(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhao Limei, a teacher at the Lixian County Community College in Hebei, had her health and family harmony restored through practicing Falun Gong. However, over the past six years, officers from the Lixian County 610 Office, and from the Police Department, as well as people from the Education Committee, and the Lixian County Community College constantly harassed Ms. Zhao because of her beliefs. Some of these people even set up camp in her residence for approximately ten days. Zhu Guoyu, Secretary of Discipline for the Department of Education, intensified his harassment and threats against Ms. Zhao and her husband after his attempts at sexual harassment failed. Under the prolonged coercion and threats from members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Ms. Zhao's husband has been beating and cursing his wife for the past year and has also demanded a divorce.

I. After Ms. Zhao Limei started to practice Falun Gong, her health was restored and her family lived in harmony

Before Ms. Zhao Limei started practicing Falun Gong, she had many health problems. She suffered from headaches, poor memory, insomnia, and tinnitus for over 20 years. She also had heart disease, which had caused her to faint several times. In addition, she had Hepatitis B, spondylosis of the neck, galactophore proliferation, chronic pharyngitis, and gynecologic disorders. She had five or six walnut-sized tumors in her lower abdomen, and discharge of pus in her intestinal tract. Oftentimes, she could not relieve herself for eight days in a row. Her suffering was indescribable. Ms. Zhao thus felt very depressed. Sometimes, she lost her temper without reason. After Ms. Zhao started to practice Falun Dafa, she followed the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and all her diseases disappeared without any medical treatment. Moreover, she became carefree and optimistic. She became a completely different person.

By practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Zhao not only saved 4,000-5,000 yuan in medical expenses every year; she also got along very well with her husband and mother-in-law. Her husband Liu Pu had dreamed of a harmonious marriage and he finally saw his dreams come true. Therefore, he was very supportive of his wife's practice. Even after "April 25", 1999, when the CCP started planning to systematically persecute Falun Gong, Liu Pu often urged his wife to go to the site for group exercise practice. Ms. Zhao asked him, "What if I am arrested for going to group practice?" He replied, "I will still support you in your practice." He really cherished the benefits brought to his family from his wife practicing Falun Gong.

II. Being Persecuted for Appealing for Falun Dafa and Clarifying the Truth

After the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, Zhao Limei went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong and to testify about the benefits of the practice. For this she was arrested and taken to the Lixian County Office in Beijing. At the Lixian County Office, she and eight practitioners each had to pay 900 yuan for a single meal. Another practitioner was made to pay 200 yuan for instant noodles. Later, Ms. Zhao was detained in the Lixian County Detention Center for over a month. She was interrogated numerous times and was tortured during the interrogation. She suffered tremendously both physically and mentally. Some Dafa practitioners were ruthlessly beaten, sworn at, and made to kneel. Some were stripped nearly naked and then forced to lie face down on the cold cement floor. In the end, each practitioner was forced to pay a 10,000-yuan fine to the personnel of the Lixian County 610 Office, and 3,000 yuan to the Lixian County Office in Beijing. Their family members used all of their family connections and gave the police officers gifts to gain the practitioner's release. Moreover, the Lixian County Detention Center confiscated several dozen yuan from Ms. Zhao. Her family alone spent tens of thousands to pay the officers for her release. Most of the money was taken by Chen Yonghua, the former Deputy Secretary of the CCP Committee of Lixian County, Zhu Guoyu, the Secretary of Discipline for the Department of Education, Chen Guixing, Section Head of the Politics and Security Section of the Lixian County Police Department, and Zhang Chunliang and Niu Haifeng from the Lixian County 610 Office.

After Ms. Zhao returned home, Zhu Guoyu, the Secretary of Discipline for the Department of Education, used all means to make trouble for her. Ms. Zhao was forbidden to return to work. Only after her husband presented Zhu Guoyu with a crate of wine and two cartons of cigarettes, was she allowed to return to her job. However, Ms. Zhao was continuously harassed at work. In 2002, Zhang Yongchun, Principal of Lixian County Community College, tried to force her to read materials that defamed Master Li and Dafa; Ms. Zhao refused. Zhang Yongchun threatened her, saying, "If you don't read these things, officers from the 610 Office will immediately arrest you." Zhang Yongchun also phoned Ms. Zhao's husband, and demanded that he take Zhang, other leaders of the college, and the 610 Office staff to dinner. Ms. Zhao's husband agreed just to avoid trouble. Zhu Guoyu also went to the college to check Ms. Zhao's handwriting and often checked to see whether there were Falun Gong postings (of truth clarification materials) around the campus. He was looking for reasons to further persecute her.

