The Brilliant Light in the Divine Land

( Following fabulous performances that won cheers from the audience in Boston and Taipei, the NTDTV Chinese New Year Global Gala was presented in New York at Radio City Music Hall. Radio City Music Hall is world renowned, and known locally as "the brightest pearl on top of the imperial crown of Rockefeller Center." The theme of the gala was "Myths and Legends." Three performances were given on January 20 and 21. The shows were spectacular.

New York Symphony Orchestra performance
European Choir

Nine swords eliminate the evil dragon

Hua Mulan





Vocal Solos

China - the remote and mysterious East is the homeland of the divine in the legend. People in this Divine Land have regarded her as the center of the world from days of old. China has a long history, the culture she has bred is long-standing, broad and profound. The 2006 Chinese New Year Global Gala hosted by NTDTV featured outstanding vocalists, magnificent ballet, and melodious music. The performances interpreted the meaning of life in China's 5,000-year culture, widely believed to be passed down by Gods. Such concepts as paying homage to the heavens, Buddhas, and gods; respecting Heaven and knowing one's fate; and returning to one's true, original self - these are some the themes illuminated by the performances in this year's gala.

The gala began with traditional lion and dragon dances amid lively firecracker sounds and concluded amid jubilant festive drums. Tenor and soprano from the opera, theatrical dance, traditional dancing, orchestral music, folk instrumental music, and classical Western ballet - all were performed onstage at Radio City, highlighting the best of the East and West, and bringing renowned artists together from around the world. A total of over 15,000 people attended the three shows, and were delighted by over 600 performers in a sumptuous cultural feast highlighting traditional Chinese culture.

Congratulations come from all Levels of Society

A large number of congratulations from politicians in New York state and New York City were received before the performances. They expressed their best wishes for a successful gala and their appreciation to the principles upheld by NTDTV. They also took the opportunity to congratulate Chinese people in New York and around the world, and to wish them a Happy "Year of Dog."

At the reception prior to the first performance to be held on Feb. 20, honored guests converged. Politicians joined NTDTV's many friends in business circles to congratulate NTDTV for the successful gala, and commended the event for its unique ability to bridge Western and Eastern cultures.

Beautiful Backdrops Give the Performances a Magical Character

Radio City Music Hall has hosted audiences totaling over 300 million people. It is the world's largest indoor theatre, and is renowned as "the place for national performances."

The stage backdrop used acoustic photo-electric technology, assisted by 25,000 lamps and four-colored stage lamps synthesized with a computer to create grand, elegant scenes of the heavens and whimsical changes in the human world. Against this backdrop with three layers of movable stage, many heroes emerged. They were shown against spectacular scenes, from misty rains and towers, to the Jiangnan water land, to shining spears and armored horses, famous mountains and great rivers. From green bamboo and red flowers, winter frost and summer rain to the sun, the moon and stars, auspicious clouds in the heaven; from splendor in Buddha's world, gods' benevolence, to the flourishing of Falun Dafa worldwide.

Giving thanks to the Gods, Joyfully Celebrating the Festival

The first program of the gala was "The Brilliant Light in the Divine Land," lively and splendid. A golden dragon dances up and down, lions extend congratulations, people sing and dance to express their gratitude to the Gods and joyfully celebrate the festival. The deities come down all of a sudden to pass light to the human world. Dancers advance and retreat, long sleeves sway elegantly, and ribbons swirl. The music is solemn, natural and graceful, mixed with festive joy. The light comes to the human world, and dancing beauties from heaven's palace played flutes and dance. The beautiful scene unfolds in front of our eyes.

Dancers from Taiwan's National University of Fine Arts performed "Happiness Pervasive in Mountain and Valley." Set in a bamboo grove, splendidly attired young women wearing white head ornaments cheerfully dance. They hold bamboo tubes and clash them, their ankles wear silver bells. Bamboo tubes, in concert with bells and music, accompany dance movements full of life and energy.

Return to one's Original Nature, Wishing a Good and Beautiful Future

The "Coming for You" Choir from Europe sang the song "Yearning." It was a very touching performance. The choir is comprised of Westerners, many with golden hair and bright blue eyes. They sang in pure and correct Chinese how lofty morality makes the relationship between people natural and simple.

Famous Chinese Tenor Guan Guimin presented a song titled "Wish." Guan Guimin composed the music himself, wishing dear friends to sharpen their eyes, to understand the truth, and never miss the most precious predestined opportunities, as Falun Dafa spreads throughout the world.

Alto Yang Jiansheng's vocal solo performance "The Blossoming of Udumbara Flowers" originated from a grand event in the human world. In 2005, ten Udumbara flowers were found blooming on the Kwan-yin (Guanyin) Buddha Statue at Sumi Zen Temple at Haeryong-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do in South Korea. According to Buddhist scriptures, these flowers are so incomparably precious that they blossom every 3000 years, coinciding with the time that the King of Falun comes to the human world to save people. Ms. Yang used her singing to remember this grand occasion. Her deep, pure and simple voice revealed a kind of stable peace after the world's going through ups and downs for years. Friends, do you know, when Udumbara flowers blossom, the saint returns?

