(Clearwisdom.net) Shandong is one of the provinces in China where Falun Gong is most severely persecuted, and within Shandong Province, Junan County is one of the areas where Falun Gong is hardest hit. Since July 1999, the 610 Office and the Junan County Police have been following Jiang's policies and illegally persecuting Falun Gong.

At around 5 p.m. on October 12, 2005, four or five police officers from the 610 Office and the police department of Junan County, including one female officer, illegally searched the home of practitioner Mr. Li Ketong from Lijiagou Village, Zhubian Town, and took away his Falun Dafa publications, including Zhuan Falun and other recent articles authored by the founder of Falun Gong.

This pack of thugs later hid in the village and kept 47-year-old practitioner Mr. Li Xuedong under surveillance while he was working in the fields. At 6 o'clock in the evening, they illegally searched his home, confiscating Dafa books and truth-clarification materials, and then took him away. Afterwards, the authorities at the Junan County 610 Office sent Mr. Li to the Wang Village Forced Labor Camp for a one-year term. With Mr. Li Xuedong illegally detained in the forced labor camp, his wife and two children, one a teenager and the other only five years old, are left at home to fend for themselves.

At about 10 a.m. on November 14 the same group of thugs stormed Mr. Li Ketong's home again to pick him up. It just so happened that practitioner Mr. Meng Fanxiang, who's in his 40s, was at Li's home. The police found a few truth-clarification materials on Mr. Meng, so they took him in as well.

The police kept Mr. Meng at the Junan Detention Center and twice refused to allow his family members to visit him. On December 12 officials at the Junan 610 Office sent Mr. Meng to the Wang Village Forced Labor Camp for a two-year term. His wife, his two children, and his parents, who are in their 70s or 80s, are left without care.

Not long after Mr. Li Ketong was illegally arrested and taken to the Zhubian Police Station, Sun Qinke, a thuggish law enforcement officer and a former Baijialing villager from Shizilu Town, along with two more officers, sent Mr. Li to the Linyi Brainwashing Center for a month. Mr. Li was not released until December 14. Upon his release, they initially ordered his wife to pay 3000 yuan for food and lodging but they later agreed to reduce the fee to 2000 yuan when she told them she had no money. They told her to borrow the money from her relatives. She tried but couldn't get any. A cadre with the surname of Cui from Zhubian Town and three members of the Lijiagou Village committee, including the Party secretary and the director, went to Mr. Li's home three or four times, demanding money from his wife. She told them, "I really couldn't get any money from anyone."

Cui barked, "If you don't give us the money, we'll use a bulldozer to flatten your house! Then we'll see if you still refuse to pay!" The Li's now live in constant fear.