(Clearwisdom.net) Many Chinese citizens have watched a special topic television show for "exposing and criticizing Falun Gong," with the title of "Let Go of Falun Gong, Read Science and Technology Books," on the Hebei TV Station and the CCTV Station, after July 20, 1999. The main characters of the show are Mr. Zhang Baosheng and his wife Mrs. Guan Shufen.

The true situation was unlike what the television show depicted, that they "were only paying attention to practicing Falun Gong, and neglected the mushrooms which did not grow at all." According to those who knew the real situation, the show was made around August 10, when the weather was at the peak of high temperature. Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Guan were growing a mushroom species that thrive in the middle and low temperatures. Usually the growth cycle of the mushroom is completed before the wheat harvest season, after growing five to six crops. At the time of making the television show in August, only the old mushroom stalks remained. In fact, Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Guan made a profit of about ten thousand yuan from growing the mushrooms that year.

The so-called statement, "the mushroom tent was growing weeds and the rooftop also collapsed" in the show was also flawed. Think about it, everyone, the hottest last three periods in the summer were exactly the best time for weeds to grow. Usually after harvesting the wheat and before replanting seeds into the field, the weeding process keeps farmers busy until the month of July. In fact, it is best to bury the old stalks of the mushrooms into the field that grows Chinese white cabbage to serve as fertilizer. However, because every day Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Guan were forced to attend the brainwashing class organized by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Committee of the village after July 20, 1999, they had no time at all to take care of the old mushroom stalks. Their tent was only used for growing mushrooms. After harvesting the mushrooms, the tent needed to be exposed to the sunlight for the purpose of sterilization. When the old mushroom stalks were not thrown away, of course the weeds would grow. As to the statement "the rooftop of the tent also collapsed," this was due to the fact that the rooftop was made of corn stalks, which need to be replaced every two years. They were to be replaced when the new corn stalks were harvested after September 20. The CCP media paid no attention to the truth of the facts before they made these statements on the television show, "Zhang Baosheng and his wife Guan Shufen left their mushroom tent unattended due to practicing Falun Gong and consequently they lost money." This is purely deceiving people with lies.