(Clearwisdom.net) Ma Zongtao, a member of the Junan County 610 Office in Linyi City, Shandong Province, followed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Jiang Zemin's criminal group in persecuting Falun Gong since July 1999. He is the main perpetrator responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong in Junan County. Ma Zongtao, Liu Xipeng, and Lu Xiutian from the Junan County 610 Office used various base means to persecute practitioners including savage beatings and cruel torture. They are vicious and unscrupulous. Below are only a few examples of their crimes.

Practitioner Ms. Han Guangmei Savagely Beaten for an Entire Night Until She Was at the Brink of Death

Ms. Han Guangmei from Nanshiqiao Village, Junan County was illegally arrested on November 26 along with 18 other practitioners. Ma Zongtao beat Ms. Han for an entire night until she was at death's door and could not move her body. Her left leg was about twice the size as her right leg. Ma Zongtao said in a menacing voice, "I will certainly beat you to death tonight."

On the evening of November 26, 2005, personnel from the Junan County 610 Office surrounded the home of Dafa practitioner Zhang Yaqin from Xujiahuangzhuang Village, and arrested 19 practitioners who were holding an experience-sharing conference. Dozens of personnel from the Junan County 610 Office in seven 110 Emergency Response cars and one Fiat bus first surrounded and then broke into Zhang Yaqin's home. Ma Zongtao was the first to barge inside. He quickly locked the front gate and blocked the entrance to the living room. He said shamelessly, "Tonight, we'll listen to the beautiful Yang Guangzhen as the lecturer." He said some vulgar words and proceeded to touch Yang Guangzhen's face.

Ma Zongtao then used his cell phone to call more personnel outside the home. The perpetrators jumped on the 19 practitioners like a pack of hungry wolves, and they dragged the practitioners into the bus and took them to the 110 Emergency Response Office in west Junan County. The address of this location is unknown. At the office, Ma Zongtao called practitioner Ms. Han Guangmei from Nanshiqiao Village into a north room. He slapped her face four times right after she stepped into the room. He then handcuffed her hands behind her back, forced her to sit on a chair and illegally interrogated her.

Ma Zongtao said very insulting and indecent things. Han Guangmei refused to cooperate with his villainous interrogation. At 8:30 p.m., Ma Zongtao found a rubber club that is used to beat inmates, and he savagely beat her with it. Ma Zongtao hit Ms. Han's ankles, thighs and calves and threatened, "I'll beat you to death tonight."

Another perpetrator was also in the room. He held Han Guangmei down so she could not move her feet to avoid the beating. Because Han Guangmei would not give any information, the two persecutors walked behind her and abruptly yanked up on her handcuffs, which caused her to scream and cry in pain. A cracking sound was emitted from her body and she almost passed out.

Ma Zongtao grabbed Han Guangmei's hair and banged her head against the wall numerous times until she became disoriented, and several bumps the size of grapefruits appeared on her head. Despite the torture she went through, Ms. Han Guangmei kindly said to Ma Zongtao, "I've never treated you wrong, don't assist the evil to persecute good people. Do something good for a change! Save an escape route for yourself!"

Ma Zongtao, who at this point is completely devoid of human nature, not only refused to listen to her, but screamed, "The Communist Party is my father! I'll beat you to death today, for sure! I couldn't fully vent my spite even if I sliced a thousand or 10,000 pieces of flesh off of you."

Ma beat and tortured Han Guangmei for an entire night. In the end, he took the handcuffs off of Han Guangmei and was scared at the sight of her deformed hands, and he stopped torturing her.

It was nearly 6:00 a.m. by then. Han Guangmei's back, legs and feet were black and blue and almost all of her body was covered with wounds. She could not stand up and she cried in pain. The other 18 practitioners were forced to sit on the cold cement ground for the whole night.

After dawn, the perpetrators took the practitioners to the Junan County Detention Center. Two officers dragged Han Guangmei out of the car, and the authorities from the detention center saw that she was heavily wounded and in critical condition. They asked, "Who beat her up like this? That's too much! We can't take her in this condition." Han Guangmei groaned and said, "Ma Zongtao beat me." The detention center authorities asked Ma Zongtao, "Did you beat her?" Ma Zongtao answered, "Yes I did." The authorities said, "Then you should take her to the hospital for a physical exam and medical imaging." Ma Zongtao drove Han Guangmei to Chinese Medicine Hospital in Junan County. Ma Zongtao, who is brawny, dragged Ms. Han Guangmei up and down the stairs for medical imaging. He took her back to the detention center and told the authorities that she was not hurt. The authorities reluctantly accepted her.

