Genuine Belief in Falun Dafa Brings Eternal Happiness and Well-being

I am 79 years old. Due to a stroke, I lay in bed for three years. I could hardly manage three meals a day. I started reciting, "Falun Dafa is good," and benefited greatly from it. After that, I could walk and even climb up mountains. However, I mistakenly thought that it was the result of taking medicine. Consequently, the illness relapsed after a short time and I was bedridden again. Each year I had to stay in hospital two to three times. Since my health was deteriorating and my spirit was down, I became very depressed about life.

I finally woke up after several relapses. On the night of November 7, 2004, I developed in my heart a completely new understanding about Falun Dafa and understood that it is the true Law that transforms the human heart and saves sentient beings. Straight away things began to change. My severe insomnia stopped bothering me that night and I slept soundly until 5:30 the next morning.

Later on, I began to read the Fa and to do the exercises. A year has passed since that time. My health has recovered gradually, I am always in high spirits, happy and optimistic, and I get up early every morning to clean and tidy my environment. It makes other people feel more comfortable as well.

My understanding is that one has to be genuine in learning Falun Dafa and can't be of two minds. I feel great since my xinxing has improved and my body has been cleared of illness due to learning Falun Dafa.

It is truly a wonderful thing! So please don't miss this precious opportunity.

Tricycle Returns by Itself

There is a couple in Beijing who are Falun Dafa practitioners. Usually the husband, who is over 90 years old, rides a tricycle which carries both him and his more than 80-year-old wife. Whenever they have the opportunity, they always clarify the truth to people whether they are neighbors, community leaders, or police officers.

On November 29, 2005, the elderly couple went out riding the tricycle to deliver some materials to their former neighbors. At noon they planned to have some soup in a small restaurant on the street. There is a five-meter slope in front of the restaurant and at the bottom of the slope is a busy road.

The elderly man suddenly fell down on the ground and landed on his back. The out-of-control tricycle, still carrying his wife, rushed on down the hill. Just as the tricycle was about to reach the busy road, something magical happened: it suddenly stopped. Then the tricycle made a circle and turned back up along the slope. Without any external force it returned to the place where the man was still lying. Quickly, he grabbed hold of the tricycle to stand up. He was uninjured, as if nothing had happened.

The old man told those who were concerned about him that it was Falun Dafa protecting them and a demonstration of Dafa's divine power.