(Clearwisdom.net) Recently a renowned righteous lawyer came to practitioners to investigate the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in depth. He published many articles exposing the persecution to support practitioners. His actions have drawn much attention and feedback both in China and abroad.

This also had a big impact among practitioners. Many practitioners from various regions are writing their experience of being tortured and trying to get their papers to this lawyer. Many others who had not come to a clear understanding of the Fa asked him to investigate their local cases. Meanwhile the organizer who arranged the lawyer's meetings with practitioners even collected money from practitioners under the name of organizing a team to end persecution from the legal perspective. Some practitioners had already given money to this organizer. This incident drew the attention of other practitioners and they called for a stop to this activity.

Some practitioners think that if even an ordinary person can "let go the matter of life and death" and step forward to support Dafa, then what's there for us practitioners to be afraid of. They disregarded the safety of their families and other people and used their real name in their articles. As a result, they were forced to leave home to avoid further persecution, causing severe interference in validating the Fa and their normal daily lives. Is such an act caused by human notions?

Teacher said explicitly in "Master's Comment on a Student's Article,"

"All Dafa disciples, whether they are in Mainland China or other parts of the world, should, with the approaches they take to counter the persecution, keep close in mind the safety of Mainland China's Dafa disciples. All actions that jeopardize Dafa disciples' safety should be stopped."

In the book Zhuan Falun, Teacher said,

"Stay with only one school of practice. Whether it is a Buddha, a Tao, an immortal, or a demon, they should not move your heart. In conducting oneself this way, success is bound to be in sight."

Cultivation is a serious matter. We need to follow Teacher's requirement and do the three things well. Only by doing this can we walk our path righteously.

In fact, the reason why a non-practitioner can step forward under enormous pressure to expose the torture is because of the progress of Teacher's Fa rectification and many practitioners' enormous sacrifice during truth clarification and eliminating evil, hence bringing forth a change of climate and the awakening of sentient beings.

Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa conference,"

"Right now many people are willing to step forward, because a lot of the different realms' beings and kings can see that Dafa's success in Fa-rectification is unstoppable and certain. So one after another they are giving their stance and showing it in their actions."

We should realize this with a clear mind,

"Since mankind was created for Dafa, Dafa is this play's main theme, and all sentient beings' existences revolve around this main theme. It's just that people have been engrossed with the conflicts and clashes that have been acted out in the details of the play, and have forgotten the play's main theme and the purpose of life." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

As a human being, if he does something for Dafa, he is laying a solid foundation for his bright future. It is also the ultimate goal of life on this earth.

Although many practitioners said that we did not depend on ordinary people to restore the reputation of Dafa and did not count on ordinary people, they pay much attention to this incident and it already stirred up some human notions. Did it expose our fundamental notion and attachment as a whole? Are we validating the Fa with a "God's mind" or just doing things with "human notions"? Meanwhile, did we truly consider the safety of this lawyer? Did the request from practitioners put pressure on him? And will the old forces in other dimensions harm him using the excuse of making practitioners more mature? We should not forget the lesson about the Chinese premier Teacher brought up. Teacher said,

"Whether [something is due to] Master's wishes or the old forces' control, isn't the goal behind it the successful cultivation of Dafa disciples and the disintegration of the evil?" ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005")

"Everything here in human society was established for Fa-rectification, and all that exists today exists for the sake of my Dafa disciples validating the Fa. Remember: you are the stars of today's world, you are the lives that sentient beings are watching the most intently, and you are beings who are determining the future of every person in the human world!" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference")

Here we ask that all involved practitioners immediately stop doing it, calm down, let go of ordinary people's attachments, look within and study the Fa in depth so that they can become more mature and do the three things well with every opportunity.

"You should take fewer detours on this most magnificent, divine path; not leave reason for regret in your futures; and not fall so far behind in terms of levels. That is my hope, your hope, and the hope of the beings who are counting on you." ("The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be")

December 27, 2005