The practitioners were forced to sit on the cold cement floor, and they were not allowed to use the cotton quilts sent by their families. The detention center authorities claimed that they bought quilts that cost 60 yuan each for all detainees. The weather was balmy the evening of October 25, and the practitioners who had gone to the experience sharing conference wore only one layer of clothing. On the third day of their detention, the temperature dropped to - 46 0F. Han Guangmei, with her severely traumatized body, was also forced to stay on the icy cement floor for about four days until her legs swelled up and she developed diarrhea and vomiting. She eventually lost consciousness.

The guards didn't try to revive her. Instead, they ordered some others to drag her out. All detainees at the women's division cried out loud, which compelled the authorities to find four people to carry Ms. Han to the Chinese Medicine Hospital across the street from the detention center. The doctor resuscitated her and gave her an IV infusion. Because this was the first time that Han Guangmei was sent to the hospital while being held at the detention center, the detention center authorities were afraid of being held responsible should she die. Therefore they brought over officials from the Junan County Procuratorate, who inspected and recorded Han Guangmei's wounds. Han Guangmei truthfully recounted the beating and torture Ma Zongtao administered for a whole night, and they wrote it all down.

After receiving an IV infusion, Han Guangmei, who was still in critical condition, was sent back to the detention center. She was held for 20 days, from October 26 until November 16. She was treated in the emergency room three times during this period. During her last hospital visit, the doctor said she was in serious condition and could die if she was not hospitalized. The veins in her leg atrophied, and she also suffered from periostitis. The Junan County 610 Office paid 2,200 yuan for Ms. Han to be hospitalized, and they filled out the paperwork. They told her family about her hospital stay on the next day.

Ma Zongtao said to Han Guangmei's family, "We decided to release Han Guangmei on one-year medical parole, and we just released her." Ma Zongtao did all the procedures. Han Guangmei's family doesn't know Ma Zongtao, so they asked if it was he who broke Ms. Han's legs. Ma lied and said that he hadn't, and said that Ms. Han injured her legs by accidentally hitting the car door when she was getting in a car.

When Han Guangmei's family went to see her, they found that she could not move. Her left leg was so badly swollen that she could not even put on pants. Her feet were even more swollen. Every time the doctor came to check her, he told the nurse that Ms. Han needed intensive care. He said she should not move at all, as otherwise her life would be in big danger.

Persecutors Arrest Practitioners, Brutally Beat Practitioner Cui Jianai; Her Young Daughter is Left Without Care

On August 12, 2005, agents from the 610 Office, including Ma Zongtao, arrested six practitioners including Ji Xingshu, in his 60s, Ji Xingcai, in his 60s, Peng Xiuzhan, in his 50s, and Li Baoshan, 43 years old. Practitioner Cui Jianai from Duojuguanzhuang Village was arrested later. Ji Xingshu, Ji Xingcai, Peng Xiuzhan, Li Baoshan and Cui Jianai have been "illegally sentenced" to forced labor. Cui Jianai's husband Wang Houling, 41, had by then already been held at the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for more than two years. After Cui Jianai's arrest, their ten-year-old daughter was left at home alone, without care. Li Baoshan was arrested, leaving his 82-year-old father and seven-year-old daughter at home. Li Baoshan's wife Qian Jinhua has been staying away from home for more than two years to avoid arrest.

After Cui Jianai's arrest, Ma Zongtao and another police officer handcuffed her and hung her up. They then beat her until they were close to breaking her ribs and she had difficulty breathing due to the pain. Three months later, Cui Jianai still had a scar on her wrist that was about 2 inches long and 0.8 inch deep.

Persecutors Beat Practitioner Chen Xinxia from Tugou Village, Shizilu Town Until Her Mouth Filled With Blood

On May 11, 2005, Ma Zongtao and other perpetrators ransacked the homes of practitioners Chen Xinxia, Xiao Mingxia, Sun Li, Yan Xia and Zhao Erhua from Tugou Village in Shizilu Town, and arrested them. On June 1, Chen Xinxia and Xiao Mingxia were illegally sent to a labor camp in Jinan City, but neither practitioner passed the physical exam due to the long-term torture they had suffered after being illegally arrested. Persecutors, including Liu Xipeng, bribed the labor camp authorities who eventually accepted Xiao Mingxia. Chen Xinxia was sent home because she was diagnosed with Hepatitis B.

When Chen Xinxia was taken to the police department, Ma Zongtao started torturing her after he ate. He stomped on Chen Xinxia's toes with his hard boots, kicked her to the floor and stepped on her thighs with his boots and shamelessly said, "You are so soft." He also handcuffed her wrists behind her back and lifted her arms upwards. Ma Zongtao beat Chen Xinxia for a while. Then he left, and on his return he beat her again.