III. Zhu Guoyu Intensified the Persecution of Ms. Zhao after His Attempt to Sexually Harass Her Failed

Late in the evening on January 18, 2001, Zhu Guoyu got drunk and broke into Ms. Zhao's residence. Realizing that he had wicked intentions, she tried to drive him away. He tried to assault her sexually and even pushed her into the kitchen. Ms. Zhao sternly berated him and made him leave her house.

The next day, Zhu Guoyu made the college principal, Zhang Yongchun, collect 1,000 yuan from Ms. Zhao as a guarantee that she would not go to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. Ms. Zhao went to Zhu Guoyu's home to ask why he incited Zhang to extort money from her. Zhu answered, "All other practitioners in the education circle paid the money. If you don't believe me, I'll show you the receipts."

Zhu felt guilty for his hooligan behavior the day before. When Ms. Zhao went to his home, he apologized to her saying, "I was drunk yesterday." Ms. Zhao didn't want others to know about this matter and she left without blaming him.

However, Zhu misinterpreted this kindness and thought that Ms. Zhao was a person who could be easily bullied, so he became even more relentless in his persecutory tactics. In order to extort more money from Ms. Zhao's family, in May 2001, Zhu dispatched Huo Rongxu, a staff member of the Department of Education, to the Lixian County Community College to take Ms. Zhao to a brainwashing center. The director of the Department of Education disagreed with Zhu. He told Zhu and others, "Let Ms. Zhao come to the Department of Education. I will talk to her." However, Zhu insisted on taking Ms. Zhao with him to the brainwashing center. The personnel then went to Ms. Zhao's home to threaten her. She said to them, "I practice Falun Gong to cultivate Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance to become a good person and to follow a righteous path. In what way do you want to "reform" me?" Zhang Yongchun replied, "If you refuse to go to the brainwashing center, we will call the police." She eventually left home and became homeless in order to avoid the constant threats and harassment. Li Hailiang, Administrative Director of the College (present principal of the college), got on his bike to chase her; however, the bicycle chain broke after a short while. Zhang Yongchun searched the homes of all Ms. Zhao's relatives and threatened them. As soon as Ms. Zhao returned home, Zhu Guoyu said to her, "Once the officers from the 610 Office and the police department come, if you state that you will continue to practice Falun Gong, you will be arrested - but don't blame us." Actually, Zhu wanted to have the 610 Office and police department arrest her. His plan didn't succeed because a conscientious person at the scene tried his best to prevent Zhu from carrying it out.

IV. Illegally Living in Zhao Limei's Home

Later on, Zhu made Zhang Yongchun, Li Hailiang, and Zhao Lanrong, staff from the college, live in Ms. Zhao's home for over ten days. Ms. Zhao's whole family felt like they were in prison. They completely lost their personal freedom. Zhang Yongchun and others locked the front gate day and night and took all the keys from her family. They only opened the gate to let Ms. Zhao's husband bring their child home from school. They would then lock the gate again and opened it only to let the child go to school. It was quite a psychological torment for the whole family. The persecutors ate and slept in Ms. Zhao's tiny home day and night. Ms. Zhao's husband could not sleep at all, but he didn't dare say a word. They also forbade him from going to work, thus delaying a half-million-yuan construction project. This resulted in a tremendous financial loss for the family.

Zhu Guoyu forced Ms. Zhao's husband to attend a meeting at the Department of Education and put pressure on him. He threatened that if Ms. Zhao refused to be "reformed," she would be exiled to the desert. With no other way out, Ms. Zhao jumped from the utility room of her residence and escaped.

Under such pressure, Ms. Zhao's husband became ill and stayed in bed, and had to depend on transfusions to sustain his life. Even so, Zhang Yongchun and Li Hailiang often went to Ms. Zhao's home to harass her family, and coerce her husband to look for her.

Later, after Zhao Limei returned home, Zhu Guoyu directed people from the Department of Education and the community college to break into Ms. Zhao's residence and take her to the Bailizhuang Brainwashing Center, where she was tortured both physically and mentally. She became seriously ill and was sent to the Lixian County Hospital emergency room. Zhu Guoyu, however, claimed, "She is pretending that she is dying. Even if she dies, someone else will take the blame."

Even when Ms. Zhao was twitching all over, Zhu Guoyu refused to release her. Her husband was outraged. He said, "You claim that she is a danger to society. Now she is a patient lying in bed. How can she be a danger to society? If you don't release her now, I will hold you personally responsible." Ms. Zhao's relatives also told Zhang Yongchun, "Zhao Limei is well-known for being a kind-hearted person. You tortured a good person to such an extent for no reason. We will hold you liable for all the consequences if something happens to her."

Under the intense denunciation, Zhu Guoyu and Zhang Yongchun agreed to let Ms. Zhao go home. However, Zhu forced Ms. Zhao's husband to pay a 5,000-yuan fine and to agree that the release would cost him his job.

