(Clearwisdom.net) The CCP's crimes against the Chinese nation over the past six years have already been well exposed, but since July 20, 1999, the CCP has subjected Falun Gong practitioners to a great amount of torture.

The following case of Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Ding Zhenfang is just one of the countless examples.

In 2002, Dabei Prison in Shenyang City incarcerated several Falun Gong practitioners. One of them was Ms. Ding Zhenfang, 55, from Dalian. She started Falun Gong cultivation in 1996. Within two weeks, all of her illnesses including her stomach disease, a spinal disk hernia and pain in her teeth were gone. More importantly, her view of the world also changed, and she decided to abide by Dafa's principles to be an ethical, good person.

In July 1999, Jiang Zemin's regime, motivated by envy and greed, launched the cruel persecution. The police system all over the country also started torturing Falun Gong practitioners, including arresting, threatening and torturing them.

In November 1999, Ms. Ding Zhenfang and her husband were arrested in the Ganjingzi District, Dalian City. The arresting officers were Gao Yingzhong, an agent from the Xigang District Police Station and officers from the Shidao Street Police Station. The couple was jailed in the Shidao Street Police Station that night and ordered to sit on a metal chair with their hands locked onto it. The policemen also subjected Ms. Ding to a body search, and confiscated her pager and 40 yuan. Policemen took away everything without giving them any receipt. After searching them, they were sent to the Dalian Detention Center.

Later, policemen searched their house. They confiscated many Dafa books, cassettes, videotapes, a cell phone, BP pager, 1,800 yuan in cash and a gold bracelet.

1. Persecution in the Dalian Detention Center

Ms. Ding's husband was handcuffed behind his back. The handcuffs were so tight that it was hard to release them. His hands were severely swollen. The couple was in the detention center for 22 months and experienced cruel torture.

Once Ms. Ding wrote, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" and "Falun Dafa is Great" on her shirt. Chief Wang forcefully slapped her. Later, Wang pulled Ms. Ding into the hallway and beat her for a while. Then, he took Ms. Ding to his office, where he ordered some inmates to cut Ms. Ding's shirt with scissors. She resisted, so they didn't dare to do so, but they did take off Ms. Ding's clothes and locked her onto a metal ring on the ground.

Wang released Ms. Ding only after keeping her locked on the ground for ten days.

Another time Ms. Ding wrote some of Dafa's teaching on a wall to let people know that Dafa teaches people to be morally upright. The detention center chief, Meng Jun, then locked Ms. Ding onto the ground for over 40 days. The lock ring on the ground prevented her from raising her head or sitting up with her back straight. Her hands and feet were almost locked together. During these 40 days she bled badly. She also shouted "Falun Dafa is great." Chief Wang ordered inmate Kou to beat her. Kou beat her badly. Wang said if Kou beat her to death, Wang would take the responsibility. Kou gagged Ms. Ding's mouth with dirty rags and slapped her face with a shoe. Kou kicked Ms. Ding down. Then he pulled her up and beat her again.

In September 2001, Ms. Ding was illegally sentenced to three years in prison and sent to the women's prison in Shenyang. Her husband was sentenced to three years with four years suspended.

2. Persecution in the Dabei Women's Prison

When Ms. Ding was first sent to the Dabei Women's Prison, as a means to protest the sentence, she refused to let them take her fingerprints. The 30-year-old woman chief of the Prison Affairs Section took Ms. Ding to her office. A vice chief from the 9th Division, Wu Li, who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, was also present. The chief asked Ms. Ding why she refused to submit to fingerprinting. Ms. Ding said, "I am not a criminal. Instead, I am a morally upright person who obeys the principles of Dafa. I am going to sue Jiang Zemin for persecuting Falun Gong!" Then the chief beat her for one hour. Wu Li also slapped her. The Prison Affairs Section chief verbally abused her with foul language and threatened to beat her with an electric baton. Later, they ordered several inmates to take her fingerprints by force. Wu Li took Ms. Ding to the No.2 Team of the 9th Division and ordered policeman Yin Xu "to teach her a lesson."

Yin Xu ordered Ms. Ding to learn how to greet captors in the prison and memorize the prison rules. Ms. Ding said, "I am walking on the path of Dafa cultivation, and no power can change me! This Dafa practice is very beneficial to the country, to society, to individuals and to the family. I am not a criminal and I am going to sue Jiang for persecuting Dafa practitioners, slandering my Master and Dafa. I will not memorize the prison rules, for sure!" Ms. Ding then tore up the prison rules. Yin was very angry and ordered two inmates to put her under 24-hour surveillance. She then clarified the truth about Dafa to the inmates.

