1. Save Sentient Beings with Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa practitioner in Dehue City, Jilin Province clarified the truth in front of a group of people. He asked them to quit the CCP, and received general acceptance except from one middle aged man, who firmly resisted behind a poker face. When the practitioner tried to reach him individually, he became very emotional and shouted "You are looking for trouble! I will call the police!" He pulled out his cell phone and attempted to make a call.

The practitioner was unhurried and thought that a sentient being was about to commit a crime against Dafa. He could not let that happen. He used his supernormal abilities and thought in his mind to make the man not speak. All of a sudden, the man lost his voice and could not talk, and he was worried and afraid. The practitioner started telling him more about the truth of Dafa, and told him to recite, "Falun Dafa is good!" The man repeated the phrase for a while, and then wrote it on a piece of paper several times. He suddenly had his voice back. The practitioner then asked him again to quit CCP. He immediately agreed and quit.

2. Police Found Reason to Be Excused and Then Left

In a county of Yushu City, Jilin Province, someone who did not know the real truth, reported to the county police that Dafa practitioners were gathering for a conference, and asked the police to come and arrest them. A police car came full of police. When they stepped out of the car and prepared to conduct the arrests, with righteous thoughts from the practitioners, they were scared, frightened, and could not even move forward. They found some reason to be excused and left with empty hands.

3. Froze Evil Person with Supernormal Ability

In Shanxi Province, when a Dafa practitioner was clarifying the truth, a person who did not understand the real truth wanted to report the practitioner to the police. The practitioner was very calm and said in a strong tone, "Do not report to the police!" As a result, the person froze, unable to move. The practitioner continued telling the truth to the others. The accuser's son kneeled down and begged the practitioner to release his father using his supernormal abilities. After the practitioner was done with his talk, he turned to the father and son and told them about how good is be rewarded with good and evil meets with evil and asked the son to say "Falun Gong is good! Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are good!" The son repeated several times, and the accuser was unfrozen by himself and kneeled down and asked for forgiveness.