After Ms. Zhao returned home, Zhu Guoyu and others continued to threaten her to get her to write a repentance statement. One day, Zhu went to Ms. Zhao's home and threatened her, "You must curse others in front of more than three people on the street as evidence of having been "reformed"." Just then, Zhao Limei's husband happened to come back home. He had to bribe Zhu with another carton of cigarettes. Zhu accepted the cigarettes and left. (Zhu and Ms. Zhao lived on the same lane.)

A few days later, they forced Ms. Zhao's husband to sign a repentance statement on his wife's behalf and forced him to buy them dinner. Vice-Principal Zhao Lanrong didn't want to join them for dinner, but forced Ms. Zhao's husband to treat her and her family to dinner on another occasion.

Actually, Zhao Lanrong was previously the accountant at the college. Zhao Limei had noticed that Zhao Lanrong had recorded incorrect amounts of income for her class on two occasions. One amount was over 1,000 yuan more than the actual amount; the other was an 800+ yuan discrepancy. Ms. Zhao pointed out the error to Zhao Lanrong so that she would not suffer any loss. Despite this, according to staff in the police department and Department of Education, Zhao Lanrong collaborated with the police department to monitor and persecute Ms. Zhao. When the police officers went to the college to investigate Ms. Zhao's case, Zhao Lanrong didn't tell them how Ms. Zhao had helped her correct the accounting mistakes; on the contrary, she made up rumors to report to the police and helped the police persecute her. She also spread a lot of rumors among Ms. Zhao's friends and relatives. After Zhao Lanrong learned that Zhu Guoyu attempted to assault Ms. Zhao sexually, she did not investigate the case at all. Moreover, she further spread rumors among Ms. Zhao's neighbors and acquaintances, saying, "Zhao Limei made this up to avoid persecution." These rumors hurt Ms. Zhao greatly and caused serious family discord.

Because Ms. Zhao Limei was Zhu Guoyu's main target, she told Zhu's wife that Zhu once attempted to sexually assault her and asked Zhu's wife to persuade her husband to behave in an upright manner and become a good person. Zhu's wife apologized to Ms. Zhao. However, Zhu Guoyu then held a grudge against her. He repeatedly kept track of her and reported her to the police, attempting to use the police to persecute her. A few days before October 1, 2002, police officer Li Guanghui led a group of people to break into Ms. Zhao's home and ransacked the place. Ms. Zhao's husband hurried home when he heard what was happening. When he tried to call his friends, the police grabbed his cell phone. The police found several Dafa books and made a record of it, asking Ms. Zhao to sign her name on the written record. She refused. They then took Ms. Zhao to the Lixian County Police Department. She demanded to see a search warrant. The police denied her request. Ms. Zhao said, "You are not law enforcers. On the contrary, you are violating the rule of law. I will sue you." Under such tremendous pressure, Ms. Zhao started to show signs of illness. The police, out of fear that they might be held responsible if anything happened to her, released her. One officer explained that it was because Zhu Guoyu reported to the police that Ms. Zhao had Dafa books at home that the police were justified in ransacking her home.

Zhu Guoyu continued to follow and keep track of Ms. Zhao. One evening, Ms. Zhao went to her parent's home and then went to see another relative. That same evening, Zhu Guoyu reported to the Chengguan Police Station that Ms. Zhao was conspiring with other people. Due to Zhu's repeated reports to the police, Chen Guixing and others from the police department followed Ms. Zhao and investigated her for four months in 2003 during the outbreak of SARS. Plain-clothes police followed her everywhere. In addition, Chen Guixing personally went to the Department of Education and the community college to investigate her and also dispatched other police officers to go to these places to investigate Ms. Zhao's case. This brought immeasurable physical and mental torment to Ms. Zhao and her family.

V. Zhao's husband became irrational under the persecution, often beating and cursing his wife

Zhu Guoyu also caused leaders of the community college to pressure and harass Ms. Zhao and her husband during holidays and "sensitive days." Ms. Zhao's husband Liu Pu felt tremendous pressure. As soon as he saw that an incoming phone number on his cell phone was from the community college, his heartbeat accelerated and his voice became different. Leaders of the community college harassed Ms. Zhao's husband even more frequently than they pressured her, and forced him to monitor his wife. Ms. Zhao Limei often said to the leaders of the college, "Please do not pressure my husband anymore. You can talk to me directly. He cannot bear it." However, the leaders of the college continued to phone and pressure him. Zhang Yongchun, Zhao Lanrong, and Li Hailiang were among those who made phone calls to him most frequently.

In October 2004, Li Hailiang, the principal of the community college learned that Ms. Zhao's husband intended to divorce her. He called Liu Pu just to aggravate the family situation. On the next day, Li Hailiang, Zhao Lanrong, and Wang Lijun (General Director of Administration of the community college) went to Ms. Zhao's home to harass her. She was on vacation at the time. They threatened that they would have five people monitor her all the time. She told them, "Doing good deeds is met with good rewards; being evil is met with retribution. If you treat Dafa and Dafa practitioners with a benevolent mind, you will be blessed by heaven!"

