Siying firmly refused to cooperate with his captors and went on a hunger strike in protest. On November 29, guards Song Wanxiang and Yu Fashun at the detention center ordered inmates to force-feed Zhang Siying. They put him in handcuffs and shackles and injured his trachea in the brutal force-feeding. Zhang Siying shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is great!" "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance is great," which frightened the guards. Mr. Zhang firmly refused to wear the prison uniform, recite the detention center rules, sign any documents or be fingerprinted. He was held at the detention center for over a month.

On December 26, 2005, Wang Yong, a guard who used to work at the Shabei Police Department, and guard Xu, who is in charge of roll-call, told Zhang Siying to give his fingerprints. Zhang Siying refused to cooperate. The guards twisted and injured his arms. Around 7:00 a.m. on December 27, detention center guards and employees from the Shabei Police Department schemed and conspired together. The guards then told Zhang Siying that he could go home. After he stepped out of the detention center, police officers Han Yong, He Chenggong and Wang Junfu arrested him and handcuffed him to the door of a police car. Then they drove him to the Luohe Forced Labor Camp.

At the Luohe Labor Camp, police officers Wang Junfu, He Chenggong, Li Yuzheng and others concealed the fact that Zhang Siying was a Dafa practitioner and that he was in poor health as a result of abuse in detention. They tried to deceive the labor camp into accepting him. Zhang Siying clarified the truth to the labor camp authorities who sympathized with him and firmly refused to admit him. Police officer Han Yong grew furious. He handcuffed Zhang Siying to the car and drove him to the Xuchang Forced Labor Camp, also called the No. 3 Forced Labor Camp of Henan Province. At the camp, Zhang Siying refused to cooperate with the culprits. The police officers lied to the labor camp authorities by telling them that Zhang Siying was a drug dealer, and pushed him inside the labor camp. Zhang Siying's physical condition did not qualify him to stay there, and he was not admitted.

A few days before October 1, 2005, agents from the Zhoukou City Political and Judiciary Committee and from the Zhoukou City 610 Office in Henan Province issued documents ordering the "quick investigation," "quick trial" and "quick sentencing" of Dafa practitioners. After this, the National Security Division dispatched large groups of special police to monitor, follow and secretly investigate Dafa practitioners while ignoring their work of monitoring real criminals. They also ransacked Dafa practitioners' homes and arrested practitioners from their homes.

Luyi County, Zhoukou City is Lao Zi's (the author of the Taoist religion's traditional text, the Tao Te Jing) legendary hometown. Huaiyang County is the hometown of Emperor Xi, and Xihua County is where, according to legend, Nu Wa created mankind. Zhoukou City should be a civilized place where people are polite and kind. This should not be a site for persecution against good and innocent cultivators. A famous Chinese book of maxims for cultivating moral virtues states, "Retribution for good and evil is like the shadow following the body. It can fall on the person himself or on his posterity." This means that persecutors of Dafa will inevitably receive punishment from the heavens.

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