(Clearwisdom.net) In September 2005, police officers from the Yishui County Police Department and the 610 Office tried to arrest Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yan Wencheng, but their attempt failed. They retaliated and arrested Mr. Yan's daughter and nephews instead. They tortured Mr. Yan's 17-year-old daughter and illegally sentenced her to one year of forced labor for refusing to reveal her father's whereabouts. Mr. Yan's wife left home to avoid persecution. Her current whereabouts are unknown. His youngest son was forced to quit school, and his life is very difficult.

On September 4, 2005, Sun Jianqin, secretary of the Yishui County Political and Judiciary Committee led more than 20 officers from the Yishui County 610 Office, the Yishui County Police Department, the National Security Group, the Chengjiao Police Department and the Yishui Town Comprehensive Administration Committee to arrest Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yan Wencheng. They went to Wujiawa Village and tried to arrest him. The perpetrators climbed over the wall into his yard. They pried the lock with a metal bar and barged into the home. They went through everything and confiscated a computer, a printer and a recorder. They also took a VCD player and 30,000 yuan in cash. Mr. Yan's family shouted, "Burglars! Burglars!" The neighbors condemned the police. Mr. Yan was able to leave his home safely without being arrested.

Li Jianping and others from the National Security Division could not find him. On September 16, they searched the homes of Mr. Yan's brother and his daughter's mother-in-law. They arrested both of his daughters and demanded that they disclose their father's whereabouts. They also took Mr. Yan's nephews in an attempt to intimidate Mr. Yan into cooperating with them. They claimed, "We'll either get him in person or get his body!"

Mr. Yan's older daughter who was breastfeeding and his younger nephew were released "awaiting further interrogation." His older nephew was held for 30 days. The police said they would not release him until they arrested Mr. Yan. Mr. Yan's younger daughter is 17 years old. She was tortured but refused to say anything. She was sent to Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp for one year.

Mr. Yan's wife was threatened with arrest, so she left home and her current whereabouts are unknown. Mr. Yan's young son was forced to quit school. He has no source of income.

Below is a letter that Mr. Yan wrote to his compatriots at Wujiawa Village. He clarified the truth and condemns the police.

A public letter by Mr. Yan Wencheng to his compatriots at Wujiawa Village

Dear Fellow Villagers:

Greetings! I am Yan Wencheng. I love Wujiawa Village, and all the more I love my fellow villagers whom I have known all my life. I really hope all of you are healthy, have a happy family and a bright future. Please listen to my heartfelt words.

My Teacher tells me to be a person who is completely altruistic

All of you know what kind of person I was before. After I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998, however, I learned how to be a good person, and I started to think of others. For instance, I hired a forklift to remove the mud from the Front Street and laid down sand instead. Teachers from Wubaochuan said they were going to praise me. I said, "That's not necessary, because Dafa practitioners don't pursue reputation." Zhang Yongxiang broke his leg and couldn't afford medical treatment, and I paid his 4,060 yuan hospital bill for him. When my son-in-law withdrew money, the bank mistakenly recorded the outgoing 1,800 yuan by writing it as a deposit of 1,800 yuan. I asked him to return the money, and people at the credit union were very grateful. I always helped those in need. If I see a rock lying on the road, I will stop my car and remove it. I never expected people to return my help, because my Teacher tells us to be a completely good person.

I received blessings

After I started practicing Falun Dafa, I received blessings. All of my strange illnesses disappeared without a trace, and my whole family has never taken a single pill in the past seven years. I feel healthy and comfortable, my family is happy, and my business is doing well. How can I not persist in practicing Dafa?

On March 22, 1998, my wife and I went to get a batch of merchandise. A woman riding a bicycle suddenly appeared in front of my car. To avoid hitting her, I pulled my car over but accidentally fell into a ditch about 6 feet deep. My wife and I didn't have a scratch, and neither did my car.

The locals told me that a woman on a bike died there six years ago on March 24, after which many accidents took place. Usually men get injured and women die. They said we must have done some extraordinarily good things in our previous life, which is what allowed my wife and me to survive unscathed. We knew that Teacher gave us a second life because we practice Dafa.

All of what I do is to clarify the truth

Dafa teaches people to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, to speak true words, do honest things and act with integrity, to be compassionate and forgive others' faults. Dafa has brought countless benefits to our country and our people, and has not done an ounce of harm. Why is Dafa persecuted so?

The Communist Party has exhausted its means to destroy traditional Chinese culture, conscience and upright beliefs in order to maintain its evil-cult rule. The wicked Party has a philosophy of struggle. Its struggles against heaven have resulted in natural and manmade disasters, its struggles against the earth have resulted in destruction of the environment, its struggles against people have resulted in twisted mentalities. Lies, violence and brutality are the soul of the Party, and naturally the spread of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance has restrained the spread of lies, violence and brutality. For more details, please read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

The evil has never been able to suppress the righteous. Have you heard about the outcome of the persecution of Christians by Roman Emperor Nero? Three plagues swept through the empire and left countless people dead, which contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Jiang Zemin is similar to Nero, and plague is right in front of us. Avian flu has broken out in Xujiahu, Beizhangzhuang and Gaozhuang. What will you choose?

In order to help you and your family stay safe and receive a bright future, I'm risking persecution by clarifying the truth, because I want you to know and be saved.

