(Clearwisdom.net) In the past six-plus years, the Chinese Communist Party has orchestrated a brutal persecution against Falun Dafa. Under orders from the provincial government and the city 610 Office, the Shijiazhuang Railroad Police Department, together with other police authorities, have committed crimes against practitioners working in the railroad system.

Directly Arresting Falun Gong practitioners

In early February 2002 (January 2 according to the Chinese lunar calendar), Shijiazhuang Railroad Police Department officials beat and arrested practitioner Mr. Ding Lihong as he returned home to visit his family. Mr. Ding was operating a train for the Shijiazhuang Railroad Station. Railroad police also threatened Ms. Ge Yanwen, Ding's wife, who witnessed the entire process. "If you call out for help, we will also take you away!" the railroad police told her.

Mr. Wang Huajun was an employee of Shijiazhuang Railroad and worked at South Market. At the end of 2001, railroad police arrested Mr. Wang on the street and sent him to a brainwashing center for further persecution.

Ms. Li Huixin was a railroad employee. On May 8, 2003, Shijiazhuang Railroad police officers, including Tian Heping, followed Ms. Li and illegally arrested her near the Yanfeng Building on Jianshe Street. During the process, they covered her head with a black scarf.

Brutal torture and force-feeding

Ms. Li Huixin was an employee of Shijiazhuang Railroad Station. She went to Beijing to appeal in December 2000. She was arrested, brought back, and detained at the Shijiazhuang Railroad Detention Center. Ms. Li went on a hunger strike to protest her captivity and she was then further persecuted by being force-fed.

Mr. Shen Manliang was a Shijiazhuang Railroad employee. He was illegally arrested in early April 2005 and detained at the Shijiazhuang Railroad Detention Center. The police tortured him and deprived him of sleep. He went on a hunger strike to protest, and he was brutally force-fed many times. He was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp, and is currently detained in Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp Division II.

Mr. Liu Lijiang was an employee of Shijiazhuang Railroad. Yuhua Police Station officers arrested him in early April 2005 and transferred him to the Shijiazhuang Railroad Police Department, where he was detained in the Shijiazhuang Railroad Detention Center. During this process, the police brutally beat and tortured Mr. Liu many times with sleep-deprivation.

Following and spying on practitioners

In order to arrest practitioners who were forced to stay away from home to avoid harassment, the Shijiazhuang police used all kinds of tactics to spy on practitioners. For example, they monitored home phone calls, work phone calls, cell phone calls, and pagers. They also sent agents to practitioners' homes or to their friends' homes in order to spy on them closely.


In the past several years, Shijiazhuang Railroad Police Department has harassed and persecuted many practitioners at various locations. Sometimes, they went to practitioners' workplaces to threaten them. At other times they went to practitioners' homes to harass them. This has severely affected the practitioners and their families.


In December 2002, Ding Lihong was tortured to death by police in Shanxi Province. Ding's family did not know about this until a long time afterward.

Persecuting Colleagues

Ms. Yao Jianrong was a police officer with the Shijiazhuang Railway Police Department and has been a very responsible employee. In 2000, she wrote up her cultivation experiences and used them to clarify the truth to people. However, together with Shijiazhuang City 610 Office, the Shijiazhuang Railway Police Department secretly arrested her. The 610 Office tried every possible scheme and eventually sent Ms. Yao Jianrong to a forced labor camp without just cause.

Forcing other units to cooperate to send practitioners to brainwashing centers

The Shijiazhuang Railway Police Department has directly sent or been involved in sending many practitioners to brainwashing centers. For example, practitioners Mr. Ding Lihong, Mr. Wang Xinzhong, Mr. Liu Lijiang, Ms. Li Huixin, Mr. Shen Manliang, Wang Huajun, and Liu Jinjing were all sent to brainwashing centers for further physical and mental torture. Liu Jinjing was the former secretary of the Shijiazhuang Railway CCP Youth League.

Spreading lies and poisoning people's minds in the name of the law

In the summer of 2002, the Shijiazhuang Railway Police Department held several so-called "seminars on the law" in the area. In fact, during those seminars they spread the evil CCP's propaganda to defame and attack Falun Gong. These seminars poisoned many people.

Contact information:

Shijiazhuang Railroad Police Department
1 Xinhua Road
Shijiazhuang City
Hebei Province 050000
Department Head: +86-311-87922608 (Office); Division II Director: +86-311-87922728 (Office); criminal division manger: +86-311-87923538.
Department Head: +86-311-87923608 (Home); Division II Director: +86-311-87922788.
Criminal division assistant manager: +86-311-87924998.
Department Deputy Head: +86-311-87922718; Division II office: +86-311-87922628.

December 26, 2005