(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings to everyone. I am a practitioner from Bavaria, a state in Germany. Three years ago, Falun Gong practitioners invited me to attend a press conference announcing efforts to rescue practitioners from Germany who had been illegally imprisoned after returning to China. I met a lot of practitioners at the press conference and felt peaceful and welcome while with them. It was as if I had walked into the pure land Teacher talked about. I didn't know anything about cultivation at the time. After listening to other practitioners talking about the sacredness of reaching Consummation, my dust-covered heart awakened. I finished reading Zhuan Falun in one go after I returned home and stepped onto the path of cultivation.

Initially, my path seemed difficult, just like Teacher said in Zhuan Falun, "Some couples almost get divorced because of disputes over qigong practice." Fortunately practitioners stood by my side and guided me based on the Fa, while clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to my husband.

In fact, Teacher said clearly in Zhuan Falun, "Even though you practice and your spouse might not, it is not permitted for you to get a divorce because of the practice." I didn't understand the Fa well enough at the time and thought it was not possible to do well as a cultivator in everyday life and that one must suffer many tribulations. Then, I observed a new practitioner improving steadfastly right from the beginning, without ignoring any family responsibility. I realized that my understanding of cultivation was at a very low level. I began to understand that if I truly practiced Dafa, there wouldn't be any tribulation I couldn't overcome and my family life would become more harmonious.

From the outset, the new practitioner studied the Fa frequently. Whenever there was a problem, this practitioner studied the Fa, and his/her understanding of the Fa quickly progressed. As for me, when I obtained the Fa, I had the attitude of "practice it on and off." When faced with tribulations, instead of behaving like a practitioner, studying the Fa and looking within, I quickly turned to veteran practitioners for help to solve my family problem. Therefore, I was trapped in this type of test for over six months. When looking back, everything seems clear to me now. I should have studied the Fa more and acted like a true practitioner.

Later, my husband became very supportive of my practicing Dafa and doing Dafa work. I haven't had a job for the past six months. When I participate in important Dafa activities such as the "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" Art Exhibition and demonstrations during Hu Jintao's visit to Germany, my husband provided me with financial support without hesitating.

His kind actions brought him good fortune - he continuously received several opportunities to teach computers. Teaching computers was an easy job that he liked and it paid very well. Coincidently, one of his students, a young woman, had missed one of the nine-day Fa lecture classes we held in the past. Because my husband talked about his understanding of Falun Gong in one of his classes, she again caught up with her predestined relationship with Dafa. She asked us to come to her home for dinner and we talked about our experiences and shared our understanding of practicing Dafa all night long. She was overjoyed and decided to practice Falun Dafa.

In the process of building up a dance group in Bavaria, I began to notice my strong attachment to accomplishing things. The initial idea to put together the dance group was based on the thought of saving sentient beings. However, later I ignored studying the Fa and was doing the work based on whatever came to my mind. I liked dancing since I was little and had always wanted to be the lead dancer when I was in kindergarten. Other practitioners teased me, saying that I had a strong attachment to showing off ever since I was that little. We studied the Fa together after finishing a rehearsal. Another practitioner immediately discovered that I didn't do well at Fa study for I couldn't even read Zhuan Falun fluently. The practitioner reminded me that cultivation is not something to be taken lightly. I was ashamed of myself and from then on, I read one chapter daily.

I always felt that I wanted to save sentient beings more than validate myself when I built up the dance group. After intensive Fa study, I saw my strong attachment to accomplishing something, an attachment that I shouldn't have when doing Dafa work. I realized I shouldn't turn a blind eye to my human notions, although I thought I did not have any.

Recently I participated in Falun Gong activities during Hu Jintao's visit to Germany. I gained a deeper understanding of Fa-rectification cultivation. As we repeatedly shouted, "Falun Dafa is Great," and "Hu Jintao, the time that Gods and people give you is limited," I experienced the deep compassion that can melt steel, which is the strongest power in the cosmos. It can shake heaven and earth.

From then on, I broke through some misconceptions I harbored for a long time. I used to feel that I had a lot of attachments when I did Dafa work and doubted whether I should do it. Sometimes I felt passive and thought I couldn't do Dafa work at all. From the Dafa activities during Hu's visit, I realized that our cultivation was "Fa-rectification" cultivation and when I, a Dafa particle, melted into Fa-rectification cultivation, some of the tough ordeals or big attachments became very small. When I looked at my problems with a negative attitude, I step into humanness and off of the Fa-rectification path, and tribulations or attachments seemed much harder to let go.

As I read Zhuan Falun again, the content and meaning of Fa was not the same anymore. For example, the book talked about the relationship between "cultivating toward higher levels" and "healing and fitness." For me, this was like the relationship between individual and Fa-rectification cultivation. Once this relationship became clear to me, the manifestation of the Fa in front of me became more immense and profound. In the meanwhile, infinite respect toward Teacher and Dafa emerged from my heart. Now, many of my attachments are being exposed daily, but I no longer feel annoyed and uneasy. I know every time that it is time to upgrade my xinxing and let go of my attachments.

A few days ago, I read experience-sharing articles written by some Mainland China veteran practitioners. I felt that I was not sufficiently diligent in my cultivation. I remembered Teacher comparing practicing Dafa to sawdust falling into hot molten steel. I felt infinitely honored to be allowed to melt into Dafa and cherished with all my heart this unprecedented opportunity. At the same time, I have to constantly purify myself because molten steel should not become impure because of sawdust. Only when I unconditionally assimilate to Dafa can I successfully cultivate in Dafa and reach Consummation.

The above is my experience of cultivating in Dafa. Please kindly point out anything incorrect.