Soprano Bai Xue performed a song "Discard the Old for the New" to bring New Year's best wishes to everyone. Her rich and powerful voice was like a breath of warm spring. The lyrics of the song: "Ring out the old Year and ring in the new, [we] meet today. [I] wish you to be safe and sound, and wish you to make a good predestined relationship." Bai Xue used her singing to wish everyone: "Remember 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,' Falun Dafa is Great, and let's meet again next year."

A male chorus performed "Delivering the Treasure," narrating how Falun Gong practitioners in mainland China disseminate the truth of Falun Gong to all directions without fear of difficulty and misery. They deliver a sincere call to their dear compatriots: Falun Dafa is Great.

Good will be Rewarded and Evil will be Punished -Presenting the Legendary Story

"The Eyes of the Stone Lion" tells a traditional story that good will be rewarded and evil will be punished. Kind-hearted people in the village worshipped the Gods and cared for people, but bad people were arrogant and ran rampant. Guanyin incarcerated a beggar who was helped by a kind-hearted older woman. The Bodhisattva told the kind-hearted older woman to leave the village as soon as the eyes of the stone lion turned red. The older woman immediately told the news to everyone in the village. Those who believed her thanked her and left, and those who did not believe sneered at her. A person's one single thought determines one's own future.

The story of Mulan during the Northern and Southern Dynasty was also put on the stage. A group of soldiers including the young woman Mulan disguised as a man, fought bravely in battlefields. They were awe-inspiring. Ten years later, the Emperor wanted to appoint Mulan, who had impressive battle achievements, to a high official post. Mulan resigned from the post and returned home and changed back to woman's clothes.

In Heaven and Earth

The ballet "Childhood Dream" expressed how a mother who is a Falun Dafa practitioner was persecuted. Her lonely child dreamed about her mother taking her to a magical land to witness the Lord of Buddha's benevolence, the Bodhisattva's gentleness, and the elegant dancing of celestial maidens.

Understanding Life -Be Sure Not to Miss the Opportunity

Soprano Ms. Jiang Min sang out many people's understanding of life while being in the maze of this world: Life was originally a deity in the heaven, success or failure in life on the earth is like passing clouds and smoke. Right and wrong are originally predestined relationships in past lifetimes. Only by obtaining the Fa can one leave the maze and ascend to heaven.

A popular brass band called "Burning River" performed "Ru Meng Ling," graceful and deep. The joys and splendor experienced at the life's turning points were brought out by the trumpet. The melody gradually turned to be quiet and eternal. "Being saved, being saved, be sure not miss the opportunity again!"

Renowned two-stringed Erhu player Ms. Qi Xiaochun presented "Vow" to the audience: Dear friends, do you still remember the vow established long time ago? Do you still remember your promise---won't let down the great trust and let the righteous and just sound prevail throughout the universe?

Classical Western Ballet

The world's hottest Ballet star couple Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky performed "Paquita," telling a story of "the road to happiness full of hardships." Pure and warm gypsy girl Paquita and a French military officer eventually got married after going through many hardships.

The dancers' movements beautifully choreographed. They included a wide variety of classical ballet movements.

A New Epoch Begins

The cheerful atmosphere was interrupted by the howling of a red dragon. An evil specter--a red dragon, descended on the originally harmonious earth. It savagely and cruelly harmed people, and its pawns ran rampant in human world, the mountains and rivers turned to be blood red. The celestial phenomena suddenly changed, the epic and spectacular melody indicated the beginning of the new epoch. With the Gods' inspiration, cultivators in the human world held up "Nine Swords" to confront the evil dragon. In the battle between righteous and evil, the Nine swords, as Fa weapons, worked cohesively, either sharp, or firm, or simple. When dispersed, they form a battle array, when gathered together, they form a whole body. The red dragon was beheaded, and heaven and earth regained light.

Drums Expel Evil Spirits and Seek Good Luck

Evening drums and morning bells have accompanied Chinese people for several centuries. Traditional Chinese people would strike drums in the New Year to expel evil spirits and seek good luck. Different from the rapid and spirited war drums, the flower drums are warm and cheerful. Fa drums are vigorous and sincere. It is said that they can only be struck in the New Year.

Fa drums resounded the whole cosmos, bringing the truth and good news to the world's people. The rumble of the drums was spectacular and majestic.

After the drum stood still, the gala came to a close as the performers made their curtain call amid resounding applause.

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High Acclaim from the Audience

The audience was amazed at the stage design that combined the classical with modern science and technology. They were delighted by the performers' exquisite acting, and at the same time, expressed their recognition and support to NTDTV for putting so much effort in displaying traditional Chinese culture to the audience. Many people expressed that they would come again next year.

A majority of people in the audience were deeply impressed by the scenery and costumes. Occasionally one could hear admiration between friends in the conversation: "They have really done quite well, fabulous."