Teacher said,

"Clarifying the truth during the gigantic changes has already become the major way of saving all beings and the world's people, so in doing this, the wisdom that Dafa has given you and the enormous capability that the Fa has provided you with are manifesting." "...you have to clarify the truth rationally and in line with people's logic and ways of thinking. If you talk about it in a strange, otherworldly way, not at all based on people's logic and way of thinking, and not considering whether people can accept it or not, then you're doing harm and the result is opposite what was intended. Make sure you do it rationally and clearheadedly. When you clarify the truth to people you have to consider their level of acceptance. You'll be able to see and observe this, so you have to do well clarifying the truth. Don't just go to talk for the sake of formality. Whenever you talk to someone you need to have him understand." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference")

Teacher also said,

"When I mentioned people not being able to accept it if you talk at too high a level, I was referring to things in cultivation, because cultivation principles are the opposite of those of human beings. While people feel that living a life of comfort is a good thing, cultivators believe that, for the sake of improving themselves, the opposite is a good thing. Isn't that an example of a righteous principle existing alongside a reversed one?" ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005 (Q&A portion)")

To make the truth clear to people so that they are saved, we must use our wisdom and clearheadedly and rationally deal with this issue. We should make the sentient beings' salvation a priority.

Let's use my own experience as an example. My daughter is a very independent girl, and she has her own views toward things. She is in her teens and sometimes very rebellious. As a mother I've always hoped that my children could practice Dafa, rather than becoming more and more influenced by what goes on in society that I don't like.

Because of my attachment to qing, every time when I clarified the truth to her, the result wasn't good. For instance, she likes to listen to pop music. I am worried for her, so with an anxious tone I said, "Don't listen to that decadent music. It is not good for you. There is nothing worth learning from those singers. If you want to listen to music, listen to Dafa songs and music, which are truly good for you."

But she said, "Don't always think that you are above others. You don't like those songs, but I like them! Don't force your opinion on others." After several confrontations, I realized that I didn't put myself in her shoes. Instead, I wanted to impose my opinion on her. In doing so, she couldn't feel my compassion, only orders. How could she accept my words?

Teacher said,

"You know, I couldn't come here, to where humans are, in just one step; if the composition of someone's body is very microcosmic it affects everything in the universe. In other words, regardless of a being's level, if he enters a universe at a lower level that universe will be destroyed, because the more microcosmic the matter, the more energy it has, and the more its radiation. Although a God's energy has intelligence and is merciful, it will still change everything. So he has to reincarnate level by level, and only when he has a surface of that level of particles can he stay at that level. But think about it, everyone, this takes an extremely long time, then. So that's how I entered step by step." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

I feel that in order to save sentient beings, Teacher has endured a lot of hardships. He truly considers things from the perspective of the sentient beings to be saved. Do we consider things from their perspective as well, while clarifying the truth? If we are not rational, but speak of principles at a high level, then wouldn't we push the sentient beings down further? The principle of an ordinary person is the opposite of the principle of a cultivator. If we force higher-level principles onto an ordinary person, it will destroy them. Therefore, we must consider things from their perspectives and choose materials and facts that are suited to them. In doing so, the truth-clarification effort will have the best result.

So when I am with younger people, I think about things as their friend in the same age group. I talk about things that interest them, and I add Dafa's principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" into the conversation when appropriate. Little by little, my children's attitudes have changed. In the process, I have gained some understandings in clarifying the truth to sentient beings. I am trying to put myself into their shoes and look for the knots in their minds. I once talked about Dafa's beauty to a Christian colleague. At first, she was resistant and thought that Falun Gong was a religion, so she didn't want to know anything about it. Then, I mentioned that Christianity is also a righteous belief, and Christianity had been persecuted for several hundred years. Now Dafa is also being persecuted brutally. A Dafa practitioner only wants to follow the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and to be a good person. What is wrong with that? After hearing my words, she was moved. Although she doesn't practice Dafa, she supported Dafa and was against the persecution.

I've accumulated some experiences in clarifying the truth all these years, and the results have been good. Regardless of my target audience's religion, occupation, age group, and gender, I am able to find the best way to clarify the truth to them. As long as we remember the enormous responsibility of saving sentient beings, Dafa will continue to give us wisdom. Dafa practitioners have waited for hundreds of generations to cultivate Dafa. We took vows in prehistoric times, and we are the hope of sentient beings! Sentient beings have waited and waited in order to hear about Dafa and witness Dafa's beauty from us. This predestined opportunity is hard to come by. Once one misses it, it is gone forever.

Teacher tells us repeatedly to study the Fa often. Only when we study the Fa well, can we possess the righteous thoughts to save people. No matter how busy we are, we must find time to study the Fa. This is the foundation of validating the Fa. Fellow practitioners, let's strive forward diligently together, strengthen our righteous thoughts, and save as many sentient beings as possible.