Chen Xinxia later was held at a detention center. The authorities interrogated her the following afternoon. They dragged her outside. Outside the front gate, Ma Zongtao and a woman were waiting for Chen Xinxia. They called for her but she didn't move. The guards left after they took Chen Xinxia outside. Ma Zongtao walked up to Chen Xinxia and beat and kicked her, forcing her to walk with him. They took her inside a room where Chen Xinxia was forced to sit on a chair. They stomped on her toes and used a steel wire to whip her left calf, her left foot and her right thigh.

Chen Xinxia felt she could not clarify the truth to her tormenters, so she kept silent. The brutes could not get any information from her, so they fabricated things to write in the police record. During the second interrogation, a man named Chen Xin was present to take photos and the woman guard was changed. This time Ma Zongtao found a dirty belt and he wiped it on Chen Xinxia's back. He put the belt on a table. He turned around and slapped Chen Xinxia's face until her mouth filled with blood. He didn't stop slapping her until Chen Xin shouted from the outer room that photos must be taken. After Chen Xin took photos, Ma Zongtao hit Chen Xinxia's feet with the side of the belt. Chen Xin took the belt and whipped Chen Xinxia's face and calves until her calves became misshapen. Her calves had not recovered even more than 20 days later. Chen Xin said, "If you won't tell us what we want to know, then anything you suffer is all your fault! We'll sentence you to three years of forced labor."

On June 1, Chen Xinxia was sent to the Jinan Forced Labor Camp along with Xiao Mingxia. The following is what happened to Xiao Mingxia: At around 11:00 a.m. on May 11, the perpetrators found some Dafa books and an MP3 player in Xiao Mingxia's home and carried her to a car. They asked her for the source of the books and beat her when she refused to tell them. They forced her to sit on the cold concrete floor. Xiao Mingxia refused to cooperate with the perpetrator's unreasonable demands and refused to eat. The captors coerced her to eat. After 21 days of incarceration at the Yishui Detention Center they sent her to a forced labor camp in Jinan City without due process. Because of Xiao Mingxia's poor health however, the Junan County 610 Office agents had to bribe the labor camp authorities, who then accepted her. Xiao Mingxia was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor.

The authorities refused to take Chen Xinxia because she was diagnosed with Hepatitis B.

Qian Jinhua Beaten with a Rubber Club, Her Leg Injured

Ms. Qian Jinhua is a practitioner around 40 years of age who lived in Pengjiashigou Village in Dadian Town, Junan County. She started practicing Falun Gong in July 1998. Before practicing Falun Gong, she had heart palpitations, anemia, low blood pressure, neurasthenia, gastroptosis and gynecological problems. All of her illnesses disappeared soon after she started the Falun Dafa practice, and her family life became harmonious. She learned how to be a good person according to Dafa. Once when she stumbled on some money in the street, she looked for the owner for over a month and returned the money to him.

On the evening of November 18, 2000 [Chinese lunar calendar], Qian Jinhua and other Dafa practitioners went to other villages to clarify the truth. Someone who was deceived by the Chinese Communist regime's anti-Falun Gong propaganda reported them. The practitioners were arrested and detained at the Dadian Police Department.

On November 19, Lu Xiutian and Ma Zongtao led a few perpetrators and ransacked Ms. Qian's home and took away all of the Dafa materials, books and a recorder. In feudal China, the whole family would be punished [by association] for the crime of an individual, but now the whole village, town and even county is punished for a person who practices Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. The former village Party secretary Zhang Pengxiang was frightened and spent 300 "yuan" on a feast to treat Lu Xiutian and Ma Zongtao. After they were full, Ma Zongtao forced Qian Jinhua to sit on the concrete floor and beat and cursed her. He tried to coerce her to give the source of the truth clarification materials. She refused to tell, so they hit her legs with a rubber club until a huge bump appeared on the front of one of her legs. They verbally assaulted her as they beat her, hitting her after each sentence. They also forcibly bent her toes backwards. Qian Jinhua's body trembled in pain and she could barely stand up.

Ma Zongtao ordered Lu Xiutian to shock her with electric batons. Bumps then appeared on her face and cheeks. Li Mi from the Dadian Police Department beat her with rubber clubs. They saw that they could not get what they wanted, so they detained Qian Jinhua for 15 days and extorted a 320-yuan "food fee" and a 20-yuan deposit from her. Ms. Qian was the mother of a two-year-old chil.

Perpetrators Beat Practitioner Han Guanglian's Injured Legs Until She Could Not Stand Up Straight and was Forced to Crawl Along the Ground

Han Guanglian is the younger sister of Han Guangmei, mentioned previously in this article.