They had to go to the prison factory to work at 6 o'clock in the morning and could not return to the dorm until 10:00 at night.

To protest the imprisonment, Ms. Ding started a hunger strike. Into the 6th day of her hunger strike, Prison Affairs Section chief Wu Li and Yin Xu ordered eight inmates to carry Ms. Ding to the prison hospital. Her blood pressure registered 180. Later, Ms. Ding refused to cooperate with them and still kept up the hunger strike.

3. Persecution in the Dalian Detention Center when arrested the second time

In July 2003, two officers from the Jinian Street Residential Committee arrived at Ms. Ding's home. Ten minutes later policeman Gao Yingzhong from Shijie Street Precinct arrived with other policemen. As soon as the policemen arrived, the two officers from the Residential Committee left. The policemen pushed Ms. Ding into a small room and started searching the house. Ms. Ding asked them to show their legal documents, but they didn't have any. One policeman took photos of her rooms. They confiscated Master Li's picture, Dafa books and materials, her son's computer, a copy machine, a VCD player, two tape recorders and the only money they had. She shouted, "Falun Dafa is great." The policemen shut the windows and doors; they were afraid the neighbors would hear it.

They pulled her out of her house without her shoes on and pushed her into a police car. She then realized that this police car had been parked outside her house for several days. Later they sent her to the Dalian Detention Center.

She shouted, "Falun Dafa is great," when she got there. A male police officer said, "Do you want to eat buns?" (by "buns" the policeman meant "death" because the shape of a bun looks like a Chinese tomb). She didn't understand what that meant. The policeman said to her, "Your Master has been caught and I already killed him!" Ding said, "You will receive serious retribution, if you slander my Master and Dafa." Then, he beat her badly and yelled, "I am going to beat you to death if you dare to say again that Falun Dafa is great!" Ms. Ding then shouted again, so that man beat her more.

A female police officer, around 40 years old, ordered Ms. Ding to shut up. Ms. Ding told her that Falun Dafa is great and that people in over 60 countries around the world are practicing it. The woman officer beat her also.

Ms. Ding had much physical pain but she felt more pain in her heart, because the CCP's lies had blinded so many people.

Later, Ms. Ding was handcuffed and shackled in the 3rd room of the 7th Prison Ward. Her hands and legs were spread apart and tied onto a bed. (see photo) To protest this torture she started a hunger strike. Policeman Jia Ling and detention center chief Wang Ying ordered an inmate to monitor her. This inmate also insulted and tortured her. After three days on a hunger strike, prison doctor Su Ying force-fed her. Su Ying told Ms. Ding that Su's child was at home, and she could not enjoy her vacation at home because Ms. Ding refused to eat. Ms. Ding gave in and agreed to eat. The persecution got worse. Two policemen from the 1st Section of police department held a trial. One of the officers was Gao Yingzhong.

"Stretching Bed" Torture

During the trial, Ms. Ding refused to answer any questions, so Gao Yingzhong had to send her back. When they were at the prison gate, several policemen started beating her. One of them pulled her hair and pushed her face against a wall. They held her legs and arms and tried to take pictures. She tried her best to resist and shouted, "It is a crime to persecute Falun Gong practitioners; Falun Dafa is Great!" They beat her again and took pictures. She had wounds all over her body. An old policeman from the Yaojia Detention Center saw this. On the way to her dorm room this old policeman said, "Those people are like the Mafia. It was too horrible. What have Falun Gong practitioners done that they are being treated this way?"

The Yaojia Detention Center's 8th Division was for those who were awaiting a court trial. Ms. Ding was jailed there although she was not awaiting a trial. She was tied to a bed with her legs and arms stretched out. To protest this torture she started another hunger strike.

Prison doctor Su Ying told several inmates to hold Ms. Ding's head, pulling her hair and ears so that Su could insert the feeding tube into her nose. Ding tried her best to resist. Su then slapped her face with a shoe and stepped on her breast. They force-fed her twice a day, but after the food entered the tube, Ms. Ding vomited and spit up all the food and the tube. The doctor ordered people to immobilize Ms. Ding's legs and arms. She force-fed Ms. Ding again after giving her a glucose injection.

Every time Su force-fed Ms. Ding, she cursed her. She told the inmates to curse Master Li. Some inmates refused to do so. Then Su urged inmate Sun Chang to do that and promised that if she did so her sentence would be reduced. So, Sun did it. Sun said later that she didn't want to do that, but she was afraid that they would extend her sentence.