During six years of persecution, and living under constant harassment and threats, Zhao Limei's husband felt it was beyond his endurance. He now lives in great fear, and is not able to resist the persecution. He often attempts to coerce his wife to give up cultivation and he often beats and curses her. Before the old wounds on her body have healed, Ms. Zhao has new wounds as a result of her husband's beatings. On one occasion, her husband slapped her face so hard that she felt dizzy and her ears were ringing. It took her a long time to recover. On another occasion, Liu Pu continually punched her chest with his fists when he was drunk. It hurt so much that she could not turn over or cough without pain for over a month.

In the second half of 2004, Liu Pu proposed to divorce Ms. Zhao. Since then, he has been drinking alcohol almost every day. After he becomes drunk, he beats and curses his wife and demands a divorce. He has become completely irrational because of the persecution. One day, he said to his wife, "You are so nice to me. If I were to marry anyone else, she would not take as good care of me as you do. No other person would treat me as nicely as you. However, because you practice Falun Gong, I want to divorce you. If you refuse, I will beat you every day. Do you plan to live like this for the rest of your life?"

Although her husband has lost rationality, Ms. Zhao does not want to divorce him despite the fierce beatings and cursing. She hopes her husband and child can be a good family.

In the summer of 2004, Liu Pu's grandmother became ill. She was paralyzed and bed-ridden. Ms. Zhao single-handedly took care of her in the evenings, and cleaned the bedpan for her. During the day, Liu Pu's parents-in-law took care of the elderly woman. Ms. Zhao took care of the grandmother and had no chance to sleep for many days in a row until a full-time caregiver was hired. In the early morning, she cleaned the room for her in-laws; then she hurried home to prepare breakfast for her child. However, her husband would not talk to her. The only improvement was that he didn't curse her while she was taking care of his grandmother. No matter how Ms. Zhao tried to be a good person, her husband simply would not acknowledge her. After the caregiver came, Ms. Zhao no longer needed to take care of the grandmother, and her husband resumed beating and cursing her.

In the past year, in order to let the child have a good family, Ms. Zhao refused to divorce her muddle-headed husband and endured a lot. Because her husband constantly pressures her, beats and curses her, and Zhu Guoyu, Zhang Yongchun, and others persecute her, Zhao Limei has suffered tremendously for years. At present, Ms. Zhao is depressed and is always mentally distracted.

Perpetrators responsible for the persecution of Ms. Zhao Limei:

Zhu Guoyu, Secretary of Discipline for the Department of Education: 86-312-6213058 (Home) 86-312-6233093 (Office), and 86-13703280929 (Cell)
Niu Haifeng, former deputy director of the Lixian County 610 Office: 86-312-6216229 (Home)
Zhang Chunliang, former director of the Lixian County 610 Office: 86-312-6210160 (Home)
Chen Guixing, Section Head of the Politics and Security Section of Lixian County Police Department: 86-312-6218112 (Office) and 86-312-6213508 (Home)
Li Guanghui, former Vice-Section Head of the Politics and Security Section of the Lixian County Police Department, the present head of the 110 brigade: 86-312-6235166
Zhang Yongchun, Principal of the Lixian County Community College (retired): 86-312-6237999
Li Hailiang, Present Principal of the Lixian County Community College: 86-312-6217070 (Office), 86-312-6235090, and 86-13315261296 (Cell)
Zhao Lanrong, Deputy Principal of Lixian County Community College: 86-312-6217070 (Office), 86-312-6211816 (Home), and 86-13931349998 (Cell)
Huo Rongxu, former Office Director of the Department of Education, deputy director of the Lixian County Farm Machinery Department: 86-312-6218075 (Home), 86-13833063518 (Cell), 86-312-6228912 (Office), and 86-312-6226629 (Office)
The Monitor Section for Farming Machinery: 86-312-6211690
Note: Liu Pu, Zhao Limei's husband, is the present manager of the Lixian County Farm Machinery Corporation. Huo Rongxu is his supervisor. Liu Pu's phone number: 86-13383125111 (Cell)
Liu Pu's sister, Liu Yanwei, Deputy Director of Admissions for the Lixian County Department of Education: 86-312-6211446 (Home), and 86-312-6211743 (Office)
Li Yongzhi, Director of the Department of Education: 86-312-6219006 (Office), and 86-13503221127 (Cell)
Wang Lijun, General Director of Administration of the Lixian County Community College: 86-312-6223756, and 86-13184909090 (Cell)
Zhang Wanju: Director of Administration of the Lixian County Community College: 86-312-6217070 (Office), and 86-13831273596 (Cell)