I was persecuted at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province for more than two years. The following are my personal experiences, some facts of the persecution, and the cruel methods of persecution that I have witnessed.

In 2003, I was illegally arrested at my home and taken to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Currently, about four hundred Falun Dafa practitioners are still detained there, but at that time, about twelve hundred practitioners were there. Each sub-brigade had about 70 practitioners. The Camp policemen didn't let the recently arrested practitioners get a room to sleep, and further persecuted those who were determined not to give up the practice. The persecution sites consisted of the "triangle storeroom" (no windows and the light bulb was on for 24 hours), the first floor hallway, the staircase turning areas, the waterhouse (where hot water can be obtained), the clothes-drying field, the cafeteria, and especially this dirty place - the police restroom. The practitioners were forced to eat all their daily meals in the restrooms.

In November 2003, the Masanjia Labor Camp started a so-called "Harsh Attack" campaign to intensify the persecution. Some practitioners were not allowed to sleep for more than 10 consecutive days, and others for over 20 consecutive days. On December 5, 2003, a collaborators group consisting of 50 collaborators was organized from five cities in Liaoning Province. They stayed and ate at the "Comprehensive Building" where Dafa practitioners were persecuted. They sent those determined practitioners by groups to the "Comprehensive Building" for persecution. The practitioners were allowed to sleep for only two hours each night. Some were beaten, and some were forced to sit with crossed legs and handcuffed behind their backs. Their heads and crossed legs were tied with a rope. Those determined practitioners were then sent back from the "Comprehensive Building" to the clothes-drying field to suffer in the cold weather in the middle of December 2003 for more than 10 hours every day. Also the practitioners had to eat all three daily meals at the field. Some other practitioners were hung by their thumbs, called the "Small Hang," or by their wrists and chest, called the "Big Hang." When they were hung, their feet barely touched the ground or were in the air. The hanging location was in the police restroom. The police officers also dragged some practitioners from their sleep to the first floor storage room for further persecution.. They pressed the practitioners to the ground and several of them stepped on the practitioners' bodies. Four or five policemen beat the practitioners with their fists and kicked them with their feet while other policemen used tape to seal the practitioners' mouths.

Another cruel method used was to extend the practitioners' terms as a means to persecute practitioners. The term could be extended if a practitioner shouted, "Falun Dafa is Good," refused to wear the camp clothes, gave Teacher Li New Years greetings, refused to attend the brainwashing session that the police held, or wrote a "Solemn Declaration" expressing the wish to return to the practice after previously giving it up. The number of days for the extension were not the same each time. It could be 10 days, a few months, or half a year.