I would like to testify with my personal experience that whoever learns Falun Dafa will obtain endless benefits. Dafa has changed my entire life! Teacher Li Hongzhi saved me! Today I am a healthy man who will never touch a cigarette or wine anymore, and who has a harmonious family and an affectionate wife. I remember that in the past I was in a constant state of anxiety and never lived even one day pleasantly.

I became a drug addict when I was 16 years old and from that point on I was unable to control myself. In order to obtain drugs, I involved myself in all sorts of wrongdoings such as stealing, robbing, and deceiving people. My family members were unable to control me and neither was the law. I never listened to advice from anyone. I was muddled-headed and unable to rid myself of the addiction. The only thing slightly on the positive side was that I had not resorted to murder or arson. There is a principle. It is that whoever does wrongdoings will be met with tribulations. For so many years I never lived even a day of happiness and peacefulness. I was thrown in jail a few times, but I was still unable to get rid of drugs and kept involving myself in wrongdoings. From 1992 to one month ago, I threw away 13 years of my life. It wasn't only me that I hurt, but also my family. My father spat out blood from anger because of me; my wife cried all the time; and my relatives and friends became estranged from me.

In fact, I was also frustrated with myself. I really hoped that I could free myself from my addiction and begin a new life as a good person. I did not want to get my family members into trouble because they loved me so much; I did not want to break social norms as a result of my bad behavior; I did not want to live a life that's neither ghost nor human, but I was unable to commit myself to the changes I wanted to make. I became more and more addicted to drugs and my health became increasingly worse. I felt as if I was on the verge of death.

Fortunately my mother practiced Falun Gong and my family members had not given up on me. This year a Falun Gong practitioner from a city far away from my home came to help, and sent me precious Falun Gong books. That was how I started learning Dafa and simultaneously began letting go of the drugs. Surprisingly and magically, it only took me a few days to completely give up drugs. It was so easy and not painful at all. Compared with my previous drug quitting experiences, it was very different. I thought that my drug addiction was 10 times more severe than before and that this time I must suffer 10 times the pain before I began to quit, but it turned out just to be the opposite. I felt that it was a lot easier than before. It was so miracles and wonderful! Right now, I've practiced Falun Dafa for a month. Over the course of the month, I got rid of not only my drug addiction but also my habits of smoking and drinking wine. I became more and more healthy and energetic.

Falun Dafa helped me become healthy. Falun Dafa changed me back to a human from a ghost. Falun Dafa taught me the true purpose of life: not for fame or profits, but to return to my true virtuous self. Teacher Li's Falun Dafa saved and changed me. Teacher said that a man who follows the universal characteristic "Truth Compassion Tolerance" is a good person and a man who violates "Truth Compassion Tolerance" is a bad person. I will follow "Truth Compassion Tolerance" and be a cultivator forever.