Maybe some people cannot accept the truth or are offended by it, which is why someone provided so-called evidence against me to the police. In fact, I have never violated the law. The constitution states Chinese citizens have freedom of belief and freedom to appeal. Article 35 of the Constitution of China states, "Citizens of the People's Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration." Everything I did falls within the confines of the constitution, so how did I break any law?

Allowing someone to speak under unjust circumstances is a basic human right. I printed Dafa materials to help people learn the truth, to expose the lies and to rescue people. Should we only allow the wicked Party to spread lies and slander through its propaganda machine and not allow the suppressed people to speak the truth?


Below is my experience of the persecution.

During the past several years, I was held at the Fengjiazhuang Brainwashing Center for 36 days. I was also held at the Songfeng Administration District, the Wujiawa Town Government and the Wujiawa Village Party Office for a total of 13 days. Li Hongwei took 600 yuan from me, and the police extorted a total of 33,208 yuan from me.

At 8:30 a.m. on September 3, 2005, village security head Wang Hongliang led four officials from the town Comprehensive Administration Office, including Hou Zhaogang, and came to my home. Hou Zhaogang tore a calendar with the words "Falun Dafa" on it from the wall. Then three officials made phone calls to other officials. Nearly 30 officials including Sun Jianqin, secretary of the Linyi City Political and Judiciary Committee, Chen, deputy head of the police department, Niu Yong from the Wujiawa Party Office, Li Jianping and Zhang Qiguo from the National Security Division and Wang Lei from the Chengjiao Police Department then arrived at my home in about eight cars and several motorcycles. They broke into my home, led by Wang Hongliang from Wujiawa.

This was a pre-meditated arrest. Dozens of officials were inside my home. I had no choice but to leave. They broke the lock with a metal bar and turned everything upside-down, both upstairs and downstairs. They took 30,000 yuan in cash, one computer, two videotape recorders, two boxes of A4 paper, and one batch of truth clarification materials.

As they failed to arrest me, they took my two daughters and two nephews to intimidate me. They also claimed that they would either get me in person or get my body. Only the Communist Party is capable of such extortion, abduction and intimidation.

My older daughter who was breastfeeding and my younger nephew were released. My older nephew was detained for thirty days and the police said they would not release him until my family handed me over to them. My brother became angry with my family for not surrendering me to the police. My younger daughter is 17 years-old. She refused to provide any information, even after being tortured. She was held for 45 days and then sent to the Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp to be held for one year.

These agents then tried to arrest my wife, who left home. Her current whereabouts are unknown. My younger son was forced to quit school and does not have any income. Our brick factory was forced to stop production, and our recycling center was forced to close. The Industry and Commerce Bureau and the Tax Bureau fined me illegally. The officials have left, and are traveling with the 30,000 yuan they stole from me.

My heartfelt words

My compatriots, Falun Dafa is spreading widely to offer people salvation. Dafa practitioners have validated with their blood, tears and lives that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa. The Dafa practitioners are doing what they should as people who follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They are being responsible to the world's people and are not participating in worldly politics. They are undoing the damage done to people around the world whose lives had been affected by the slander and lies of the Chinese Communist Party. They are clarifying the truth and rescuing the world's people.

The Falun Dafa Association published an announcement in October 2005, which states, "Heavens' destruction of the CCP is a historical inevitability. Gods must punish those criminals who have sinned against Falun Dafa. Those who refuse to do the right thing and instead continue to follow Jiang's scoundrel regime's persecution policies will be severely punished as perpetrators of unforgivable crimes." Awaken! Now! If you or your family have committed crimes against Dafa, you must stop immediately, start doing good, learn the truth and embrace a bright future!

Fellow villagers: please maintain a clear head and never assist the perpetrators under any circumstance. Never participate in the persecution of Falun Gong. Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa. Dafa practitioners have done no wrong by believing in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance! Treat Dafa and Dafa practitioners with kindness and you shall be blessed.

I sincerely wish all residents of Wujiawa Village a happy life.

Perpetrators in Yishui County responsible for the persecution:
Zhu Chengzeng, deputy secretary of the Yishui County Party Committee: 86-539-2266286 (Home), 86-13562900059 (Cell), 86-539-2227719 (Office)
Sun Jianqin, secretary of the Yishui County Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-539-2252659 (Home), 86-13573980006 (Cell)
Li Dong, head of the Yishui County 610 Office: 86-539-2260145 (Home), 86-13705398125 (Cell), 86-539-2251688 (Office)
Li Jianping, officer at the National Security Division of the police department: 86-539-2211576 (Home), 86-13905395948 (Cell)
Li Yuyou, officer at the National Security Division of the police department: 86-539-2205366 (Home), 86-13853926617 (Cell)
Zhang Qiguo, officer at the National Security Division of the police department: 86-539-2286748 (Home), 86-13969981896 (Cell)

Yishui Town
Liu Guimin, secretary of the Party Committee: 86-539-2255078 (Home), 86-13805499036 (Cell), 86-539-2212813 (Office)
Chen Hailong, head of the town: 86-539-2253776 (Home), 86-13805498968 (Cell), 86-539-2218674 (Office)

Wang Hongliang, perpetrator from Wujiawa Village
Wang Wenchun, perpetrator from Wujiawa Village