(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago, my nephew (a fellow practitioner) came to visit me at my home. My mother asked him to help cutting meat. My nephew said, "I do not eat meat nor do I cut meat." Upon hearing this, I felt there was something wrong about the statement, but at that time, I could not point it out.

Today, at work, I was packaging some old books to get them ready for bookbinding. While I was doing this, I thought to myself, "These books should have been packaged and sent out for binding a while ago. Why didn't I do it then? Why am I finally doing it today? The reason I am doing this today is because I now realize that these books are also lives and I should take responsibility for them. That is to say, I am doing this with a heart of being responsible. Why didn't I do this before? Because this work is both dirty and tiring, and nobody wanted to do it. If I did not do it, nobody else would mind. So I felt that there was no meaning to do it. At the same time, I was thinking that Fa-rectification was about to end and that these books might not be useful in the future. So I felt that I should just save the time to study the Fa."

When I reflected upon this, I was shocked. Doesn't this show that I have been attached to time, attached to Consummation and was being lazy and irresponsible? In addition, I also have discovered my hidden attachment to fame and profit and also an attachment to doing "big things." Fundamentally I have the attachment to my self. "Fa rectification is about to end. I am about to Consummate. There is no need to do these things." All of these notions are centered on my own loss and gain, and I forgot the requirements of the Fa.

I then realized that I had the same problem as my nephew.

It is not that I have suddenly become smart and can enlighten to this today. It is because now I am doing things according to the requirements of the Fa. Teacher is using this opportunity to remind me and let me see my gaps.

We cultivate among ordinary people. Taking full responsibility to do well ordinary people's things is also an aspect of validating the Fa. From this, we can also make progress in our cultivation.

This is only a little bit of my personal understandings. If there are any mistakes, please point them out to me with compassion.