An inmate named Sun Caiyun took all of Ms. Ding's bedding away in order to get her own sentence reduced. Sun cursed other inmates when they tried to help Ms. Ding. Sun Caiyun also beat Ms. Ding, saying Ms. Ding took her sleeping space. Su Ying supported Sun Caiyun's behavior. Sun Caiyun tortured Ms. Ding for eight days. During those eight days Ms. Ding wore only very thin clothes and slept on a cold bed without any bedding. She was also tied on the bed with her legs and arms stretched out.

Once during the force-feeding Ms. Ding vomited blood several times. Su Ying was very angry, so she ordered the inmates to remove all the bedding and pillows that the blood had stained. Chief Wang Ying lashed her with a belt several times and told inmates to pull her hair and hit her head against the hard ground. Wang Ying always asked male criminals to pull her ears with great force but as soon as Wang Ying left the male criminals released her. Since Ms. Ding refused to cooperate with the perpetrators, the male prison doctor poured cold water on her. Inmates Chu Xueming and Jiang Ming kicked and beat her many times. They pulled her down from the bed and force-fed her with her feet and hands immobilized. Even the inmates thought that Su Ying, Wang Ying, Chu Xuemei, Sun Caiyun were too brutal toward Falun Gong practitioners.

Each time she was interrogated, an official from the 1st Section of the police department said to her, "It would be too lenient to you if we only sentenced you to eight or ten years."

After 59 days in hell, Ms. Ding Zhenfang was released from the Yaojia Detention Center without giving in to her captors' demands. Looking at her emaciated body, her husband who was waiting for her outside of the detention center could not even recognize her. He cried.

4. Persecution in the Dalian Detention Center when arrested the third time

On August 19, 2004, Dalian Xigang Rixin Street Police Station arrested Ms. Ding Zhenfang when she was clarifying the truth on bus. This was the third time she was arrested.

In the police station, she was locked on a metal chair for whole day. The next afternoon she was sent to the Dalian Detention Center.

On the night she was sent to the detention center, many policemen tortured her, including Wang Ying, Su Ying, Guo Weijia, Jia Ling. The torture was as cruel as before. Ms. Ding started a hunger strike again to protest the torture. The chief of the detention center, Jiang Ming, said, "Last time, we let her go in several dozen days, so this time, we should not let her go."

Several policemen beat her at the same time. Later they locked her in the basement, and tied her on the bed with her legs and arms stretched out. They also force-fed her. One week later, Ms. Ding was sent to Dalian Forced Labor Camp to be further persecuted.

5. Persecution in Dalian Forced Labor Camp

At the beginning of September 2004, without any trial, the Rixin Police Station transferred Ms. Ding from the Dalian Detention Center to the Dalian Forced Labor Camp, along with another Falun Gong practitioner. On the way there, she learned that she was sentenced to three years and the other practitioner was sentenced to two years. She and the other practitioner shouted, "Falun Dafa is great," and clarified the truth on the way. When she got to the forced labor camp, she tore up the prison rules that policemen gave her, so the policemen asked the inmates to beat her and torture her in the solitary cell.

The inmates Zhang Xiujuan and Wang Chong were in charge of the solitary cell. Since a practitioner from Wafangdian could not stand the torture after being forced to stand up for 3 days, she was "reformed." The policemen, Zhang Xiujuan and Wang Chong thought that if they applied more intensive torture to Ms. Ding, she would be reformed too, so they forced her to stand in a metal cage for 5 days, and later locked her onto a stretching bed. (See the photo above)

The policemen locked Ms. Ding's arms and legs onto the metal frame of the bed, and taped her feet and hands. They put three wooden boards under her body and a thick heavy hat on her head. They sealed her mouth and nose with tape, and poked two holes for her to breathe. They poured thick cereal, thick garlic water, and urine into her mouth. They even put a live spider into her mouth. They put 20 some bugs in her clothes (The inmate Wang Chong did that.) and pushed pins into her feet. They pushed steel tubes and chopsticks into her mouth, which made her mouth and tongue rotten and painful. They also poured dirty water on her.

Ms. Ding's body and limbs were covered with wounds. After Wang Chong left, the inmate Lu Jing came. Lu and Zhang Xiujuan pushed toothpicks and pins into her toe nails. When she was weak, they forced her to stand up in a metal cage. Policemen and criminals wrapped her body and head with plastic wrap, which was completely air proof, with two holes for her to breathe. Then they carried her into the metal cage. They inserted a one inch thick wooden board between her feet and the metal frame of the cage, which made her feet swell very badly. It was even worse than the tiger bench. Ms. Ding said, "I would not have been able to survive through it without Master's help. My hands and feet were locked, and my body was wrapped in the plastic. They constantly beat and cursed me to force me to reform. They pulled me around like a ball, but I survived due to my solid belief in Master and Dafa.

