The show "The Same Song" on CCTV has a certain amount of influence in China and has quite some viewers, but it is evil in nature. The theme song of the show, "The Same Song", is very familiar to those Falun Gong practitioners who have experienced the persecution in Tuanhe or Xin'an Labor Camps (currently known as Beijing Women's Labor Camp). In early 2000, the "transformation rate" (rate of Falun Gong practitioners who give up the practice of Falun Gong under persecution) was very low in Tuanhe Labor Camp. The labor camp therefore sent people to learn how to raise this rate in Xin'an Labor Camp. There were also teams sent from the Xin'an Labor Camp to introduce their "experience", including those who had been "transformed", to stage shows and performances. The theme song used at the shows were this "Same Song". In the beginning, there were no lyrics, only music, and the lyrics came later. At the same time, "The Same Song" show on CCTV was launched in 2000.

In labor camps, Falun Gong practitioners were forced to learn this song. Whenever a Falun Gong practitioner was transformed, the first thing he/she was forced to do was not to write any repentence or the pledge not to practice Falun Gong, but to sing this song together with former practitioners who had turned against Dafa, as well as the police. Even the prisoners who were not practitioners understood that whenever they heard "The Same Song", it meant that another Falun Gong practitioner was brainwashed. When those former practitioners were released, they would sing this song together with the police.

"The Same Song", the show and the song, are wicked. It paints a peaceful picture for the CCP regime and is used as a tool by the evil to attack the spiritual side of Falun Gong practitioners.