On November 22, 2005, Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Division II brought more than 20 male policemen to torture women Falun Gong practitioners. These policemen were referred to as the labor camp's "Intensifying Team."

On November 18, 2005, most practitioners in Masanjia's Division II refused to wear the inmate clothing and resisted the persecution. The guards did not allow them to use the bathroom or let them eat. In the morning, officials and guards went cell-by-cell to confiscate all of the practitioners' belongings, leaving just blankets. Since the practitioners were not allowed go to the bathroom for two days and two nights, they had to use containers in their cells. The officials in turn laughed at them and humiliated them. Practitioners were allowed to eat only at noon on the third day.

On the fifth day (November 22), Division II brought in more than 20 male police officers. With electric batons and handcuffs, they dragged practitioners one by one to a centralized building. To force the practitioners to wear the inmate clothing, these officers tried every possible tactic including beating, threats, and enticements. Ms. Wu Lixia in Group 1 was the first taken away. When she entered the building, six male officers said nothing but started to beat her and kick her cruelly. One of their badge numbers is 2118674. After beating Ms. Wu, they forced her to wear the inmate clothing and hung her up onto the heating pipes. Ms. Wu was handcuffed behind her back and suspended for the entire night. On the second day, she could no longer walk, and others had to carry her on their backs. The guards eventually forced all the practitioners to wear the inmate clothing. There were practitioners who were brutally beaten in every group. For example, after several policemen beat Ms. Xu Shuying in Group 2, she was unable to get out the bed for a week. Practitioners Zou Xiuju and Liu Suwen in Group 5 and other practitioners in Groups 3 and 4 were also beaten. Their conditions remain unknown.

On December 7, all practitioners were ordered to sweep away the snow. When some practitioners refused, officials and guards dragged them downstairs. In Group 5, some practitioners did not go. Officers Zhou Qian, Xiang Kuili, Zhang Xiurong, and Zhang Chunguang went in, kicked the practitioners, dragged them, and cursed them. When Zhou Qian kicked Ms. Qiu Meiyan's leg, Ms. Qiu said, "How dare you kick me?" Zhou became furious, "Yes, I have kicked you and beaten you. And I think that is not enough." She then beat Ms. Qiu even harder.

The guards brought Ms. Qiu to the divisional office. Later, Zhang Chunguang pulled her hair and dragged her downstairs. Ms. Qiu was not wearing many clothes. Zhou and Zhang beat her, pinched her face, and slapped her in the face until it was swollen. The guards later forced her to stand outdoors in a cold place for a long time.

The guards also slapped Ms. Liu Suwen in the face. They dragged her as well as Ms. Zhou Jing downstairs and forced them to stand still, from 1:10 to 3:30. The guards also forced Ms. Sun Ping in Group 2 to stand still in the bathroom at noon every day. In Group 4, there were also practitioners who were forced to stand, but details remain unknown.

The guards in Masanjia Labor Camp beat and tortured practitioners like this at will. Above are just a few incidents that we witnessed, but there are many more that we do not know about. The guards took away all the paper and pens, and practitioners were not allowed to speak or write; therefore it is very difficult to write down what happened.

The address of Masanjia Labor Camp:
Masanjia Village of Masanjia Town in Yuhong District of Shenyang City, Zip code 110145
Director of Section II for Women Su Jing
Phone number: +86-24-89210822, 89212252, 89210454
Operator: +86-24-89210074
Deputy director Zhao Laixi: 13236642655, +86-24-89120908 (home);
Division II head Zhang Xiurong
Deputy head Zhou Qian
Leaders of various groups: Zhang Zhuohui, Wang Zhengli, Dai Yuhong, Lu Yaoqin, Wang Xueqiu, Ma Xiaodan;
Phone number for Division II: +86-24-89210074;
Phone number for Division I: +86-24-89210406;
Phone number for Division III: +86-24-89212252;

Some thugs involved:
From Chaoyang City: Gao Yuzhen, Wang Fenghua, Li Ziling;
From Benxi City: Wu Qiang, Zhang Yingzhi;
From Fuxin City: Bao Shuqin;
From Fushun City: Zeng Fanyu;
From Dalian City: Han Yan.

December 21, 2005