(Clearwidom.net) In 1999 Jiang's regime started its persecution against Falun Gong. All practitioners nationwide have suffered on a large scale. In Qinghe Town, there are many cases in which practitioners have been arrested, and the police extorted money from them and ransacked their homes. Here are some examples:

1. On December 16, 2002, the former chief of police of the Qinghe Local Police Station, Dong Benjun, went to Xiagang Village, and illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Cui Weidong. They searched his house, and confiscated his personal property. After that, they took Mr. Cui to the Police Station and brutally tortured him. The police stamped "Falun Dafa is Good" on his face and head, and laughed, ridiculed him, and swore at him. Afterwards, they sentenced him to a jail term, and imprisoned him in the strict discipline group in Jiangbei Prison in Jilin Province. Mr. Cui was tortured so severely that he got tuberculosis, and was in critical condition. His family members tried every means to get him out of prison and have him put on medical probation, but the Jiangbei Prison still would not release him. Consequently, a fine young man eventually lost his life.

Because Mr. Cui was brutally tortured, his body was full of cuts and bruises. Jiangbei Prison dared not release him, as they did not want their brutal conduct disclosed. Mr. Cui's crippled parents were bedridden and were unable to do anything but think about their son every day and cry.

2. Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Luo Xizhen is a kind hearted person from Renao Village, Qinghe Town. She used to suffer from urethritis, gynecological problems with endless bleeding, lumbago, and a pain in her leg. After practicing Falun Gong, all the illnesses went away. Hence, she tells everybody, "Dafa is Great."

After the persecution started in 1999, Ms. Luo wanted to speak out for Falun Gong. She went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong, but two policemen arrested her and took her back to her village. She was detained in the Ji An Detention Center for over a month. After being released, she wrote a letter to clarify the truth to Police Chief Kong persuading him to stop persecuting people. As a result, they detained her for another month.

On December 14, 2002, Dong Benjun led some policemen to ransack Ms. Luo's residence and arrest her. During the night, she and Bu Jinghua, another practitioner, escaped. However, she was re-arrested at the Lizigou Train Station the next morning. Policeman Dalong brutally tortured her. He grabbed her hair, slammed her head against the wall and said viciously, "I'll kill you if you run away again." Ms. Luo told him, "It is a crime to arrest and beat us. We did not do anything bad." Dong Benjun, Dalong and others pushed Ms. Luo toward the male practitioner, Yu Zhiming, and verbally insulted them.

Inside the Ji An Detention Center, guards Dalong and Wu brutally beat Ms. Luo. They forced her to stand barefoot on the freezing cold cement floor for an hour and a half. Her face turned blue. Other people from the same cell all cried. To safeguard her belief and to protest the torture, Ms. Luo went on a hunger strike. She also refused to participate in any of the activities that the detention center carried out. The prison guards then shocked her with an electric baton and tied her up on a dead person's bed. Her body was bruised all over. The electric shock left dozens of bloody blisters all over her face.

During two years of hard labor, Ms. Luo suffered from brutal physical torture and misery. When she was released, she weighed only 88 lbs.

Currently, Ms. Luo Xizhen has been forced to leave her home and become homeless and destitute. Unable to endure this stress, her husband publicly announced his intention to divorce her. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) broke up her family that she and her husband had worked so hard to establish.

Such an unfortunate occurrence in the family caused Ms. Luo's 83-year-old mother to cry constantly and she almost lost her eyesight. Ms. Luo was forced into destitution. She has suffered economically, spiritually and physically.

3. Farmer, Ms. Li Chunjuan, a woman from Kuangshan Village of Qinghe Town had different kinds of illnesses before practicing Falun Gong. After practicing, she seemed to change into a different person. She is illness free and has an easy-going, gentle personality. From her, people can learn the extraordinary features of Falun Gong. Hence, people discover that Falun Dafa is Great.

One day in June 2005, police officer Wang Baochang and others broke into her home. The police ransacked her home and arrested her in front of her stunned 70-year-old mother. In the Ji An Detention Center, the guards used torture to try to get information from her. When Ms. Li could hardly bear the torture any longer, they put a slip of paper with Ms. Luo's name on it into a book and said, "You said that you didn't get the book from Ms. Luo Xizhen, but it even has her name on it." After suffering from the brutal torture, Ms. Li's mind was confused and so she nodded her head. This is how the CCP's police manipulate people to their advantage.

More than a month later, when family members saw Ms. Li, her back was still bruised, and two people had to carry her.

The personnel primarily responsible for the torture:

Dong Benjun: male, the former chief of police of the Jian's Qinghe Town Police Station in 2002
Kong: male, the former chief police of Jian's Qinghe Town Police Station in 2002
Dalong: male, policeman from Jian's Qinghe Town
Wu: male, policeman from Jian's Qinghe Town

Written on January 6, 2006