(Clearwisdom.net) Publicly exposing the shortcomings of others, mentioning things that are offensive to others, and ridiculing the weaknesses of others behind their backs are all actions that hurt people. They can only create conflict, resentment, hatred, or separation. They are not the actions of a gentleman.

Everybody has shortcomings and has made a mistake or two; therefore, we should be considerate and empathetic towards other people.

Han Qi, a Prime Minister during the Northern Song Dynasty, was such a person.

Whenever Han Qi saw articles that attacked other people, he would cover them with his hands so no one could read them.

When Han Qi led an army to quell rebellions in Shaanxi Province, two generals, Yan Shilu and Li Ji, were not in harmony. Yan Shilu used to bad-mouth Li Ji to Han Qi, and vice versa.

Han Qi listened to both but never said a word to the other. As a result, the two generals worked together peacefully from the beginning to the end.