(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Hu Shangxue from Yongchang County, Gansu Province, was illegally sentenced to 12 years in prison. When he was detained in Wuwei Prison he almost lost the sight in his right eye. Mr. Hu suffered from high blood pressure and the doctor said he would completely lose his sight without immediate medical treatment. His family tried to bail him out for medical reasons, but the police refused the request.

In early December 2005, Mr. Hu's family members went to prison to visit him, but they were unable to see him. Hu was then secretly transferred to another place. The police refused to reveal the details, and only indicated it was in Jiuquan. Some other practitioners were transferred at the same time. Following is Mr. Hu's story:

Mr. Hu Shangxue, 66 years old, lived in the No.6 Team, Suimoguan Village, Jiaojiazhuang Township, Yongchang County, Gansu Province. He used to be an employee at a veterinary clinic in Hetan Village, Jiaojiazhuang Township. One day in September 1999, Yongchang County police officer Li Guoyu and three others entered the clinic, searched Hu's home and took away a video recorder and audio player. The clinic director, Chen Kaitai, and the police, forced Hu Shangxue to give up his job, which was his only source of income. At the end of 1999, Officer Li Guoyu once again went to the clinic and took away Dafa materials, exercise tapes, pictures of Teacher, an audio player and other items.

Hu Shangxue was forced to leave work in January 2000. The county police arrested him from the clinic and he was held in the county detention center. It was then the coldest season of the year. The police poured cold water on the ground outside of the detention room. The water froze almost instantly. Then they forced Hu to do push-ups on the ice. The skin on Hu's hands stuck to the ice when he lifted his hands up, but he was forced to continue. He eventually lost all the skin on the palms of his hands. The police were particularly savage in attempting to force Hu to give up cultivation because they wanted to gain reward money and promotions for "transforming" him.

Twenty days later, Hu's son went to see county police department head Liu Fuhan and asked for his father's release. Hu Shangxue was finally released.

During those detention days, Hu Shangxue and some other practitioners, namely Qin Dexin, Zhang Yanyong and Yue Peifu were tied up with ropes. Those who carried out this torture include police officer Li Guoyu and others. The practitioners had to attend a so-called "Public Criticism and Denunciation Meeting" in Hetan Village that basically slandered Dafa in front of the villagers.

In December 2000, Hu Shangxue was requested to go to the county police department and report whether or not he still practiced Falun Gong. Because he said he still did, he was arrested again and detained in the county detention center. During the detention, Hu's blood pressure was so high that he felt dizzy and was unable to walk. The medical examination indicated that he had high blood pressure. When his family went to ask for his release, the detention center officials were afraid to take responsibility for his serious health condition and released him.

Early in the morning of March 14, 2002, officers Li Guoyu, Bai Jilian and others ransacked Hu's home and confiscated truth-clarifying materials. They arrested Hu Shangxue and his wife and held them in the detention center. Two months later, on May 14, the Yuchang County Police Department and the County Judiciary Departments held a so-called "Public Trial Gathering" in the county stadium. More than 30 practitioners were handcuffed and forced to wear signs on their chests marked with words slandering Dafa. The police then proceeded to pronounce their judgment before the crowded stadium audience and parade the practitioners along the street. Yuchang County Police and Judiciary Department personnel used this extremely cruel method to subject practitioners to fiendish mental torture and to deceive the common people who did not know the truth.

Immediately following the parading incident, Hu's wife was sentenced to three years in a labor camp. She was sent to the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp in Lanzhou City and was later transferred to the Liugouhe Women's Forced Labor Camp in Yuzhong County. Hu Zhangxue was sentenced to 12 years in jail and locked up in the Dashaping Prison. Later he was transferred to the Wuwei Prison. He almost lost sight in his right eye, resulting in a cataract and high blood pressure. The doctor said he would lose his eyesight permanently if he did not immediately receive medical treatment. His family asked to bail him out for medical treatment but the police refused to do so.

In early December 2005 when the family went to the prison to see him, the police refused to allow the visit. There are normally two reasons that the police refuse a family visit. One is the practitioner has been grossly abused and the police are afraid to have him be seen; the other is that the practitioner refuses to cooperate with the evildoers and is put into solitary confinement.

Related work units:

Yongchang County Police Department, Jinchang City, Gansu Province
Head of the police department: 86-935-7522175
Deputy Head of the police department: 86-935-7524960, 7524141, 7525210
Head of the CCP Committee: 86-935-7522670
County Detention Center: 86-935-7524274
Detention Center for Drug violations: 86-935-7523704
Vice-director of Yongchang County Political and Judicial Committee: 86-935-7525755, 7524033, 7522582(O)
Head of the Law Enforcement Bureau: 86-935-7529799, 7530169
Head of the Judiciary Bureau: 86-935-7522426, 7521857(O)

Wuwei Prison:
Head of the prison, Wang Xuetong: 86-935-2222888(H), 86-13909351701(C)
Vice head of the party committee: Fu Junsheng, Wu Kejian, Song Wenju
No. 1 Division: Xu Gencheng, Zhang Jianan, Zhang Jimin, Zen Xianglu
No. 2 Division: Gao Yanmin, Yan Zhichun, Huo Yongxing, Bo Minsheng
No. 2 Team: Chen Qixiao, 86-13893590591(C)
No. 3 Division: Liu Jiacheng
No. 4 Division: Yuan Bo (Head of the division) and He Zirui, 86-935-2266993
No. 5 Division: Qi Bao (Head of the division): 86-935-2250188(H), 86-13993538986(Cl) and Tan Wenxue: 86-13993531840(C)

January 1, 2006