(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Song Yanqun, 34, has been persecuted in the Changchun City Heizuizi Female Prison (also called Jilin Province Female Prison) for two years. Now she weighs only around 60 lbs and her life is in danger. She was sent to the prison hospital for intravenous injection. At the same time, her health has been seriously affected and she suffers from a heart condition and liver problems. Ms. Song's parents requested the prison to release her on medical bail, but Gong Yunxia, director of the daily health division in the prison hospital, denied their request.

The prison and the prison hospital refuse to release Song and all want to evade responsibility for her condition. The prison guard claimed Song was physically ill because of the strong side effects of a pulmonary tuberculosis drug she was given in the prison hospital. Wu Zeyun, deputy warden, claimed that they tied Song up on the "dead man's bed" and tortured her, using the torture method "body stretching." They all worried that Song was going to die.

They tied Song's limbs to the four corners of a specially designed "Stretch Bed," and then removed the bed board, leaving one iron tube supporting her waist while the rest of her body hung in the air. She remained in this position around the clock and was threatened that unless she renounced Falun Gong, she would have to continue to suffer this torture. She was not released to urinate and defecate and no one was assigned to clean up and take care of her.

Ms. Song Yanqun was from Shulan City, Jilin Province. She was an English teacher at the Harbin City Dade Japanese Language School. On November 27, 2003, Guo Wei and a group of policemen from the Shulan City Public Safety Bureau arrested Song. After torturing and extorting a confession, they sentenced her to a 12-year prison term. Song was infected with pulmonary tuberculosis at Changchun Heizuizi Female Prison. There were five prisoners infected with the same disease in the prison hospital. The law clearly states that prison hospitals may not accept and treat patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. In May 2005, the prison tortured Song with the method "body stretching" and "five horses splitting the body." Because of such suffering her pulmonary tuberculosis worsened.

The Changchun Heizuizi Female Prison didn't disclose Ms. Song's condition to her family. They lied to her family in an effort to conceal the truth. During the two years of her imprisonment, the guards subjected her constantly to brainwashing and tortured her with the "body stretching" on the "dead man's bed". The prison guards wouldn't let her sleep many times, abused her physically, and beat and cursed her.

The prison staff, to brainwash Song, isolated her from others. There were four people watching her around the clock. They forced her non-stop to listen to and read all kinds of evil propaganda. They intended to numb her mind. At the same time the guards tortured her with the method "body stretching."

After Song was tortured with the "body stretching" method, her left leg lost all feeling and was cold. Her right arm and hand were in excruciating pain and trembled constantly. Her suffering was unimaginable. She couldn't write. Her brain was numb. Her rib cage hurt terribly and her right lung hurt even worse. Apparently, her pulmonary tuberculosis worsened from day to day. She weighed only 60 lbs by then. A guard in the brainwashing prison ward did not believe that Song's leg was really numb, so he poked it with a needle. She didn't respond to that.

Song's pulmonary tuberculosis worsened, so she was taken to the prison hospital. Within two short years, Song became paralyzed. Gong Yunxia, who was in charge of the prison hospital said, "We can't predict the outcome of the treatment of her condition, and I can't promise any positive results. We just finished a medical checkup and the results are not known yet." Again, they tried to cover the truth. Song had been to the prison hospital twice and the hospital knew about her condition very well. Gong claimed that the hospital couldn't comment on her condition, because the hospital couldn't explain and admit to Song's family that she was seriously ill because of the persecution. Although Song was critically ill and had to stay in the prison hospital, the guards continued to brainwash and torture her mentally.

The guilty parties in the Changchun Heizuizi Female Hospital, responsible for Ms. Song Yanqun persecution were: Wu Zeyun (deputy manager in charge of reform), Li Jian (deputy director of the prison political division), Zhou Yuan (head of the coerce/brainwash section), Li Yuan (head of the education prison ward), Cao Hong, Wei Lihui, Wu Chunling (education team), Hao Ganshi, Han Hong, and Gong Yunxia (director of the daily health division). Staff that persecuted other Dafa practitioners include, Li Haiyan, Hu Xiumei, Yu Xiuyan, Guo Dongmei, Jin Shunhua, Lv Guichun, Jiang Lihua, and Zuo Renmei.

At least seven practitioners died in the Changchun Heizuizi Female Prison because of the persecution. They are Ms. Yu Lixin from Jilin city, Ms. Deng Shiying, Ms. Wang Xiuyun from Huadian city, Ms. Yang Guiqin from Liaoyuan city, Ms. Yang Guijun, Ms. Han Cuiai from Siping city, Ms. Jiang Chunxian from Dehui city. Because the prison blocks any information from becoming known to the outside, the crimes listed above are only the tip of the iceberg of how hundreds of practitioners suffered brutal persecution at the prison.

We call on to people worldwide who hold justice in their heart to help practitioners in the prison with your righteous thoughts and please expose these despicable acts by the prison staff to the world.

Please dial country code + area code + phone number. Country code: 86, area code: 431
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