(Clearwisdom.net) Former principal Chen Huamin of Douhudi Elementary School in Gongan County, Hunan Province has aggressively cooperated with the county's 610 Office director Liao Xuesheng (current chief of the National Security Division) and helped in brutally persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He tried to force over 20 teachers from the elementary school to give up practicing Dafa. They (Chen and others) confiscated the practitioners' Dafa books, Master's photos, Dafa audiotapes and videos and threw them on the floor to be destroyed later. Because practitioner Ms. Zhang Lieju refused to give up her belief and practice, Chen tried to frame her and sent people to follow her and report her. When she was not home at times, he sent people to harass her and take away her Dafa books, Master's photos, sitting-meditation cushions and other items.

One day in March 2000, Ms. Zhang Lieju was teaching a class. Chen Huamin harassed her in front of all her students. Ms. Zhang was shocked and angry. Before then, Zhang Lieju had clarified the truth several times to Chen. But Chen said, "I'm not a practitioner. I don't need to pay attention to virtue."

Chen Huamin also fabricated the story that Falun Gong had caused Zhang Lieju to lose her mind and suffer a mental disorder and to practice and meditate in the classroom. He made up a hoax by saying that he heard this from students' parents. He also accused Ms. Zhang as "not being responsible to students." Previously, Chen had often praised Ms. Zhang Lieju, "I never need to follow up on the work I give Ms. Zhang Lieju." Ms. Zhang used to be praised as an excellent teacher in her district. After she obtained Dafa, she also attended nationwide honorary conferences for top performers. But overnight, she was framed as suffering from mental disease, and this caused a negative effect on Dafa. Since then, wherever she went, people always tried to avoid her.

What's even worse, was that in front of Ms. Zhang Lieju's family and relatives, Chen acted as if he cared for Ms. Zhang. Behind her back, he spread rumors that the Security Bureau would sentence her. He said that if the family could get a doctor's notice, she wouldn't be sentenced. The family was deceived by his false kindness and took Ms. Zhang Lieju to Sha City. Thus, Ms. Zhang Lieju was forcibly locked up and brutally tortured in the Sha City Mental Hospital. She was injected with drugs that damage the central nervous system. She felt weak and was fidgety and she was nauseous whenever she saw food. She couldn't fall asleep. Ms. Zhang Lieju was tied to a bed and couldn't move. She was locked up with over 20 other patients who had severe mental illnesses. She was forced to wear a uniform for mentally ill patients. If Ms. Zhang didn't follow orders, she would be injected with drugs. In this way, Ms. Zhang was brutally tortured and persecuted.

Later on, when Ms. Zhang Lieju escaped from the Sha City Mental Hospital and went back to school, the students all came to her and said, "Teacher Zhang, where did you go? We missed you so much. If you don't teach us piano, we don't want to learn it any more."

Later, Chen gave policeman Liao Xuesheng a fake case history of Ms. Zhang, which gave the evil an excuse to severely persecute her. The authorities held three sessions of brainwashing classes and arrested practitioners without any valid reason. They ransacked practitioners' homes and hired policemen to beat up practitioners. Several practitioners were forcibly sent to mental hospitals. The authorities claimed that they would spend a hundred thousand yuan in mental hospitals on Dafa practitioners.

The longest time Ms. Zhang Lieju was persecuted was when she was locked up in the mental hospital for two and a half months. She was brutally persecuted and tortured. They tried to force her to "transform." Several times, Ms. Zhang was at the brink of death. Every day, she was locked in the patients' room and was tortured both mentally and physically, 24 hours a day. Every day, she was tied to a bed and couldn't move her body. Every 5 or 6 hours, hospital staff injected her with drugs that destroyed her central nervous system and which made her lose control of her bladder. Sometimes they used 5-6 security guards to press Ms. Zhang down to the bed and pry open her mouth with pliers, which caused her mouth and gums to bleed, and forcibly administered drugs into her mouth. The volume of the drug was 10 times more than what they gave to actual mentally ill patients. When Zhang Lieju was at the brink of death, the doctors were afraid of having to take responsibility, so they reported their concern to the 610 Office. But the police said that even if Ms. Zhang died, they would not be responsible for anything.

On one occasion, the person who was assigned by the National Security Division to watch Ms. Zhang reported her. (This was because a poster defaming Dafa was destroyed, and they suspected it was done by Zhang Lieju.) More than a dozen 610 Office people went to her home and sent her to Wuhan Brainwashing Center to persecute her brutally. They also sent the false case history that Chen Huamin used to stigmatize practitioners. Zhang Lieju was injected with a large amount of toxic drugs that made her pass out. Police Chief Tian Ming said, "Don't die here and give me trouble!"

In order to try to get rid of Ms. Zhang Lieju, Chen Huamin first tried to make up excuses to frame her and generally made life very difficult for her. Once, right before the summer break, Zhang Lieju was assigned the task of coordinating the rehearsal of a 500-person group exercise. Zhang Lieju spent the whole summer break designing and coordinating the rehearsal. But right after the summer break, she was told that the theme had changed. So she started the project again. After the 3 or 4 classes she taught every day, she spent extra time to design the presentation and used 2 - 3 hours after school to work with the students on the rehearsal. Whether it was holidays or weekends, she devoted all her time to this project. Sometimes, she didn't even have time to cook for her children. She overcame all the difficulties. After two months of hard work, Ms. Zhang's group won first place amongst all seven elementary and middle schools who participated in the competition. However, at the end of the semester, she didn't get any bonus. Chen even claimed that the lessons Ms. Zhang prepared were not enough and he also announced this in writing to the whole school (this was the very first time such an announcement was made at the school). Towards the second half of the second year, after all of Chen's fabricated stories and excuses, he instigated a group of people to have Ms. Zhang laid off. According to school policy, laid-off teachers should get 800f their salary. But Chen didn't give Ms. Zhang any compensation. After she appealed to high-level leaders about her situation, the leaders wanted to give her the salary. But Chen still tried to cooperate with the evil to cut off her monetary source, which made her life extremely difficult with her raising two children.

Ms. Zhang Lieju was illegally arrested seven times by police officers led by Liao Xuesheng. Every time, they wouldn't release her until she was nearly tortured to death. The authorities also sent people to monitor Ms. Zhang and demanded that she report to her school twice every day. They forced the school to not give back her job, and her salary was limited to only two hundred yuan.

The chief criminals persecuting Dafa practitioners in Gongan County are Liao Xuesheng, Xia Yingan, Xiang Xiaoyang, Yuan Danqiang, Zhang Zuyin, and others. Due to their rampant persecution, thirteen Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained in forced labor camps and seven practitioners have been illegally sentenced. In April 2005, practitioner Ms. Jiang Hong was sent to the women's forced labor camp for the third time. In December 2005, practitioner Mr. Liu Longping was sent to Jingzhou Brainwashing Center. The misguided authorities have not stopped their evil actions. They even instigated some companies to post posters defaming Dafa and Master.

Let's all uphold justice and stop the persecution together!