Han Guanglian lived in Wenshuiquan Village in Shizilu Town, Junan County. She is in her 40s. Someone introduced her to Falun Gong in late 1998. She was cured of many minor illnesses through Dafa practice and her temperament improved, as did her relationship with her family. She got along with her mother-in-law and always conducted herself according to Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

At around 1:00 p.m. on November 17, 1999 [Chinese lunar calendar], Han Guanglian and her husband were doing household chores when a dozen perpetrators from the Chengdong Police Department, as well as Lu Xiutian and Yang Qizheng from the Junan County Police Department ransacked her home.

They rummaged through all of her furniture and found some Dafa truth clarification materials. They took Ms. Han to the Chengdong Police Department, arriving there at about 3:30 p.m. They forced her to sit on the concrete floor with her legs outstretched, and to hold her arms out parallel to her legs. Lu Xiutian brought a rubber club used to beat inmates and started beating Han Guanglian. He hit the area below her knees. Another four perpetrators including Xu Tianzhong stood on both sides of Ms. Han and beat her continuously. They asked her about the source of the truth clarification materials. Lu Xiutian beat Han Guanglian with a rubber club, and Xu Tianzhong burned her hands with a cigarette. She raised her hands to avoid the flame. Xu Tianzhong burned the back of her hands. When she lowered her hands, he burned her palms.

About four perpetrators then jumped on Han Guanglian. They beat and kicked her. Some stood on her feet and pushed down with all their strength. Han Guanglian became bruised on many parts of her body and sweated profusely from pain. The brutes made her take off her coat and then continued to beat her. Lu Xiutian struck her legs with all his might with the rubber club. The rubber club broke. He used the club handle to hit Han Guanglian's head and shoulders until 8:00 p.m.

The perpetrators were exhausted and hungry, so they left to eat dinner.

Han Guanglian could not stand up. Lu Xiutian said to her in a menacing voice, "Tomorrow I'll skin you and pull out all your tendons."

To avoid another day of savage beating, Han Guanglian ran out of the police department despite the terrible pain she was experiencing. She could not return home, so she went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa.

About eight days later, Chengdong Police Department agents took her back. They sent Ms. Han directly to a detention center. Her legs were dark purple. All the inmates in the women's division cried and said, "Even we real criminals didn't get beatings such as the one you received."

Two days into the detention, Ma Zongtao interrogated Han Guanglian. He made her sit on the floor and stretch out her legs. He picked up a rectangular wooden club about two feet long and hit the areas on her feet that were heavily wounded. He used the edge of the club to hit her. Ms. Han felt as if she was being chopped with a knife. He beat her for the entire morning. After the beating she could not stand up and crawled back to the cell. All of the inmates cried out loud. She could not put on her pants because her legs were severely swollen. It took at least two people to carry her to the restroom. She was released after her family was forced to pay 1,000 yuan "guarantee" money.

What is recounted above is only limited information about the cruel persecution of a few Dafa practitioners by savage perpetrators including Ma Zongtao. Further details of severe persecution and abuse of more practitioners is currently unknown due to the information blockade. It is clear that Ma Zongtao and other brutes have unscrupulously operated outside the law in this persecution and are grossly abusing and tormenting their fellow villagers in pursuit of personal interest!

The righteous will defeat the evil! Violence and coercion will never change justice and goodness. We hereby warn Ma Zongtao and other villains to stop assisting the evildoers and save an escape route for your future. If you ignore Dafa practitioners' kind advice, you are gambling with your lives and happiness for the benefit of the corrupt evil Communist Party and Jiang Zemin. When retribution for ignoring heavenly principles becomes evident and punishment by law arrives, it will be too late for regrets.

You clearly know that this persecution that Jiang Zemin launched constitutes severe violation of the Constitution of China and the criminal law code. By assisting the evildoers and persecuting the innocent, you have committed illegal search and seizure, illegal detention, extorting confessions under torture and obtaining evidence through the use of violence. Right now, a wave of lawsuits abroad has been launched against Jiang Zemin. Almost 7 million people have quit their membership in the evil Chinese Communist Party. The global trial of Jiang Zemin is imminent. If you don't immediately stop and make up for your crimes, severe legal punishment will await you

Phone numbers of agencies and individuals:
Junan County 610 Office: 86-539-7220334
Liu Xipeng, head of Junan County 610 Office: 86-13205392801 (cell)
Members of the 610 Office: Chen Xin, Zhuang Xuru, Ma Zongtao
Junan County Politics and Law Committee: 86-539-7212410
Junan County Police Department: 86-539-7212215
Politics and Security Section of Junan County Police Department: 86-539-2267456