Torture: Wrapped in plastic

Torture: Wrapped in plastic

High Resolution Picture
Wrapped by plastic and forced to stand up (from side)

High Resolution Picture
Wrapped by plastic and forced to stand up (from front)

Torture: pins pierced her toes

Torture: pins pierced her toes

The team head Zhang transferred an inmate, Yu Yehong, who is from the first team of the forced labor camp, to the solitary cell in order to torture Ms. Ding. The team head Zhang, Lu Jing and Zhang Xiujuan locked Ms. Ding and Yu Yehong's hands together. When Yu was sleeping, they forced Ms. Ding to stand up, so she had to bend her body.

They fed Yu Yehong with meat, and afterwards, they poked Ms. Ding and pressed her breasts and ribs. They also pressed her back. When they did it, they could even feel Ms. Ding's internal organs. They also poked her private parts. They tortured her like that every day. Due to the torture, she became very weak and skinny and she was not able to stand up. But they still put her into a metal cage. Yu Yehong, who is heavy, rode on her neck and pulled her hair, so she could barely breathe. They also inserted dirty cloth and underwear into her mouth.

On the evening of September 29, 2004, they took off all her clothes, and tore her underwear. They inserted the pieces into her mouth. Since she was very firm about cultivation, they were very angry. They used all kinds of torture on her. They hung her up and beat her every day for a month. When she was released from the solitary cell, she was already deformed. She could not walk or carry anything by herself. Even so, they still forced her to do labor. If she could not finish her assignment, she was not allowed to sleep. She was punished by being made to stand up until 1 o'clock in the morning every day. On cold days, the policemen asked the inmates to open the windows to freeze her.

The police could not reform Ms. Ding no matter what they did. They had tortured her on the stretching bed and in the solitary cell for more than one month.

On the morning of October 28, 2004, they sent Ms. Ding with seven other Falun Gong practitioners to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, which has a very bad reputation for torturing Falun Gong practitioners.

6. Torture in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp (From October 29, 2004 to May 29, 2005)

In Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, policemen asked Ms. Ding to study the anti-Falun Gong materials and listen to the anti-Falun Gong broadcast. Ms. Ding refused to do so, and she also refused to wear the prison uniform. She shouted, "Falun Dafa is great," and refused to do the prison exercises. The policemen could do nothing about her, so they locked her in the bathroom. They locked her in the bathroom every day at 4 o'clock in the morning and let her go back to her cell at 10 pm. She was locked in the bathroom 18 hours a day for three and a half months.

Torture: being tied up to a chair

In Masanjia, Ms. Ding was locked in a solitary cell three times for a total of 35 days. The first time, her hands were tied and she was tied onto a bench for 16 days. The second time, she was locked in the cell for 10 days, and she threw up blood due to the torture. The prison doctor tried to force-feed her. She was sent to the hospital, and the doctors asked the policemen not to force-feed her, but the policemen force-fed her cold food anyway. The third time, she was locked in the solitary cell for 9 days. Guard Huang Haiyan forced her to wear the prison uniform. They bought three outfits with Ms. Ding's own money, but she refused to wear them.

Torture: being tied up

Torture: Pressing, pulling and stretching

On March 31, the teams were rearranged so that all the solid Falun Gong practitioners were jailed in the first division. Ms. Ding and other steadfast practitioners were jailed in a cold and damp cell. Although she was already weak, they still forced her to sit on a stool for long time. She protested again.

On April 4, the division heads, Li, Jiang, the chief of the second women's center, and Zhao Laixi, came into her cell. Zhao Laixi beat practitioners, and force-fed them. Guards stepped on practitioners' arms and legs. They laughed and tortured them. Some guards sat on Ms. Ding's legs.

On April 6, Ding started to throw up blood, and became very thin. She could not eat or drink. They wanted to send her to the hospital, but she refused. Ms. Ding told them that she would be better if they allowed her to do Falun Gong exercises and read Falun Gong books. They didn't listen to her, and sent her to the hospital. The doctor was not even able to detect her pulse, which meant she was in grave danger. They tied her hands and gave her injections and drops. In 15 days, Ms. Ding was not able to talk. Her tongue was swollen and she threw up whatever she was fed. The doctors found that she had a brain disease and probably had a tumor in her brain. The policemen were afraid then, so on May 28, they informed her family to take her home. Ms. Ding Zhenfang again escaped from hell on the morning of May 29, 2005.

(Note: the photos are re-enactments of the tortures.)

December 26, 2005